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How to Make your Goals and Wishes Come True?


Does it happen to you that you make wishes, have dreams and set goals but never be able to achieve them? Or thinking of doing something but unable to make those wishes come true?

It happens a lot to us as we think so many things, set so many goals to achieve or have wishes but never able to fulfill them.

We make plans and do nothing. So what to do? because just thinking is not going to help you achieve what you want or accomplish your goals and dreams or make your wishes come true in positive terms.

Goals Wishes come true

How to Make Your Wishes Come True?

1. Make list of your goals and wishes:

The first step to making your goals or wishes come true is to make a list of goals and wishes. The list you create helps you in many ways such as by creating a list, you know if your goals and wishes are achievable or not.

You actually realize what exactly you want when you create the list. But the main question here is what is the difference between your goals and wishes? People often misunderstood their wishes and goals because there is the very small difference between them.

The main difference between goal and wish is that goals are the limits you set to achieve in your life like career but wishes and dreams are the unfulfilled desires. And one of the main things about wish is that there is no end to the wishes of a person but goals have limits and once you achieve, you set new goals.

So differentiate between your goals and wishes and create list of your goals and wishes.

2. Make plans:

Planning is one of the key rules to get success in anything you do in your life no matter what. To make your dreams come true, do planning. Great plans always increase the chances of getting things done within time.

So make a plan, prepare a strategy and start working, you will definitely achieve what you want. Planning also reduces the chances of failure and prepares you to the possible outcomes, you can even know the in and out of your goals and dreams by planning right.

3. Use realistic approach:

Keeping yourself close to the reality is one of the great rules of life and it also applies when you want to make your dreams and wishes come true. The reality is what, you need to know before you set your goals and wishes for yourself as it makes them possible to achieve.

Goals higher than reality and wishes more than you deserve sets you to the disappointment and failure and discourages you, even so many people choose a different path or wrong medium to make goals and dream come true. So always use realistic approach to making your goal and wish come true.

4. Set priorities:

We all have so many things going on in our lives that sometimes it becomes hard to make a goal and wish to come true. It often happens that we distract ourselves from something hardly important in our lives and it pushes our goals and wishes far from us.

First set priorities in your life, it will simplify things and help you in focusing on the right things. Priorities also help in maintaining workflow as you do things according to the time and need, so always set priorities of your work, wishes, and goals to achieve what you want from your life.

5. Keep your feet to the ground:

Have you ever seen a person who doesn’t want success and to fly high in the sky? But to achieve that success and to fly high in the sky it is important to keep your feet to the ground.

Sometime in the glamor of success we lose our footing and get distracted but it is dangerous to your goal and wishes. Always remember humble and down to earth people get support from everyone and the one who lets success  get on their mind, lose that support.

6. Keep going:

Have you ever heard the story of rabbit and turtle where turtle won the race because of slow but steady pace and rabbit lost the race because he chooses to move fast but for a short period of time. Same thing happens to those who stop moving.

Always remember that no matter what, keep moving ahead because slow and steady will win the race. When you stop moving forward or making progress you actually start moving backward as time never waits for anyone.

7. Don’t make excuses:

I don’t have time, don’t have enough money, don’t know what to do, will do next time, leave it, let’s do tomorrow these are the few excuses we often hear and use in our life but remember these are the setbacks that stops you from making your goal and wishing come true.

It’s easy to make excuses but success demands hard work and dedication all the time. All the great and successful people use hurdles in their life as a chance to do different and make every opportunity their success story because they drop excuse and take the challenge with open hands and face problems head to head.

8. Be confident:

Confidence is what makes everything possible even when so many problems are in the way to stop you. Be confident about yourself, goals you set and wishes you have because your confidence is what make them achievable otherwise, you will never see that day when you cross your goals and make your wish come true.

Being overconfident is dangerous but the lack of confidence also makes you coward. Never hide from the challenges because these challenges are the key to your goal and wish.

9. Motivation:

Keep yourself motivated. Fear of failure discourage you from the success and keep you from your goals and wishes. Motivation helps you in moving forward, keep your working spirit high, it helps in maintaining a positive attitude because negative mindset will never let you achieve your goals and wishes.

Try different motivational methods like meditation, pep talk, reading about successful people and conversation with your loved ones to keep yourself motivated towards your goals and dreams.

10. Celebrate small success:

Small success makes a big difference because these small successes make the larger one possible so celebrate your small success and achievement. Celebrating this small success helps in motivating you and also creates a positive atmosphere.

You work with more energy and enthusiasm toward your goal and wishes when you consider your small achievement and celebrate these achievements.

11. Analyze:

Do you know that self-analysis helps you in improving yourself and also make it easier to change yourself for the better?

The person who analyzes himself time to time and makes changes according to the need of time is more successful than someone who doesn’t realize the power of change and what can it do to you. Self-analysis is important from time to time to keep you in check.

12. Face Criticism:

Do not always ignore those who criticize you because they are just pointing out the wrong in you and by improving you can make your goal and wish come true.

You know that criticism is your best friend? No? Then change your mindset right now because criticism is what tells you the truth about yourself and make you face the reality because it is hard to find a mistake in our own self.

Often people get offended when someone criticizes their work, working style or anything about themselves but you need to be aware of persons who sugarcoat everything, not someone who honestly tells you the truth.

13. Accept failure:

‘Failures’ our true best friend. Failure teaches us the lesson of life and makes us stronger and braver person. Accept your failure with open heart and mind because your failure teaches you about the mistakes you make and gives you the chance to improve and make yourself better than before.

Many people drop their goals and wishes by just one failure but your failure is not something to be ashamed of even every successful person must have faced failures in life to be successful.

14. Don’t give up:

Accepting defeat is much easier than making efforts even after you do not succeed in your initial attempts but do remember success comes to those who know nothing about giving up.

Don’t give up your goals and dreams for anything, try and try until you get what you want. Re checks makes improvement with each fail attempt, learn and move ahead and success will come to you eventfully.

You set goals and make wishes so that you can fulfill them. This attitude surely helps you make your wishes come true.

15. Be ready to sacrifice:

Success demands sacrifices whether it is your goals, dreams or wishes. You have to make strong choices and decisions in order to achieve your goals and dreams. You should be ready to sacrifice to make your dreams a reality.

There are so many things we love to do and spend valuable time, energy in doing but you need to work hard and utilize every given opportunity. To do so stay alert all the time and keep your eyes, ears, and mind open for every given opportunity.

16. Maintain record:

Keep a record of everything; put your wishes, goals and dreams in your diary also updates regarding your work, your to-do list, your priorities, and motivational thoughts. Maintaining record helps you in keeping track of everything you had done or needed to be done. Maintain a diary or journal to keep everything in order.

Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals:

There are always few things that stop us from achieving our goals and dreams. They set us back and keep from making much-needed decisions so avoid them at any cost. These things are:

1. Over analysis:

Do not over analyze everything, sometimes it is good to leave things as they are because this is the best you can do. Over analysis also makes it hard to take any decisions because there is always something to stop you when you do over thinking.

2. Greed:

There is no limit to greed. You can never satisfy your greed because it has no limits, boundary, and a new one will come when you complete the last.

Make the difference between your wishes, goals, and greed because greed makes you blind and you stop seeing the difference between your true goal, wishes, and greed. Greed is one thing which prevents you achieve your dreams or make those wishes come true to life.

3. Overtime:

Never work more than you suppose to be because your health, peace of mind and family is more important than everything you will achieve in your life. Never ignore these three things in your life because these three things are irreplaceable.

You can have everything in your life again but not your health, family and peace of mind so don’t ignore them.

4. Rigid plans:

You cannot predict what is in the tomorrow, the best you can do is to make your plan flexible and space for the changes going to come with time because change is the rule of nature. Rigid plans are prone to failure as they have less chance of modifications.


We all have our own wishes, goals and dreams in our life. We all want to achieve these goals and make wishes come true, but it is easier said than done. To achieve what you desire, constant efforts are needed the most because it is what makes a wish and goal come true.

Having wishes is easy and setting goals doesn’t take much time but “Are you ready to achieve them or make those wishes come true?”

Prepare yourself for the hard work to make goal and wishes come true, do prep talk, have a conversation with successful people and take all conditions into consideration before you set to achieve your goal and wishes.

Success comes to those who make honest efforts because cheating in your efforts is cheating with your goals and dreams.