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Flight Attendant Interview – How to Prepare for It?


It is a dream for many of them to crack an interview like a flight attendant because they get chances to travel to different places and interact with different people. Though the competition is pretty hard, but thorough preparation may help them to grab it. The interviewers check that the candidates have a handful of knowledge about their airlines. The important thing is communication skills and education. They check the courteous, ability to handle the passengers, they check whether the candidates are getting along with others. They screen on how they handle different customers. They wanted to know what attracted them to join this field. The appearance or looks also matter.

Flight Attendant Interview Tips

Do’s for Flight Attendant Interview:

1. Prepare for a video call interview:

The first round would be in common for some organizations that is a video call interview. Make sure to dress up formally even for the video call. Try not to look around and talk while having a video chat with the employer. The candidate will be asked a few basic questions so get prepared for them.

2. Women Outfit:

A blazer or suit on a blouse or shirt will give a professional look for the interview. Make sure that the dress is ironed well. Prefer black or navy blue anything which is not much bright and glazy. Probably pencil skirt above the knee is preferred. Do not wear too much tight or loose clothes, wear a best-fit dress. Since attire is one of the key element that will be assessed by the interviewers for flight attendant interview. 1/2 inch heeled belly shoes suits with the dress, try anything which covers the toe. Prefer leather rather than shinny shoe material.

3. Men-Attire:

For men, a shirt with a tie will be the best attire, it gives a decent look. Do not prefer bright colors, go with blue, black, gray shirts. Tie color should get along with a shirt, a silk tie is a good choice for this interview, do not wear a tie with printed designs or loud colors. Go with Black, brown or burgundy shoes.

4. Hair and Makeup:

For women some basic makeup, mascara, and red lipstick will do, Just comb the hair into a pony or a bun. If the hair is too short make sure it is brushed well and not messy. Small studs for ears, make nothing is tangling and flashy, make sure nails are polished with proper nail polish either a nail color or red will be better. Use a decent black wallet or purse. Men with a proper shave and no beard. Short and trimmed hair is what they minimum expect. Make it as simple and as professional as possible.

5. Documents to be carried:

Prepare a resume or CV with maximum details related to the profile. Carry out the experience letters, educational documents, skill-oriented documents, identity proof, photos, and passport(if required). Do not rush with the document on the very same day of the interview, since there is a chance to forget something or the other in a hurry.

6. Get Prepared for group discussions:

The interviewer may ask to speak in front of the crowd attended for the interview. Candidate should be clear and audible to everyone. The person who is sitting in the corner should be able to hear the voice, that much audible it should be. So practice speaking louder. Go through the resume properly before the day of the interview, be prepared to answer with a positive attitude. Do not give answers like “I came for the interview since I do not have any other choice”, the candidate gets eliminated in such case. Be Careful while answering about past experience do not complain about former employers.

7. Prepare with reasons/answers for applying for this job:

Research about the airlines or organization before attending the interview. Give a flawless speech about the introduction. Give honest answers, try not to fake since it will be revealed later if not now. Show passionate and relate with the experience that could help for surviving the current job. They check confidence levels so try not to give negative or arrogant answers. Elevate the skills that may help to grab the job. Try to give examples that will much help the employers to understand. There will be many applicants for the same position so try to give unique answers.

8. Communication skills and Posture of Body:

Engage with people, get aware with interviewer names, wish them while entering into the room, ask for permission before occupying seat. Be interactive and eye contact is must and should while talking. The posture of the body reveals the attitude and behavior of the applicant. Since the employers expect courteous behavior for this role, be aware of the body language and postures. Confidence of a candidate should be displayed in answers and also in their body language. Wear a smile on the face, it should be maintained throughout the interview.

9. Be alert at interview premises:

All the eyes will be watching to find out the attitude and nature to mingle with others, try to introduce with others. Arrive early to the venue, just be cool and prepare for the interview by showing up early. Make sure to have pens in case needed to note down something, so that time will not be wasted for borrowing someone’s pen. Be more interactive since it will be needed in group discussions. Pitch your voice when required and get recognized. Do not rush the interview at last minute since this would spoil the whole day.

10. Sell with your words:

Some terms will really help to get into this profession. Let them know that how best your “customer service” is, how much you would prefer travel, how flexible to timings, and how best at serving the best. Use words like customer satisfaction is the priority, Giving some good examples will be the key points to get selected for the position. It may tense but never try to show it out, present with the best attitude and friendly nature. The person with warm nature will be the most eligible person for this position. A person with a nurse experience can really crack this interview with ease.

11. Do some homework:

To reduce the stress on the day of the interview. Just go through about the services that the organization deals. Just go through common questions they will ask in the interview. Prepare notes with own answers that is unique from others. Do not give lengthy stories stick to current position related answers, give short and sweet answers. Start with the most interesting and highlights of the profile which helps to be successful. Make them agree that you are the best eligible candidate for the position. Just show excitement by talking about company success and its prosperity.

12. Try to talk with Professional flight attendants:

Consult a flight attendant or just see any of the flight attendant interviews online, which may help to understand the qualities required, behavior needed and nature of the job also observe how do they do dress up, the personality that is needed to be developed to suit the requirements of the position. Also learn how do they handle tough passengers, what necessary steps to be followed to convince them so that one would not get a bad remark. Their lifestyle will actually help to survive in this interview.

13. Be spontaneous:

One will be given a particular situation. They will ask how a flight attendant will handle the situation, what can be an alternative way. It is very simple, understand the role of the job, the must qualities are patience, interpersonal skills, personality, satisfy the passengers’ requests, resist the stress, should be flexible, able to make quick and sensible decisions. Ability to handle all kind of passengers. Most important communication skills, one should be able to communicate with the passenger in a proper way so that they can understand and do not get overwhelmed with uncomfortable situations. So answer them with brave and presence of mind.

14. Ask questions at the end:

Do not ask about job location, payrolls etc, try to ask about the company its services. This will actually impress the interviewer. It shows the enthusiasm of an applicant towards the job. So try to ask about performance and things to be improved which help for the future. Try to show the ability to accept the feedback, and this will create a good impression in the minds of employers.

15. Wish the interviewers before leaving:

Before leaving the premises, wish them “goodbye” and thank them for providing the opportunity to be sportive to accept any result.

Don’ts for Flight Attendant Interview:

1. The early one gets the chance:

Never rush into the interview after the time is up. It is the first negative point that they may note while attending the interview. Since the responsibility of a flight attendant is to take care of everything before the passengers and be able to facilitate them with necessary things, so show up on time.

2. Do not get frustrated:

Wait patiently for the interviewers to show up. Do not show anger in the room. One needs to handle different characters who travel on the flight, so patience also counts.

3. Do not leave things on the table:

Do not roll up the blazer before the interviewers. Do not mess up the table while facing the person. Since neat and tidy is must to be maintained by a flight attendant.

4. Do not have chewing gum:

Having to chew is something arrogant, try not to have it until the interview finishes. Professional behavior is much expected by employers.

5. Never be dumb:

Do not be blank or just be silent while talking with employers, try to interact, try to show up skills.

6. Bad Posture:

Do not sit with crossed legs or high pose, just be with a neutral pose while facing the interview. Do shake legs while talking or try to not move hands much while talking, be firm, be stiff and attentive. It is very important to mind your body language.

7. Never negotiate:

Do not ask how much do we get paid. Do not throw some fixed number in the interview. Do not talk about the salary in the very first round, let them make a move and then can give a proper answer for it. Just give a diplomatic answer to be safe. Try not to negotiate, since it will intimate that the person will only be working if that amount is get paid to them.

8. Present with professional attire:

Do not wear jeans, discipline and courteous behavior is what the recruiters observe in each candidate.

9. Do not get highlight with bad behavior:

Do not keep the phone in the ring mode, turn to silent mode or vibration mode. Do not talk on the phone in the interview cabin. Do not disturb others, each and every move of the candidate will be analyzed, be alert while in the room.

10. Never get short of words:

Just do not nod head or signal with hands as a reply for the question. Answer it with confidence. Do not use filler words much, try to use update words to elevate communication skills. Do not get short of words, try to answer a little brief for every question this will help to be the part of the organization.

11. Aware of attire:

No long nails, or leaving the hair open or wearing short skirts, have research on how flight attendants actually look in their profession. No heavy jewelry, appear neat and tidy.

12 Try not to bluff:

Do not try common answers, because the employers might screen many applicants so be sure to answer it in a different way. Do not give the same answers again and again. Search online tips to be followed while going for the interview.

13. Do not discuss much on negative points:

Do not talk much about weak points, display them as one of the required quality needed for the job. Turn them to a strong point. Do not play with yourself by talking more on those topics. Do not talk about bad experiences or punishment in previous companies.