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Why Good Employees Get Fired: 5 Most Common Reasons


An employee gets fired for many reasons. In this article we shall concentrate upon a scenario where reliable, consistent and trustworthy employees are scrutinized for reasons that can never be foreseen.

Why Good workers get FiredIt is always great to meet new people and newer talents in the market. There are plenty of us who perform really well and still find ourselves in that grave situation where we then begin to pray the hardest.

Here we are talking about why do good men and women get fired even after having played well.

Common Reasons Good Workers get Fired?

1. Performance related:

When newer and upcoming generations are invading the industries with confidence and high spirits, firms are often lured into drawing them in. But what does that mean? The firm is losing its balance in terms of head count.

There will be situation where the number of employees has increased while the work to do is the same. Therefore, if a firm wants to invest in newer and fiery young workers, they will then have to compromise with their long standing employees.

Obviously, the balance needs to be maintained. Therefore, old and long standing employees who have although been well in their workmanship take a set back because of the new entries. This could be one such reason where good employees tend to get fired.

2. Economic slowdown:

economic slowdown impact Just when everything was going so well, the economy turns down. That means there is a slowdown in the turn over and the rate of growth in terms of GDP is lower than previous times. Then, an employer is forced to let go of some his worthy employers.

It is an open situation where the firm is not doing so well, unable to maintain the number of employees under it, therefore will fire the good working men inevitably.

The best example could be that of the slowdown which occurred during the winters of 2009. Thousands of employees were sacked due to the downgrade. And suddenly the market was full of potential job seekers.

3. At-will employee:

Most of the times employers include a statement in their policies which says that employees are taken in as at – will employees. Where the employer has the right to terminate or fire an employee on any grounds for that matter.

Except that one cannot terminate a loyal employee on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender discrimination etc.

While these are only words and can be seen written on a paper, in reality these exceptions are not even considered.

Therefore, most of the times a person may be terminated for all the wrong and unethical reasons.

But for an employee to prove this at court, is a very hard task and mostly not possible at all. This ‘at – will’ act that an employer uses, actually does a great job by protecting the firm at all times, only leaving the employee at stress.

4. Complex:

inferiority complex at work Inferiority complex is one thing that no boss can stand. One can do anything to overcome this feeling.

The minute a boss sees another employee who is far more talented and skilled than the boss himself, the next thing he wants to show this employee is a pink slip. This feeling is a vicious one and makes sure that a reliable employee loses his job.

5. Biased:

Sometimes complexities are such where a new boss may step in and create new jobs for his or her friends. This is being purely biased. There could be a rise in the loss of potential employees in doing so.

Sometimes when the management decides to turn against a certain set of employees, then they may just do so because they have all the powerful tools to skillfully sack an employee.

And lastly, if a manager or a boss does have some personal vendettas against a certain employee then, it becomes easier for him or her to remove the employee against whom he or she has those feelings.

What do we infer?

Amongst all of these the innocent ones are the good minded and the self-reliable employees who fall prey.

We must know that such situations do occur in one or the other person’s life. It is because the above explained reasons are not something that one can control.

Feelings and emotions can only be controlled by self. And one must realize that extreme actions can actually hinder and hassle the life of another.

Many employees who get thrown out of a firm for silly reasons as such, they find it extremely difficult to crack it into another firm. The total balance in the effected person’s life is disturbed and finding another right place to start with becomes a challenge.

My Personal Experience to share with you:

Here is an example from my life experiences that I had in one of my older firms. This happened in another team that would sit right next to ours.

A young man was forced to quit rather sacked when his team members collaborated together and filed an accusation of incompetency to their manager.

The original story was, this young man worked extra hours every single working day, from the date of his joining. Simply because a part of every other team member’s work would be assigned to him every day. This pressurized him immensely.

Therefore, there were days when he would not be able to finish the extra assigned to him. And this showed up as incompetent.

The manager paid heed to his other team members and loyally removed this young man. One wonders what grudge the team had against that young man. But it was evident that the young man was devastated.

I only hope that this doesn’t happen to any of us and years to come people start to think rationally. Every one of us is responsible for our acts and must justify the same when asked for. None of us have the right to fiddle around with anybody else life. This is a message that should reach all.

Everybody is welcome to leave your feedback here. And if some of us have more experiences to share, then please do so. It is only our right to know what is happening in and around us.