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12 Career or Job Stoppers for Women Killing their Success


Present days working women know that surviving in today’s professional world can be extremely tough. Whether it is her battle to head a project, to get recognition for her hard work or to get promotions, the path to success are full of job stoppers and can be extremely bumpy.women career job stoppers

Although you are working under stress, still you can perhaps keep your fight alive with the hope that, someday you will overcome all obstacles and touch that zenith of success and you will bring changes in the work environment by eliminating gender discrimination and biasness from the workplace forever.

The truth is conversely different. It is seen that generally women are inclined to destroy their image after being victims of unfairness and discrimination in their work places and set out on putting career stoppers thereby ruining their way to prosperity. The only way to shake off this career stopper bug is to recognize them which you are putting, may be unintentionally, and put an end to it. Here are some career stoppers that can avert you from pursuing your dream and achieve success in your career.

Job Stoppers and Stallers:

1. Concentrating On Too Many Things at a Time:

Most of the people think all women are fantasists, though that’s not correct for all as women cannot be generalized. Some are definitely dreamers whereas some women are pretty realists, while it is seen that some men are actually known to be fantasists. But nevertheless, it is a fact that many women find it hard to focus on one task at a time while working in their organization. This can be due to the multitasking capacity of most of the women. Although in some instances, multitasking can be a boon, but according to researchers, multitasking is literally deleterious for our brains and as a result it diversifies our brains and doesn’t allow us to concentrate on any single thing at a time. It is evidenced that undertaking one job at a time and concentrating on it can definitely produce better outcomes than taking up and handling a number of work at the same time. Hence, careerist women must keep this in their mind; they should give their paramount effort and confidently handle one job at a time to finish it within mentioned deadline and have desirable outcome.

2. Anticipative Of a Reward for a Well-Done Job:

Most of the women are bitten by the goody-image bug and this is the prototypical career blunder made by the women. Performing a job efficiently is just the start, you have to let the correct people know about your achievement in order to get recognition for your hard work and this is an art itself. You have to be a master of this art form to ensure your career growth and success. If you are not doing it yet, waiting for your supervisor to notice your good work, then please wake up and get rid of this bug and start practising it from today.

We all have a common expectation of getting a reward of some kind for a job well performed. Most of the women likewise, expect rewards for their hard work as well. As we have said before, in today’s commercial world, it’s really tough for a woman to rise and specifically to take any kind of risks, but inspite of the difficulties, when a woman does it, when she proves her abilities, the most important thing that she expects is a reward, of any kind. But, unfortunately the corporeality is totally different. The superiors think that employees have to do things flawlessly as they are paying the employees for that, no matter how much hardship it takes. That is why most of them are not even bothered about rewarding or at least praising their subordinates.

3. Waiting for a Nod of Approval:

Two most common problems faced by most of the women in today’s corporate world are obedience and submission. Many of them await a favouring gesture from their superiors before taking any step or making any decision. This is generally interpreted as a sign of less confidence and lack of aggressiveness and usually as a result, those women are not taken seriously and sometimes are rejected of promotions. Being too much obedient or submissive will not let you prosper and you will persistently be only a layman in the flock.

Many a time it is seen that talented women who are dynamos in other perspectives of lives, often lack confidence when it comes to their workplaces and wait for their superiors to give a nod of approval for any work. They lack that aggressiveness to take any kind of risk and do the works on their own and especially when they have to make certain work-related decisions. This may be due to the fear of failure especially when the corporate world is so much gender biased with a patriarchal pattern. But taking risks and making decisions are very essential in order to get promotions and climb the ladder of success.

4. Caring for Others and Overlooking Yourself:

Women do care for all. Although it is in their nature, but still you start caring for your colleagues and superior, you will not be able to say no to anybody, which means you will be overburdened with jobs meant for others and will absolutely have no time for your own works. This will not only affect your proficiency but also will weaken the efficiency of your team.
So, learn to say no to unnecessary things that may increase your workload and decrease your productivity.

5. Thinking of Only Yourself and Not At All Caring For Others:

On the contrary to the earlier fact, if you change your attitude and start only thinking of yourself, then this may even shoot up new trouble for you as well as for your team. Rectifying your former mistake may help you, but overdoing it may ruin your teamwork and you will find it hard to keep up your team spirit. Women occasionally have the feeling of superiority, thinking their own skills to be exceptional, while being sceptical of other people’s skills and abilities.

Whenever there is a problem, exaggerating and overstressing should be avoided by any means to gain the faith of your co-workers. Listening to whatever others are saying and considering their contributions and participations is extremely important. This balance will help you to earn admiration of your colleagues. Success will be yours if you can maintain a proper balance between these two tugs.

6. Being Too Busy to Take Care of Your Health:

In order to perform well in all fields of life, you have to remember the old proverb, “Health is Wealth”. Neglecting your health now, will eventually result in severe health problem in the future which in turn will decrease your productivity. A minimum sleep of eight hours, a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you maintain a fit body resulting in a healthy mind, which will increase output for you at the end. Improper sleeping pattern and improper diet will result in aging, and gradually you will lose your thinking ability, creativity and productivity. Nothing can be more essential than your well-being and happiness, because without it you don’t have a life.

7. Spending More Than Your Ability to Repay:

Debt squeezes you out. It’s like obesity, easy to have but very difficult to shed off. Debit will pull you down more and more, and eventually will result in loss of reasoning and senses. When you are indebted, you fail to have any control over your funds. Your productive work schedule will change to scrutiny of debt settlement bills and will not allow you to concentrate in anything else. Huge amount of debt makes many people do a job or cling on to a workplace they actually hate. If you are not zealous about the work you do, you can never give your best and as a result can never have the best.

So, better keep track of your expenses and especially managing your credit card becomes very important.

8. Having a Broad Vision without Focusing on Implementation:

Women are known to be fantasists, mastering in the art of creating big portraits and can do a lot of things simultaneously. But this can sometimes be a vital problem for most of them. Their imagination let them think beyond their capacity, which in reality, they are unable to accomplish. Multitasking is another problem, where women try to achieve their dreams but start doing a lot of things together, which afterwards becomes impossible to manage. Ultimately all these result in works just done, but never entirely accomplished with satisfaction. To avoid career disaster, you need to establish realistic goals and have to carefully chart out a way to achieve your goals.

9. Lacking Self- Initiative and Motivation:

Most of the women destroy their creativity because they lack confidence and motivation. These women seem to be unable to take a single step without encouragement or direction from either peers or superiors. They miss motivation; they do not have the intrinsic power that encourages any individual to take prompt action and ultimately heading for the career objective.

They seem to lack aspiration and determination, which are the main constituents of motivation, so when these are absent, motivation, too is absent.

Taking an introductory step is always necessary in your workplace. Your ability to initiate any process and determination to follow through dynamically with a plan to achieve it will definitely push your career ahead. You need to have a clear vision of your goals and a strong desire to achieve them, this can be your motivation, which in turn will make you take initiatives and move forward in pursuit of success.

10. Gossiping:

The most negative drawback for any woman’s career can be gossiping. Talking about others, spreading rumours can be the ultimate stopper in your career graph.
Although, we know information gives us supremacy in the corporate world, and learning or finding facts and sharing exciting information, specially about others, can give you a sense of dominance or make you feel influential, but most of the time it weakens your apparent reliability and always should be sidestepped in order to move forward.

11. Choosing Flirtation as a Way to Achieve You Goal:

Flirting with male colleagues and especially the boss is another typical blunder women do in the corporate world to achieve their dreams or goals. Flirting can’t be a short-cut to success. Even though this approach is unsurprisingly normal to most of the women and the result can be thrilling, but that is only for a temporary phenomenon. At the end of the day it will surely trouble your morality and most importantly the effect will not last for too long. It is always much rewarding to get promoted because of your hard work, based on your excellence of ideas, talent, skill and capability. If you have an appropriate career planning, you will definitely not have to be dependent on anyone to reach your ultimate destination. The result will be much peaceful for your conscience and your hard earned bread will certainly taste sweeter.

12. Balancing Loyalty In Between Family and Work:

Women have to be multitasking, especially when she has to take care of her family as well as her job responsibilities with utmost sincerity. The attitude and approaches of women differ when it comes to manage their families and jobs simultaneously. While some women give up their career in order to have babies and take care of their families, some give more priority to their jobs, which results in a successful career but home front get messed up.

Balancing both can be very tough and challenging. Generally, women tend to choose one, either family or job as her priority.

Women have to prove themselves to be better managers by balancing a proper loyalty in between these two. She should be devoted towards her job as well as to her family; this will definitely push her career towards success.
These career stoppers cannot be generalized. And are certainly not correct for all the women in the corporate world, but surely most women will identify them as their obstacles. Today’s corporate world demands a woman to be courageous, skilled, talented and an initiator, which will definitely help her climb the ladder of success smoothly.