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13 Most Appropriate and Acceptable Hairstyles for Interviews


An interview is your gateway to a well paying job. Many young individuals fail to clear through the interview process because they are not properly guided.

Everyone tells a young job seeker that you need to have the knowledge to clear an interview.

There are few who tell them the importance of a good hairstyle that may create a lasting impression on the minds of the interviewer.

Read to know the different acceptable hairstyles for interviews and the best ways to style your hair to impress your interviewer.

acceptable hairstyles for interviews13 Best Hairstyles for Interviews:

Following mentions are most appropriate and acceptable hair styles for interviews which help to crack an interview.

1. Strictly Professional Hair Styling:

If you are applying for an office job where the employee needs to be continuously interacting with clients and people of the higher order, dress code is bound to be very strict. In such a setup, you cannot have tattoos on your neck or back.

You can conceal your tattoos in such organizations with a help of some cool professional hairstyles.

Women may choose to have shoulder level hair cut in a stylish manner to conceal all the tattoos. There are many medium length hairstyles for professional men that can serve the same purpose.

It can also help to hide ugly birthmarks that raise a lot of questions in the minds of the viewers. You may even use this trick to hide scars and injuries.

Some people have abnormal hair growth on their neck, or an intended sideburns. If you do not want to do away with them, blend them together with a professional haircut.

You do not have to always change the hairstyle completely. Know how to be smart, in a subtle way.

2. Select the Right Headgears:

Even the smart chaps in the industry fail to realize that a headgear also counts when the interviewer looks at your hairstyle and you need to be wise while picking a headgear.

Apart from the style of hair cut you choose, take time and select a nice headgear that blends well with your attire and the attitude you wish to reveal.

You need to strictly avoid gaudy and flashy colours for headgears. It is always wise to choose subtle headgears for such occasions.

3. Choice of Hair Gels:

hairstyles for interview

If you require gels to set your hair, select the gel taking into account several important factors.

Go for a hair gel that lets your hair remain soft while it is getting set. A lot of people have the tendency in choosing perfumed gels and lotions for their hair.

Please keep away from such cosmetics for an interview. There are individuals who suffer from nasal irritation due to such strong smells of gels.

If your interviewer turns out to be one of those with such an allergy, you may never make it to the final round. Be simple and confident. These virtues help more than overdoing the style.

4. Know the Latest Professional Trend:

There are trends in professional circles too. You need to be aware of what hairstyle is in vogue in the professional circle you have selected.

This will help you dress up perfectly for the interview. In the eighties, women in professional circles usually had pleats or a bun tied up. This gave them the perfect professional look back then but today things are changing.

Women barely have long hair to pleat them as they go to work. Short hairstyles like Bob cut and boy cut are much more common these days.

Women may also choose to have a layer cut or a step cut. Select a hairstyle that suits your face and your profession. Having the right hairstyle during the interview makes the selection process truly simpler.

5. Flaunt your Natural Traits:

It is common to find men and women of the generation experimenting with different hair colours to match their gait and grace.

The thing that you rarely get to find is someone boasting about their natural hair colour. You can start this trend by revealing the true brown or black of your hair and cracking a joke about it.

The interviewers will appreciate your ability to accept facts and joke on it. If you do not enjoying compromising to the latest trends, humour can help you survive.

A good sense of humour can help you through different storms without much difficulty.

6. Choose Hair Colours Wisely:

hair color for job interview

If you are working in a creative organization, you have a lot of scope to experiment with your hair, dressing and even footwear.

A completely formal environment has several laws and rules enforced and you need to abide by them.

To play safe, you may select hair colors like black, brown and burgundy. These are shades that do not easily hit the eye and blend with a person’s hair color well.

If you are working in a creative organization, you may choose colors like pink, red, green or blue and still be excused.

7. The Hairless Options:

Baldness is no more a cause of trauma or mental torture. There are many individuals who suffer from baldness at an early age and this group includes men as well as women.

You simply should know how to stylishly present your baldness and it will be a style statement in the professional environment. So you are bald?

Do not be afraid. Even bald or balding people can have appealing hairdo for formal or casual interviews. There are multiple styles and all you need to do is research a bit on the internet.

You will come across multiple stunning styles like the crew cut style which looks truly stunning on balding men. Balding men often opt to grow a moustache and a beard. This is a great way to distract your interviewers from the fact that you are balding.

8. Casual Attire and Formal Hairstyle:

In organizations where they are not extremely strict about dress code and just expect you to dress in a decent fashion, you can even opt for a mix and match style of casual dressing and a formal hairdo.

Many times it gives the interviewer a feeling that you are smart. The impression on an interviewer during the interview process is what decides your future in the particular organization.

If some girl has boy cut hairstyle then she can still stand out by wearing a lovely traditional Saree. She can further enhance her looks if she adds a bob pin or headgear that appeals as being smart yet trendy.

The interviewers understand that you can’t expect a female to grow her hair overnight just because long hair goes well with Saree. Yet she can make a lasting impression by choosing the right accessories.

9. Stay Subtle:

Many young men and women make the mistake of overdoing their hairstyle. While a little style does draw the attention of the interviewers, an excess of anything is bad.

Excessive style may make the interviewers feel that you are too casual about things and do not take life or work seriously.

Your hairstyle should be natural and should not give an impression of last-minute decision or makeup.

Some candidates keep flexing the strands or brushing their hair. It shows discomfort and irks people. Make sure you treat your hairstyle as a hairstyle and do not overdo it to make you look nervous or less confident.

10. Last Minute Touch Up:

job interview hairstyles

If you are traveling to your interview location, make sure you freshen up in the company washroom before you head for your interview.

The surroundings are polluted and after a long travel, your hair may be completely scattered and messy. You need to comb your hair properly and get rid of the knots caused during traveling.

You may also apply some gel or serum to make sure that the hair stays intact and in the right place. Once you make sure that you are looking perfect, you may head for the interview.

Tips for Getting Beautiful Hair at Home:

Hair is a great asset and it adds to your appeal and appearance. You thus need to maintain your hair in best condition so that it attracts everyone around you.

Here are some simple homely remedies that help you maintain your hair health.

1. Oil your hair regularly:

Oiling your hair regularly helps to maintain the hair and the scalp moisturised. It prevents the hair from drying up and the hair grows well from the roots.

It also prevents the growth of dandruff. Oiling of hair also prevents split ends and many other hair related problems. You may use coconut oil, almond oil or even sesame oil on your head.

2. Use natural shampoos:

tips for hair care

Natural shampoos are usually obtained from herbs like Aloe Vera and extracts from plants like Hibiscus.

These shampoos do not have any side effects and ensure that your hair grows smoothly and steadily. You may even try and make these natural shampoos at home.

Refer blogs by different hair stylists and you will surely come across unique ways to protect your hair without the use of chemicals.

3. Use natural conditioners:

There are many unique types of natural conditioners too. One of the most popular options is surely egg white. It gives your hair a nice and silky texture.

You may use it on your hair on alternate weeks and ensure that your hair stays smooth and silky.

Hairstyle can make a lasting impression and thus make sure you invest enough time before your interview to have your hair set and prepared.