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What Makes a Good Coach? Qualities and Habits


There are so many things people want to achieve in their lives, sometimes goals are achievable and sometimes they feel they need help from someone who is already considered as an expert.

There are various goals for people who hire coaches and it ranges from personal grooming to sports. So, if you want help in personal goal setting then take it from the expert only because half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all and this fact motivates many people in hiring a good coach.

What Makes a Good CoachWhen it comes to hiring coaches, people generally see the value of themselves and it motivates them to hire a coach whether to become better or to get a kick to start to become good.

What Makes a Good Coach?

Being a coach is not an easy job; people criticize even when they don’t have knowledge about the field of coaching at all.

A coach has lots of responsibilities in his/her head as well as the job offers no security or permanent work if the coach is not associated with any organization.

There are lots of hard works and efforts involved in being a coach because not only their job is risky, but someone else is also depending on their work and put trust in their abilities.

People have different views of a coach and most of the time it depends on who you really are but a good coach always has some qualities that make them a good coach.

A coach works to train others and that’s why it is necessary that a coach must be good, but the question is what makes a good coach? Well to answer this question we are discussing what qualities makes a good coach.

The Qualities of a Good Coach:

1. Inspire their student and make them believe in themselves:

Good coaches always inspire students and make them believe in themselves because it is what keeps them in the game even when they feel down. Inspirations play an important role in our lives because most of the times we need the inspiration to take that next step which we are hesitating.

2. Never use embarrassment as a teaching technique:

Good coaches never use embarrassment and insult as a teaching technique because it is humiliating and demotivates students as well as do great damage to the confidence of the student.

A good coach always uses inspirational techniques to teach and live by example, rather than insulting in front of others.

3. Give great life lessons:

A great coach knows the importance of life lessons that are earned by hard experience, that’s why he gives great life lessons to the students so that they can learn and improve themselves.

A coach always thinks about the betterment of his students, clients and tries to improve by helping.

4. Motivate to do best:

A good coach is a great motivator who knows what to say and what to do to motivate students, clients, to do beyond the boundaries because boundaries are made to cross.

People need motivation from time to time because life is meaningless without motivation and motivation also helps in maintaining consistency in life.

5. Never feed the ego and keep himself and student down to earth:

A good coach understands how dangerous ego can be in all aspects of life, whether it is a life lesson or sports lessons.

Ego can make you do some stupid mistakes and it will be too late to do anything when you realize what you had done.

A good coach never lets the ego get the best of students and for him and will always be down to earth.

6. Understand the need for each student and differences:

Each person on this earth is unique and special and a good coach understands that very well. He treats everyone the same and understands the need for each student is different and still maintains equality and team spirit.

7. Always have the patience to listen:

A good coach is a person who can listen patiently without flinching at once. He has the patience to listen, teach and correct you millions of times because teaching is a process that takes time and needs lots of patience.

8. Help in pushing the highest limits and achieve higher goals:

A good coach always pushes you to the highest limits and helps you in achieving higher goals because he understands that limits are in the mind not in reality. Everything is possible if the efforts are honest and in the right direction.

9. Never pressure to win, but to be best in whatever do:

A good coach understands that win and loss are just in figures and what matters the most is that you are best in whatever you do.

A good coach never pushes you to win, but to be best in whatever you do because life is not a game, but an experience that teaches you life lesson where win and loss are meaningless.

10. Passionate:

A good coach is passionate about his job, life and teaching you because he can only teach you something when he truly wants you to learn. Coaching is a two-way process which is both gain and share. A good coach is always passionate about learning and sharing.

11. Use different techniques to teach:

A good coach is innovative in his teaching. Teaching and learning is a process where innovation makes learning easier and interesting for both the parties that is why good coach always use different techniques to teach.

12. Use failure as a lesson:

‘Your failure is your greatest lesson’ and a good coach understands that very well. A good coach always uses failure as a lesson because nothing can teach you better than your failure.

Habits of Highly Effective Coaches:

The job of coaching takes lots of efforts, dedication, and discipline as well as need continuity. A coach is never good enough if he cannot represent himself as an example to his students because you cannot teach if you are not applying same theories in your life and your students will never hear you.

Some habits are common among effective coaches because the nature of the profession can change but the journey remains the same.

Hard work is one of the paths that lead to success; similarly, highly effective coaches have habits that are identical in all of them. Here we are discussing those habits of highly effective coaches.

1. Challenge yourself daily:

Highly effective coaches didn’t make in one day, on the contrary, it is a process that takes hard work, time and lots of effort. A great coach always challenges himself daily so that he can learn something new from each new day.

Learning is a process that goes with us throughout our life and highly effective coaches understand the value of daily learning.

2. Lead by example:

Highly effective coaches never use words to lead, but they know better than that. A great coach uses effective examples like self-motivation, positive attitude by using them in his life to lead his student to the betterment and teach. Highly effective coaches lead by example and know the power of example over empty words.

3. Communicate and connect:

Will you listen to a person and follow who you have no idea about? Will you share anything with a stranger? The answer is mostly no because it is hard to achieve goals with a stranger that’s why highly effective coaches use approach to communicating and connect.

Communicate and connect helps them in understanding and forming a bond with a student or client which make the teaching experience more bearable and effective.

4. Study how student learn:

A better way to teach is to know how your student wants to learn because a lesson is good when a student understands everything and uses it in practical life.

Highly effective coaches study how a student learns and then make a plan according to it, sometimes design the coaching in a way that it suits the client or student’s need specifically.

5. Take time to reflect:

A great businessman always reflects on the profit and loss of the previous financial year so that effective plans can be made for current year similarly, highly effective coaches reflect on their life and learn some of the great lessons of life and utilize them in their lives.

A person has become greater over time via experience, hardship and learning from the lessons life taught at various stages.

Characteristics of Good Coaches:

A good coach always takes care of his student no matter who the student is, but finding a good coach is not as simple as discussing a good coach. Each one of us wants someone best for us, but what are the characteristics of an excellent coach? Here are the characteristics of excellent coaches.

  • Organized approach
  • Well behaved
  • Process-oriented and consistent
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Creative, innovative, learner and creator of unique learning techniques
  • Knowledgeable and skilled
  • Balanced
  • High patience
  • Realistic and sincere
  • Humble, open, and nurturing
  • Always ready to learn and keep arms open to the new experience

Important Life Goals for People Who Hire Good Coaches:

Hiring a coach is always related to some goal; generally, people hire a coach when they think they are good enough or not enough at all.

There are all sorts of coaches available and people who love working on their own normally chose to coach because it is one of the most satisfied, self-employed jobs of all time and most people saw the job with respect.

Hiring a CoachMost popular goals for people who hire coaches are.

  1. To achieve a better goal
  2. To make a significant positive change in their lives
  3. To learn something like sport, cooking, dancing
  4. To improve skills
  5. To make better decisions
  6. To simplify life and to make relationships better
  7. To increase income and control expenses
  8. To meditate, exercise, and happier life
  9. To take a step ahead in a career
  10. To make a place in the world
  11. To take the next important step in business
  12. To improve the living and live the life fullest

A Good Coaches’ Salary:

The salary of coaches pretty much depends on the quality of work and what type of clients they have. Generally, coaches earn well if they know their work and work in collaboration with the organization like a coach working with school consider as a teacher, but if we talk about the average salary for coaches then it is near $47700 but other professions offer more money than the job of a coach.

There are coaches around the world who earn millions of dollars every year and there are some who are struggling to make two ends meet. So the average salary of a coach is decent, but just like any other job, your talent and dedication earn money not the nature of the job.


There can be a thousand reasons to hire a coach but most important reason out of all is to become the best version of them.

People hire a life coach to make a better life, sports coach to be a good player and many more, but one thing is clear that there is a thirst for improvement that leads to the hiring of a coach because the human is a box of mistakes and there is always a chance of improvement even in the best.

There is nothing perfect in this world, but wish to be a better version always leads to hiring coaches and there are some of the world-famous coaches who are more popular than any politician, film actor or musician simply because they are better than others and know their job very well.

We hope this article can help you in understanding the most popular goals for people who hire coaches.