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How to Handle Being Passed Over for a Promotion?


Promotion! Who doesn’t want an extensive growth and a promotion in the area of sphere, where an employee routinely works? Everyone who is professional and of course working hard throughout day and night do need his work to be recognized and promotion at the workplace so that he could live a well-settled life. By any chance, if an employee doesn’t get it even after working for years, then it’s time to re-think upon the consequences which leads to passing over of promotion until next year, and your immediate relations and behavior with your boss. Doing so will help you make a choice for yourself, and move on for some new beginnings.

passed over for promotionPassed Over for a Promotion – Your Next Steps:

It could be tough enough, but it is promising to get through the know-how with your integral ego, as well as gathering admiration from others for your composed and measured attitude. But you surely need to get over it. The superlative thing you can do is to lead yourself through some self-healing steps.

1. Calm down yourself and think wisely:

While you may feel an intense violent flow of anger and conceivably a sagacity of unfairness at being passed over “after everything you did in the whole year”, this won’t makes you to anybody eye-witnessing a render down. And it also won’t make the things easier for you. After getting such negative reaction in response to your promotion, don’t make decisions in haste. First calm down yourself and then react and be a good decision-maker.

2. Accept the approach, your superior has rated:

This is another way of getting over, from it. You need to accept the approach your manager or immediate superior has rated you for no promotion this year. You cannot move on until you do. It is the time to accept what has happened. You can’t unbutton it. You can sit and reside, can think for the rest of your career. Is it really not less than any mystery, that why the decision didn’t go in the favor. This may seem apparent, but how you behave in the company with colleagues is just as important, as how you behave with the management too.

3. Try to figure out what actually went wrong:

You need to really understand and figure out that what truly went wrong throughout the whole promotion and appraisal process. Why the ratings has been gone onto the negative side. Consider what you could have been done even better from what the limited information you may have had. Then start investigating yourself for some unanswered questions and dig out conclusions. Do a comprehensive analysis of all the work you did during the year and in earlier years.

4. Ask for your feedback:

asking feedback from your manager You need to take regular feedback from your boss about yourself, relating to your quarterly performance, and your behavioral traits with other employees etc. Get feedback from bosses, mentors, co-workers, and colleagues. How you get the inclusive factual feedback, is completely up to you and might be dissimilar when talking with an associate or mentor versus with an employee. Be open and ask all your queries from your boss regarding your feedback on the spot.

5. Build up your next progress ladder:

Many times, when people find themselves in this type of condition, it leaves them with sensation of plausible attitude but pointlessly incapable. But you should not feel low and must consider thinking of next aggressive strategy for moving on. This is the most significant thing to do now with sincerity and more dedication. If you feel that there is a lot of work or things still pending, and remaining to do at your current organization that may lead you to better opportunities in the coming future, then by all means stay back please.

6. Splurge time with those who loves you:

When such an incident happens of being passed over for a promotion, employees do goes into depressed feeling and they might want to fetch the attention of loved ones especially. Then don’t waste time unnecessarily by sitting idle and thoughtless. You should spend some rich time with your loved ones, could be friends or family. Such things make you get deprived off from the negativity which may have given you pessimistic thoughts all the time.

7. Indulge yourself in things you enjoy:

enjoy doing work Getting over from it, you should keep on doing various things which may give you pleasure and enjoyment. Go out with friends, enjoy every bit of cache moments, do some creative work, meditation etc which can make you feel relax as well. Give time to your family, it will make you come out from the exhausted feel of professional life. Indulge yourself fully in some extra-curricular activities apart from the stress of professional life.

8. Imagine, nothing relates to conspiracies:

You often don’t know an unexciting reason behind, why one person is chosen over another for a yearly promotion. There could be many close decisions based on someone else having somewhat more familiarity or skill of a particular area that you may have not. So it is better to stop thinking about such negative things. It could be a part of conspiracy or might be not, as you never know on what grounds the other person has gotten such promotion while you have also worked so hard throughout the year.

9. Focus on the future:

Now, when everything is revealed in front of you, rather sitting idle and depressed, believe in yourself. You have the talent; you can change the things, the way you want to, after all that’s why company has kept you for long. If there is anyone who can make a big distinction to your career, it’s only and only you! Take a command on your career and focus on steps what you may need to do, so that things can be improved surely in the future and you get what you ought to have. Prepare yourself for future actions now.

10. Find out the key factors on which your recital was judged:

When nothing went good and was not in your favor, in a positive way, just try to find out the basic parameters on which your superior has given you the ratings on appraisal and promotion. Try to figure out why he has given you such type of rating. What was the intention of the management? You need to find the core values of promoting system in the organization. Of course every employee can get hurt even after working so efficiently and hard.

11. Keep highlighting your assigned tasks and completion time:

completing work on time Instead of getting depressed after a year or so, it is better to keep on highlighting your best and most valuable work to your boss and get it recorded in papers. So that, whenever it’s time for promotions, it could be highlighted by HR manager to your immediate superior. Make sure folks above you and those who come to a decision on your promotion should be familiar with your hardworking attitude and that, you are confident and effective enough in whatever task is assigned to you. Talk to people who can create a difference in your career path and let them know how keen you are to keep civilizing, so that they also come to know that you are serious about moving upwards.

12. Let go off the discontent:

Letting go the discontent will surely helps you make liberated of the baggage that the event has just left behind you and will make you ready for welcoming next big opportunity to draw closer to your way. Forget about the past, let the good days to come in and let it shine brighter. Try to improve the skills if you are lacking somewhere so that your next year’s promotion can be assured. Don’t lose heart and gather all negative thoughts together and put it in a bin. Make a fresh start.

13. Swarm yourself by a pity bash:

It is somewhere just another way to keep yourself feel happy for no reason, of course, celebrating moments doesn’t need any reason to celebrate. Rather calling it a pity party may sound ironic, but go ahead and have one. Spend some alone time allowing yourself to go through all the sentiments you feel. Let yourself be annoyed, by a miniature cry, feel the pain for some time. Experience gloom for a bit. Let yourself complain, or whatever you feel right. This is the healing process by giving yourself some time and bear out how you feel. Just make sure that you set a very restricted time limit to come up from it before moving on.

Career is the only thing which allows us to create our own lively world full of fantasies, wherein necessities and luxuries are getting fulfilled. If even after working for a year, or so many long years, you didn’t get the fruitful results, then it’s time to change the old strategies. Set new goals and aims which can be achievable. Make yourself more confident and skillful so that nothing can come as an obstacle in front of you. Make yourself extra skilled and potential employee so that you can achieve any target in respect of the time limit. Take a step forward and create a friendly environment all around at the workplace. Adapt the behavior of your boss and let him also make comfortable in your companionship. These are the small things but very effective ones if you really take it into daily practice. Promotion is guaranteed for sure with such a nice gesture and yes, without compromising with performance.