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Emirates Interview: Dress Code, Process, Tests, Question & Answers


The main point of attending or conducting an interview is to select deserving and confident candidates for the job. Try to exude a sense of confidence while attending such interviews.

To land a good job, the main step is to look smart and sharp. For this, it is necessary to wear proper attire and carry yourself with pride and confidence. Here are a few important tips to follow during the Emirates interview.

Emirates Interview Process Guide

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Emirates Interview Dress Code:

Certain guidelines should be followed when dressing for an Emirates interview, this should be carefully followed especially, women. These include:

How Females Should Dress for Emirates Interview:

1. Polished skin:

Try to exude your natural beauty. It should not feel artificial or made. Try to learn how to take care of and moisturize your skin. This is necessary since airplane air is very dry and demands moisture from the skin. Dry skin can lead to an intense breakout and cause acne and wrinkles.

Also, try to ensure that you do not put on heavy makeup when attending the interview. Light makeup with the correct amount of concealer is sufficient. This is just to highlight your natural beauty.

2. Try to bring out your eyes:

But do not put any heavy eye makeup or smoky eyes. Curl your eyelashes if necessary. Try to apply neutral shades or liner. Moreover, do not try to wear any false eyelashes to work and especially do not wear falsies to an interview.

3. Wear a suit:

If you don’t have a suit, try to buy one just for this purpose. Try to pair a nice white shirt with a pencil skirt and a suit jacket. Suit jacket is the most important and necessary component of the whole attire. A suit jacket is mandatory while attending an Emirates interview, not just for Emirates. Also, the length of the skirt should not be too short. No miniskirts allowed.

Try to shorten the length of the skirt just above the kneecap and no less than that length. Try to wear neutral color heels or pumps. The colors can vary from black, brown or navy blue. Try not to pair your attire with a pair of sandals or flats as it does not look good with the overall look.

4. Skirt Colors:

If you wear a skirt, you have to wear any kind of nude colored or black hosiery. This is mandatory. Bare legs not allowed when going for an interview for any major airline recruitment, especially for Emirates.

5. Hairstyle:

It is not necessary to tie your hair in a bun, but it is necessary to properly tie your hair such that it does not get in the way of your face. Also, the hair color should be of natural shade or should be professionally dyed. Try not to have streaks of colored hair such as blue or red streaks. Better, try to color it back to the natural hair color.

6. Nails:

Try not to bite nails and make sure that you have healthy nails and cuticles. If you have a habit of biting nails, then that would be easily caught during the interview. Try to wear shades that do not attract too much attention or the shades that prescribed by the airlines.

For example:

In Emirates, the acceptable shades of nail polish are red, dark red and nude.

7. Jewelry Jewellery:

Try to wear minimal jewelry. Do not wear any long and dangly earrings or jewelry. Do not wear any bracelets or necklaces. Only wear a small silver or gold stud paired with a small watch.

8. Miscellaneous grooming:

If you are an individual having facial hair which is highly noticeable, start taking care of it. Try to take out that mustache and try to pluck and shape your eyebrows. Also, try to keep a healthy weight. You should have a healthy BMI against your height.

How Men Should Dress for Emirates Interview:

1. Suit:

When men wear suits for an interview, especially for airlines, try to wear dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark blue and grey. Do not try to wear stripes and try to avoid light and pastel combinations.

2. Shirt:

The shirt should well tuck and should be in a color that can complement the whole look and also can complement the color of the suit jacket. The colors include white, pink, light blue and any pastel color.

3. Ties:

Ties are an essential part of formal attire and it adds a professional touch to the suit. Try to wear neutral color ties that go well with the suit. Try wearing single colored ties and avoid striped and designed ties. Do not wear flashy ties unless it is for a formal occasion.

4. Shoes:

Shoes should be dark and should go well with the suit. The most commonly used shoe colors are black, brown, dark brown or suede. Try to avoid shoes that have light colors or can get negative attention. Also, try not to wear sports shoes, sandals, chappals, shoes with high heels at the back and shoes with inserts or fashion pieces.

5. Belts:

These are the indispensable part of a complete suit set. The color of the belt and shoe should match with each other. Do not wear colored belts or belts with any protruding accessories or metal pieces. Just a simple buckled belt is enough.

Emirates Interview Process:

The Emirates cabin crew conducts various assessments and interviews worldwide and across different nations including cities like Dubai and London. There are various steps that a candidate should follow if he or she wishes to be a part of the Emirates crew.
The interview and selection process starts when the candidate has submitted his or her application form.

Step 1: Application form

To become a member of the Emirates crew, the first step requires the candidate to submit his/her application form on the company’s website or related sites. This is the first step in the interview process. The application form requires the candidate to fill out their details and also contact details.

Also, it is mandatory to note that the candidate is entering the correct information about themselves. Failure to do so would lead to the disqualification of the candidate during the selection process.

Step 2: Selection process

If you receive a favorable response then, it means that you have passed the first application process and you are eligible to proceed to the next round. The selection process requires the candidates to attend a selection program in Dubai.

After the selection and recruitment process, the managers and the recruitment staff will hold a meeting to discuss and select the most deserving candidate for the process. They expect the candidate to easily adapt to the Emirates culture.

Step 3: Post selection process

If you are successful in the selection process, then a confidential email or call from the recruitment staff will be done letting you know personally about the outcome of the selection process. It should note that various pre requirement measures and clearances should be complete before joining Emirates.

If you are unsuccessful, then a computer generated email will be sent to you stating the outcome of the selection process.

Step 4: Joining formalities

Once the necessary approvals and formalities have been completed and received by the recruitment office, then the Human Resource Employee Services will contact you stating the different steps that are needed to be taken for the joining process.

The HRES is responsible for validating and approving your employee contract and helps you in receiving your employee grants and benefits, this also includes your salary, house allowance, provident fund, etc. They also help you in delivering and receiving the relevant documentation required for the job.

Emirates Interview Stages:

Once your application is approved, then you are invited to the selection process. The Emirates interview process consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial assessment
  2. English test
  3. Psychometric assessment
  4. Individual competency based interview

Emirates Psychometric Test:

If you are selected to continue for the next step, then you are expected to attend the emirates psychometrics test. The psychometrics test conducted by Cubiks and Cut-e for Emirates. Emirates will let you know beforehand when you expect to attend the psychometrics test. The psychometrics test consists of:

Numerical reasoning:

In this test, you will be given tables and graphs containing various information and data. After providing the necessary information, you are expected to answer multiple choice questions related to the given information. Make sure you are confident in using a calculator as this will help you to answer questions more quickly and correctly.

Verbal reasoning test:

In this test, you are given verbal information or an essay containing some vital information. After reading through the essay, you are expected to answer a multiple choice question with options like true, false and cannot say. This test is done for seeing how you can analyze and understand the given written information in a short amount of time, that too with fewer errors.

Logical reasoning test:

Logical reasoning consists of both verbal and non-verbal questions. This also includes mathematical and geometrical questions. The main purpose of the test is to understand and draw logical conclusions and rules based on a given series of shapes and symbols. These questions help you to understand the pattern and predict the next symbol.

Other interview processes include:

Competency interview:

Competency interview is usually done by the members and the HR department. They usually ask the candidate competent questions like, “why do you want to join Emirates?” and “what all advantages and benefits can you bring to the organization?” This is just to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are doing and how well you know your job?

Management interview:

Management interview focuses on job related subjects and problems. The questions are more relevant to the position that you are applying for and the interviewee is usually the department head or the manager of your respective department. You may ask to give a short assignment or present a small topic before the day of your interview.

Giving a good and proper interview is a sure way to impress the authorities at Emirates and might help you with the recruitment process. The recruitment process is challenging as it contains varying levels of challenges.

Emirates Interview Questions and Answers:

Many airlines especially Emirates follow an open day system while conducting interviews. This is to select candidates who genuinely interest in the job and are willing to contribute to the airlines.

What is the open day?

Open days usually use in the multistage interview process of emirates airlines, where each candidate has the chance to personally submit their resumes and talk with the employees and personnel who are in the same position as they have applied for. The open day usually consists of the various test as stated above, such as initial assessment, psychometric and language ability tests. These tests held online throughout the world.

Questions usually asked initially:

The first question when you attend an interview, usually asked by an HR representative is “why do you want to work for emirates?” or “what do you know about the airlines?” only a selected number of people get selected from the initial assessment and are advanced into the next round which is the psychometric test. Usually, the rest of the stages of the interview completed on that day itself, the same day Emirates schedules the interview time for the final selected candidates.

Advancing to the finals:

Candidates advancing into the final rounds of the interview stages often face with competency interview and management interview questions such as “where do you see yourself in a couple of years?” “What action would you take if you and your colleagues disagree on something?” It does so that the interviewer can understand the level of the candidate and can assess them based on their logical and reasoning and also to solve and handle a problem.

This is not only applicable for positions like stewardess or flight cabin crew. This is also equally important to people like pilots and is usually asked by the managers of the respective department.

With proper determination and hard work, it is easy for a candidate who aspires to be a flight cabin attendant to fulfill his/her dream.