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How to get a Job offer in writing and why you should insist on it


Whenever you realize that you are the lucky person for the job, you are more than happy that it has been got to you. However, it also becomes important that your efforts turn out to be fruitful as well. But in these joyous moments, you must not miss out on doing something very important. At such times, you must actually take care that you have been instrumental in giving a share of what has been considered rightful for you. It is highly important that you surely ask a definite and confined letter from your organization about the work you have been doing. It is very important that you get a solid letter signed from the seniors of your organization stating you have acquired the job .Such a written confirmation holds right for you for many reasons.

get job offer in writing

How To Get a Job offer in writing – 7 Tips:

Getting a job is of the highest requirement but getting such a letter of confirmation overfeeds and exceeds all expectations. Here are some reasons to tell you exactly why availing of such a written confirmation is necessary:-

1. Complete proof of you have been selected:

As said in the legal terms, you need to testify with a solid proof that you have been selected for the job. Thus, it is of umpteen importance that you actually get the credit of whatever you have done. The moment the HR calls you back for filling forms or the time your employer tells you we can give you that chance, you really actually need to tell them that you are fit to be the right person for the job. By giving a solid written proof that you are the right person for the job or that you have been selected for doing it, they actually give you the credit of getting selected in the organization. They help and they support you immensely. It is the rightful degree to hold when you are doing this. Thus, binging on a HR person to get a form for yourself may be the most right thing which you would ever be doing. You should be actually happy that you have done this for yourself. You should be completely satisfied with yourself and not humiliated when you ask for such a written letter.

2. You are not illegally working in the office:

It is necessary that you make such a demand of clearing your job requirements. It is a must that you get a written letter which will testify that you have actually acquired the job which you have been entitled for. It will be a dream come true for you will be able to actually attain the job which you have ideally conquered. However, no one in the office should point out or say anything that plans viciously against you. You must be in a position to stand up and say that you have been able to get what was required of you. Thus, you will need to have the written proof or the identity for yourself. This will come whenever that form is submitted. Thus, nobody will actually hold you accountable for being in the office for any wrong reason. Thus, try your best to be as safe as possible.

3. You will come to know about your office terms:

A written application makes everything clear to you when you are applying for that job. It is very much required that you understand what is the company expecting of you. In no way must you feel any bad or cribbed about the fact that you have done the job. It is like asking the company to tell you what your work timings are going to be; also asking your company how long you will be required to do it. Thus it is necessary you really struggle to get this right. You must know that if there is any clause that is set up by the company where you will be expected to do something that is not required. It is very necessary of you to understand that you must actually do it straight. Thus be clear and know that you have done it well. It will be very much required of you to get it straight. It is necessary for every reason.

4. You will be able to know the company policy:

What if the company is not allowing for people who are married? What if the company is completely against the ideal of giving anything that is required by all? It is of thorough importance that you do things because they meant something to you. It is of the greatest need to be working sufficiently in a manner through which you will get a job. If your company policy is going against the principles and the timings which you have made for yourself then it becomes pretty much clear to you that you are not entitled for the job at all. It is your rightful need then to understand what it is that is highly required of you. Just be yourself and trust yourself the most. It is okay to be a little shy and not realize things. But get your facts right before deciding to join the office.

5. What if you are not blessed with insurance of any kind:

It should never ever be the point that you do not get what is not required of you. What is really required is, that you try and hunt hard because you should be able to get that perfect job which is written and required of you. In no way must you feel left out or not acknowledged. Always try to hunt for a job that is going to benefit you the maximum. Medical insurance, travel insurance are all the necessary needs that is required of a job. If your company policy does not guarantee or specify something like this, it is going to be nothing but a big dud. Thus, getting it is going to be of the ultimate benefit for you. Getting a letter would be of the maximum advantage for you at anytime in life. Thus, try always opting for a written confirmation than anything else.

6. Your words do not last but your signature does:

It must and should be very clear to you that you may have verbally agreed or disagreed to something. But anything that lasts on paper is your ultimate call or stand. You should in no way say a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to whatever comes your way. Instead you rise up and know in detail about the situation. It is thus a healthy practice that you attain and fulfill whatever has come. Just be comfortable with the whole point that you are going to get it right. Do not worry that it will affect you in any way. When you are agreeing to sign on it, be completely okay with doing it. You are the person who has agreed to do it. So you must know you should do it right. Sign on it only if you have the complete surety that all the points of the contract are working in your favor.

7. Don’t you want to know how much they are offering you?

Yes you must completely say yes if you are being blessed with any job. You should know if your job has actually helped you reach the zenith. It must be of ultimate importance to you that you have done it right. Thus, work hard and work really hard so that you know what you are in for. If you are unhappy with the bonus offer the company is giving or if the offer made to you is sad, then speak up. Speak up if you are not in that position to do it right. It must come very easily to you at this point. Know what you are in for and do not be left out at all. Get your rightful pay that you deserve and then only give your affirmation in signing about the job.

It is very easy to get elated when you first hear of having got the job. But at the same time it is necessary that you be safe and sound when you are taking any decision. It is very much required of you to remain grounded and very happy about doing it right. You should in no way be pulled up for doing something that is not liked by you. In no way can you ignore the basic need of being cautious? Thus try to avoid getting into any hassle and simply ask for a written confirmation from your folks.