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When to Give Up Job Search: Is it a Good Idea or Not?


Job is considered to be a settlement in life after long hours of hard study and effort. In other words, it helps one to enable stand on own feet. It also enables giving back the loan to the bank if any borrowed for studying purpose. Then why to give up job search?

when give up job searchIn case you are on the way of searching job but unfortunately not fetching a suitable one, then definitely it leads to worries. But it is personal recommendation not to give up and despair. It is time to sit quietly and recognize the lacuna that is preventing you from getting the right job. Along with it, a positive spirit is very much essential for reaching towards the goal.

Want to Give Up Job Search? How to Overcome Job-Search Misery:

Stay Away from Negative Thoughts:

As you know that our mind is considered to be a powerful vessel as the whole process of thinking of the spirit is controlled by it. It is literal to presume on up and down as per the situation in life. In order to keep out negative thoughts along with self doubts it is very much essential by waking up thinking and speaking out positive statements. Do not think of giving up!

Media is very strong today as it has become highly successful in outreaching the news of any particular place all around. By listening to the media we become informative. To be honest, as there exists a mixture of positive and negative news, it is better to give a deaf ear towards the negative news if any as they may lead mental breakdown. In order to enhance the confidence level, it is good to conclude the day by reciting positive messages.

Sticky Codes for Enhancing Thought Process:

It is we who guide our mind towards a positive direction as well as negative direction. If you are successful enough in getting surrounded with hopeful and encouraging quotes and statements, you will realize the out coming of positive feelings each and every time. Whatever you think at present, you will be the same in the upcoming moments. You may also go for write-ups regarding positive sticky notes so that they become always visible to you. Some of the most common include:

  • The optimistic sees opportunity in the midst of problem
  • Never ever give up. The life is small, so enjoy each and every moment

Apart from all these devote some time towards re-energizing your body and mind. In other words, prevent yourself being a couch potato. Instead try to leave the house at least once a day and go for a walk, cycling and jogging. These activities will try to clear the cobwebs that prevail in the mind hence going ahead for a good preparation regarding your interviews.

Extra Co – curricular Activities to be Conducted:

Afterwards, try your best to get pampered with kind acts. Some of the best ways of pampering your mind and body include:

  • Playing the favorite and most preferable music in a soft tone while working
  • Eating up healthy and fresh food items
  • Singing on your own regardless the quality
  • Try to dress up in the most respectable way hence avoiding to be sloppy
  • Give time to go through some of the most recognized novels.

The more you mix up with people, the more innovative you become. Hence, make yourself socially recognizable so that you can avoid becoming a person who is liable to give up in a single chance. Through detailed discussions with people you will come to know various things related to any particular field. May be that you come under the surveillance of any learned person who will be guiding you through the best ways in applying for the job of your choice.

Points to Ponder While Choosing a Specific Group of People:

While choosing a group of people, it is better to take due care of some vital points which include:

  • Getting surrounded by positive mind people instead of the negative mind ones
  • Always being in touch with the network
  • Calling guys through phone rather than going for shortcuts like messaging and texting them.
  • In case you are alone, try to find out a library for getting an association
  • Spending quality time with friends and families
  • Try to give due effort in helping others in their need

It is better to keep the spirit up for getting a positive response. You will feel good about yourself as well. Do not let your skill sets and knowledge get slide down. Instead you may keep yourself abreast about the latest industry news.

For further details, you may go through trade journals, newspapers and business magazines. Try to go for online practice tests for keeping yourself in touch with the skill sets.

Designing of Resume – Better than Giving up:

Now it comes to the process of applying for job in a proper channel. First of all sit and design a professional resume along with an eye catching cover letter. Do not hesitate to send resumes in the places wherever your skills are likely to fit.

Nobody knows when the fortune will smile! In case of no reply from the client side, choose the pathway of self approaching to let them know your willingness to work in a diligent manner.

Go through the news related to the employment exchanges which will be providing accurate information related to companies and hiring agents. Instead of giving up job search, give due effort in keeping your interview clothes neat and clean so that it can be put up at any time. Devote some time in working out to find the most suitable job on a regular basis. Hard work definitely yields good and fruitful result.

Volunteering – Last but not the Least Resort:

Please note that the decision regarding giving up job search is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Last but not the least, instead of giving up job search process; find out some volunteering options.

This may lead a golden pathway in your whole career. It is one of the best and easiest pathways selected by jobseekers. You will come to know the exact point of starting the job process. Through proper volunteering you will be able to enhance your communication skills which will be a powerful tool for you in the long run.