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How to Figure out What Job You Want to do: 13 Helpful Tips


In the last decade, world had seen some major changes and most of the changes occur due to globalization. People have more knowledge and opportunities to do what they want.

It becomes easy to choose career different from regular work like doctor, engineer, teacher etc because there are opportunities to fulfill your dream. Choose career which satisfies you the most.

It is common nowadays that people change their career path after working for many years just because their current job does not satisfy them.

What Job You Want to do

But the main question is how to figure out what job do you want to do?

It is confusing to choose one path when you have so many option to choose and it certainly creates more confusion when you unable to figure out what actually your heart desires.

Due to this confusion mostly people choose safe career option and they usually regret their decision or never got to do what they really want to do in their life.

To figure out what you want to do with your career and fulfill your heart desire follow these simple instruction. They will surely help you in finding best career for you.

Ways to Find Your Career Path:

1. Self understanding:

To know what you want to do in your life, with your life and career you have to know yourself first.

Each human being is different; everyone have their good and bad and you need to focus on finding your good and improving your bad and this is called self understanding. This will help you in finding your abilities and things you are good in.

Self understanding is very important for your professional as well as personal growth as it give you insight of your own self and help you in major decision of your life like career.

2. Confidence:

Be confident in what you do, trust yourself and boost your confidence level before you choose job. Confidence play important role in your life in whatever you do. When you have confidence, courage and determination no one can stop you from getting job you desired. Success comes to you; you don’t have to run behind the success just believe in yourself.

3. Your plus and minus:

Every individual have good and bad qualities according to the career they choose. Your plus and minus decides what you should do in your life to make a living. When you find your plus and minus points or features you easily figure out what is best for you for example; A person is a good writer and have a great knowledge of history and literature as well as a good critic but lack in technical department. This information can help greatly in choosing right path.

4. Things you like to do the most:

Different people have different likes and dislike. You have to choose things you like the most. These things can help you in your career.

When people choose career on the basis of money and peer pressure rather than their likes and dislike they have very unsatisfying career and they always have regrets, complains and doubts about their job.

This can lead to some major crisis in their life and cause mental distress. Sometime cause depression and low work esteem. So it is better to know things you like to do the most.

5. Homework:

Before choosing a career path do your homework and research about the career you are choosing. A good homework before choosing your path can help you in long run and gives satisfying result.

Most youngsters choose career because of their friends, family and money but this is not the ideal way to choose your career. First decide what you want to do then do your research and gather information about all the pros & cons, risk, responsibilities and future.

6. Take a test:

Most people have their assumptions about their capabilities. They decide without any solid evidence as their backup that they cannot do, but this is not the way how you decide. Take a self assessment test to know what you can do and what you cannot.

It is always good to be sure than some self made assumptions. Taking a test can help you a lot even boost your confidence level. You can take self assessment test in your school after high school examination or in your college.

7. Summer jobs:

Summer jobs are something we do for fun and some extra cash but summer jobs are not some short cut to earn money. Summer jobs can help you in more way than you thought. The experience you gain in your summer jobs and the work you do gives you great opportunity and helps you in deciding what you want.

When you do summer jobs you get exposed to the corporate world and learn minor details no one can teach you. These kinds of jobs also help in clearing your confusion about your career and make you financially independent.

8. Internship:

Internships are more like summer jobs without pay. While summer job gives you money and experience, internship give you experience and expose you to the actual work. Internship is the great way to get head start in your career and decide what is compatible with you and what you like as your career.

When you quit at internship level no one ask questions and no harm done to your career. You can easily switch your work stream at internship level but keep in mind choose something you can do for long period of time.

9. Expert guidance:

It is always good to have expert guidance. Guidance from expert can help you in choosing right path and clear your confusions. They can answer your question and give you insight about how thing works, what to expect and what career is good for you.

Seeking guideline from inexperienced person or someone who have no knowledge can confuse you further or misguide you. Generally people thought why waste money on someone just to ask questions but the fact is investing money in these answers is more beneficial than you thought and it can save you from major career crisis.

10. Mentor:

Take a mentor or a life coach. Mentor helps you in finding your true self, motivate you and guide you in selection right career path.

Life coaches help those people who need encouragement and self esteem to build their confidence and want to experience life at deeper level.

Mentor guides you at the time when you deviate from your path, give you insight to achieve more and can help you at many levels.

11. Plan:

Planning is very important. Making plans is in human nature; we human do everything according to plan so it is important to plan your life path and your career. The planning you do regarding your career prepares you for future challenges and makes you more ready to take the work on.

No working strategy and plan for your career can cost you big time in long run. Make plans, strategy and follow them to achieve success in life because an organized person can organize work. Choosing career without any plans leave you confused, irritated and stressed.

12. Set goals:

Many surveys across the world shows that people who set goals in their life are more successful than people who work aimless.

Setting goals gives you motivation to move ahead, to work, to grow and keep you motivated even when you hit low point of your life. But do not set goals which cannot be achieved it can discourage you and make you question your ability.

Do not make your working a routine which never change; set goals for yourself and set time limit as well, work hard and achieve your goal and then take a break and celebrate your success.

13. Explore unknown territory:

Try new things, explore unknown territory, ask questions and may be you get your answer. There are so many other jobs other than your traditional one like teacher, engineer, doctor etc. You may try them or get to know these jobs.

People love to do different things and it never hurt if you make living out of it even if your interest lie in these different kind of job then do them rather than traditional one because no work is small or bad if it does not harm other in any possible way.

These are the few things a person should keep in mind when searching for the job. getting the job you deserve and desire is most important stone of your career. People who love their job are happier in their life as compare to who loath their jobs. So always do what you love and make a living out of it. It is much more fun than living a tasteless life.

10 Things Never to do When Choosing your Career:

There are few things you should avoid when choosing your job. while choosing your job keep in mind that if you enjoy your job you will work more and give your best as well as have a successful career so choose your job carefully. There are endless opportunities waiting for you. You have to choose well and avoid doing these mistakes.

1. Do not copy others as every individual have their own qualities and capabilities. Copying other destroy your own uniqueness.

2. Do not criticize yourself or underestimate yourself. You can do anything if you want. Everyone have so much power inside their head that even they do not know their own potential.

3. Never set unrealistic goals. Because you can’t achieve unrealistic goal and it will damage your self confidence. Unrealistic goals only make you delusional and take you far from reality.

4. Do not trust unknown person.

5. Don’t let other decide what you should do and what you should not because it is your job, your career and you got to decide what you want to do. They just are using you to complete their own dreams and wishes.

6. Do not take rash decisions because impulsive decision lead to major disaster and you can’t control something if you do not know what to do.

7. Stop blaming others for your failures because you are your own responsibility. No one is responsible for your good or bad. You make mistakes and you pay for it.

8. Avoid repeating same mistakes.

9. Never do the job you have no interest because you cannot give your best when you have no interest in doing it. Success never comes to you if you do not give your 100%.

10. Avoid delay in task completion. When you delay in doing your task you dig a hole for yourself so be smart and do the task within limits

Never do these mistakes, they can cost you your dream job. Everyone make mistake but learn from yours because first time it is mistake but second time it is your fault entirely.


Simple mantra to figure out what job you want to do is prepare well. You can only get the answer when you acknowledge yourself at deeper level and have guts to do out of the box and stand for your decision. There are people in this world who do tasteless job throughout their life because they can’t decide what they want from their life. So understand yourself, take professional help and be ready to try new things in life. There are endless opportunities in this world for everyone, you just have to raise your hand to grasp it.

Move out of your trap box, think out of the box, do self searching, be motivated and do your home work. This is the only way you can figure out what job you want to do.

There is one thing common between successful people and the thing is they love what they do no matter the time, condition, circumstances and hardship. Make these people your inspiration and learn from their life how they achieve success.