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How to Find a Non Stressful Job: 22 Awesome Tips


There is no such kind of job which is not stressful. But there is a possible way that one person can make such stressful job healthy and comfortable. It’s up to a person’s level of maturity where he/she can handle any type of job and stress. If a person fails to understand that then its going to be very tough for that person. The probability of jobs where a person can find a non stressful job is one in a million. But still if there is a possibility that one can search such job then it is possible.

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Least Stressful Jobs that Pay Well:

The possibility of finding a non stress or low stress jobs is something like finding a needle in a pile of needles. It is difficult, but not impossible.

1. Marine Engineers or Naval architects:

Marine engineers and naval architects mainly deal with all types of ship designing and maintenance of all marine, sailboats and tankers. It has stress tolerance level of 67.0 and the best part of this job is that the annual average salary received from these marine engineers is about $94,040. Therefore, it is one of the least stressful job as compared to other type of jobs, but they receive a good amount of annual salary which can provide better job satisfaction.

2. Computer Hardware Engineers:

It is one of the comprehensive job description which handles all the devices related research, design and development. Most of the job profile of computer hardware engineers mainly are concerned in the hardware design and their maintenance. And the stress tolerance level is up to 67.0. The average annual income for this kind is about $106,930. The specific stress rate is considered least as per the research taken from the research department of New York.

3. Orthodontists:

They handle similar kinds of work of a dentist. One of the major elements of their job is diagnosis, examination and treating dental issues. Most probably the work profile of these orthodontists involves most of the activities of the medical operators which is least stressful as compared to the rest of the medical professionals. And they earn almost an annual average salary about $196,270. And the stress tolerance level of this job profile is about 67.0.

4. Food Scientists:

These food scientists examine all the parts of food ingredients. They provide details about the food particles and freshness. It’s their job to examine the nutrients of the foods and they even provide reports about the harmful elements in the food. The average annual salary of these food scientist is about $ 65,340. One of the best things about the food scientist’s job is that they maintain a stress tolerance level about 55.8.

5. Astronomers:

These astronomers maintain observational activities related to the subject of astronomy. The job description of these astronomers involves observation, research and keep track of astronomical elements about the astronomy. One of the interesting parts of these astronomers job description is that they receive an annual average salary about $ 110,440. And at the end, the stress tolerance rate of levels of these astronomers is about 62.0.

6. Medical Sonographers:

Medical Sonographer have a job profile which manages all the medical issues of body scans. Most of the work of medical Sonography is to understand the activities of the internal body structure. It is used upon pregnant women’s and also for those people who have complications in their internal elements of their body. The annual average salary of these medical Sonongraphers is about $ 62,450. And their rate of stress tolerance level is 4.00.

7. University professors:

One of the stress free zone of work or job profile which is very much resourceful and acknowledgeable is of the university professor. The annual average salary of these university professors is about $ 70,790. And their rate of tolerance level is about 6.94. And the greatest part of their profession is that they handle a growth rate of 13%. These university professors are those people who provide knowledge about different type subjects which helps people choose their future and successful career.

Least Stressful Jobs for Introverts:

There are different levels of job and their descriptions. But in terms of human behavior, there are certain kind of jobs that these different behaviors of people can handle better. The most common behavior that some people own is that being an introvert. And being an introvert, people handle secrecy of their work for themselves in all means. They are mostly not so active socially.

1. Financial Analysts:

Financial analysts handle all the financial activities of the company and organization. These financial analysts deals with all the financial statements, shares, bonds and all other things related to business trends. The average annual salary of these financial analysts is around $ 75,950. And one of the important things to remember about these financial analysts is that they handle most of the financial situations of the different companies. This kind of job for introverts are perfect as the working environment of such kind of jobs are very scheduled.

2. Installers and Repairers:

These installers repairer gets paid of average annual salary about $ 75,060. They handle different type of activities both internal and external. And internal installers mainly deal with software related installing and the work of external installing consists of all the mechanical installation work. It is one of the best match of work for those who are very introverts from their behavior. Therefore, these kind of working environment suits those people who are more into technology.

3. Biochemists or biophysicist:

The average annual salary of those who work as a biochemist and biophysicist are about $ 79,230. The working environment of these biochemists and biophysicists emphasize all the activity related to the drugs and chemicals. These biochemists maintain all the work related to the research and development. These biochemists are more into researching data which makes them introvert by nature.

4. Materials engineers:

The annual average salary of these material engineers is about $ 85,150. These guys develop and testify these materials which can be reproduced easily. One of the common materials that these material engineers examine are ceramic, plastics, metals and many more. These material engineers are very compounded with the material facts about these reproduced products that they lose the track of time for their personal life. And that’s why most of the material engineers are introvert by nature.

5. Actuary:

It is a profession where a person determines the value of risk using statistics, maths and finance. The annual average salary of these actuary is about $93,280. They maintain all the profit and loss statements of the company. And they even help those companies to determine the actual value of their risk. They forecast the severity of loss that can hit the profit margin of the company or the organization.

6. Political scientists:

The actual average annual salary of these political scientists is about $ 102,000. One of the major issues they handle in their work profile is that they understand the various political systems of the countries. They are one of the people who assists political leaders of the country in their decision making and political management. These political scientists also handle all the governmental systems of the country.

7. Mathematicians:

The average annual salary of these mathematicians is about $ 101,360. The working environment of these mathematicians involves most of the mathematical equations. Their actual job profile is to use actual mathematical issues to solve the problems of daily normal things. Therefore, these mathematicians help human kind solve some of the actual daily problems using mathematics.

8. Geographers:

This is one of the job which involves a long process of research and development. Most of the working environment of these geographers mainly revolves outside. They research all the geographical elements of the earth. The annual average salary of these geographers is about $ 90,890. They help common human beings to find their daily ways of earth. Most part of the geographers involve creating maps, scientific reports and much more.

Least Stressful Jobs in Information Technology:

Information technology is a field with vast type of exposure. Nowadays, people require employees who have some kind of experience in information technology. These information technology related jobs are not so stress free kind of jobs, but there are job related to the information technology that can be less stressful.

1. Computer lab support:

One of the information technology related job profile which can be least stressful work are called computer lab support. These computer lab support handle most of software issues of the computers. And they even incorporate their knowledge in upgrading different softwares. The salary of these computer lab support is quite good. It is one of the job which can be of  less stress as compared to the rest of the job profiles of information technology.

2. Computer sales:

These computer sales related work is very common and very simple as compared to many of the job profiles of the information technology. It is one of the parts of information technology where the person who work as a computer salesperson handles the marketing department of the computer hardware and software. There is some kind of circumstances where a person gets stuck and in need of some computer peripherals. But at that time, these computer sales people can provide assistance better.

3. Backup administrator:

Backup administrators are those people who handle all the back up plans of the computers. These backup administrators recover and safeguards all the documents and files in the computer, so that it can be used in a near future. And these backup administrators are also helpful when something goes wrong with the computer and because of that the computer loses its files. At that time these backup administrators help customers to recover their lost files.

4. Application Architect:

Application architects are those people who handle all the details about different computer application. These application architects are capable of forming different types of application using computer application languages. One of the important working environment that these application architects involve that these application architects have knowledge of computer languages. Which helps them create an application using c language, c++, Java and Linux.

5. Computer trainers:

They are the ones who handles all the educational department of the computer science. These computer trainers provide knowledge about the computer application. Software, hardware and peripherals. One of the common working nature of these information technology is that it mainly deals with elements related to the computers. Therefore, these computer trainers hold at least less stress in their nature of work.

6. Build Engineers:

These Build engineers are those engineers who handle all the elements of information technology. Most of the work profile of these build engineers involves all types of computer library related components. It is one of the integral part of information technology. These build engineers manages a wealthy annual average salary of $ 60,100. And it maintains a low rate stress of job in the information technology.

7. Desktop Support Technician:

Information technology maintains different parts of software and hardware study. One of the main and important part of the information technology study is that they determine all the desktop support related elements of technology. These desktop support technician earns a worthy salary with a lower level of stress tolerance. It is one of the least stressful job in the information technology which provide job satisfaction.

At the end we can conclude that, there are different type of jobs for different type of people which is least stressful and very well paid. And after making things clear in this discussion, most of people who are confused about career options can start giving career a new direction. Therefore, the bottom line is that this information about the least stressful jobs will provide coverage of all jobs which are low stress high paying jobs.