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Do You Really Need A Master’s Degree? 6 Important Reasons


What is the need and importance of having a master’s degree? ….

  • This could probably be the question for every aspiring student or a concern of the students’ parents. This is a question for the present.need for masters degree
  • What is a degree in the first place?
  • Where does this come from?
  • Why are you considering to obtain a master’s degree?
  • What is an Education and how to achieve it?

It is important to know the basics of education before knowing the levels of degrees and the Education in itself.

Education is vast knowledge and this has emerged due to the need for evolving in present generation and meet with competition.

If we look at education way back into history, it was known from 17th century and was dominant among Men. It was believed that women only needed to read for religious purpose.

As centuries took over, times changed and new governments were formed. There were cultures that were rich and education became part of it.

The strong and knowledgeable territory took over other smaller and weaker sections in the world.

The wars have shown an impact on the globe in many ways with respect to social, economical, philosophical and cultural and educational change.

After the Revolution, especially in the northern states, an emphasis was put on education, establishing public schools rapidly.

Around the 18th century, all states had free elementary schools. There were many private schools of which public schools became popular. The US population had one of the highest literacy rates at that time.

Education was not available for African Americans before Civil War. Slavery was legal in the South and many states had laws prohibiting teaching to African Americans to write or read.

A few taught themselves, while a few learnt from their playmates and a few more from their generous landlords. The wealthier farmers or landlords hired home tutors or sent them to private academies and colleges at a right age.

Poor white children could not attend school and were not encouraged. In general, education existed only for privileged people.

educationIn this genre, Education is both essential and a form of business which has a major source of income.

There are many academies, schools, national and international colleges and universities, and more outlets to learning and earning degrees.

A degree is a certificate earned which is recognized globally or at least nationally for completing a minimum level of Education or a course. These days there are also online education suited for a fast pace living.

In general, an Education begins for a child roughly about 3 to 4 years old and completes by around age of 22 years. There may be a slight difference between the US and other countries with the levels of Education to complete.

For instance, in India, kids are sent to Montessori or play school at the age of 2. And then the kid moves on to Pre-School education which has Nursery, Lower kindergarten and Upper kindergarten. Later, they move on to 1st till 10th in a public or a private or a government school.

The student has to complete Plus 1 and Plus 2 as per the university to enter a degree course. After the Plus 1 and Plus 2, a Bachelors degree has to be completed which is the basic of a degree.

The degree is the crucial level of Education in one’s life. At this time, one would have completed around 21 years of academic education while he/she is ready to acquire a job to begin with a career. This stage is the completion of a Bachelor’s degree that a candidate is eligible under screening for a job.

It is found that currently Master’s degree is most important to get a very well placed job or it adds more value to one’s qualification. Let us know more about Master’s degree.

masters degreePeople who have finished a basic level of education and who possess the interest to pursue further academic expertise, undergo a higher level or an advanced level understanding of a specific field that is chosen by interest in a Master’s degree.

In this degree, students and professionals undergo a stringent methodology of imparting theoretical and practical education. Such degrees help us in critical analysis, evaluation of circumstances and applying concepts in the right manner.

Every one of us aim at independently solving a complex problem and therefore in doing so we must attain the right Master’s degree from a well recognized university.

Why Masters Degree is Important?

1. Knowledge based career:

When one is looking to have an intense, knowledge based career path then having a master’s degree is best advised.

This is because of the above explained fact that such degrees provide nurtured skills and helps you critically analyse the given task at hand. Knowledge is a powerful weapon in hand as your career relies on it.

2. Running your own business:

Working on business plan For doing so, it is very obvious that one needs in depth knowledge. A master’s degree would provide information that will help you form the basis of your business in a strong manner.

The whole academic structure that you would go through helps the entrepreneur understand the different facets of his business. It opens up a whole new window of opportunity.

3. The different career paths:

This excerpt gives you a list of career opportunities such as social worker, a town planner, HR, professor, psychologist, meteorologist, scientist, engineer etc that will offer a handsome package once the degree is obtained .

This essentially draws out a difference in terms of being a professional engineer rather than just someone who has a normal engineering degree.

4. It marks you out:

It is very natural that such degrees will mark you out from a group of people who just have normal degrees.

It is an obvious act that recruiters do, where a candidate with master’s is often preferred than a candidate without it.

5. A handsome pay:

Who would not want a handsome pay that would take you to an all together different standard of living?

Yes, a successful master’s degree pays you a handsome salary and impacts your day to day activities.

6. Education:

quick job search tips for students Some of us may love the art of studying. Hence, for those of us who are enthusiastic about learning and getting to know a subject better we may as well have this degree.

As we all know education can do no harm to anyone. And it is always a good practice to learn as much as you can.

Having said the above it is now your chance to apply them. Every one’s lives are different, you are the best judge of yourself to assess if you want a degree.

Many of us may debate that having a master’s degree is not really a necessity in today’s life. But going ahead it may be. We must remember that owning one is always an advantage to our lives rather than not having one.

Some master programs last for two years. But some accelerated courses may very well finish within a year. So it’s just a matter of 12 or 24 months in your life. Let us all realize that a master’s degree is what is moving very rapidly in becoming the entry degree in many professions.

Bearing all of the above in mind, it is time for us to make an educative move in our lives. Feel free to exercise your thought in our forum. Exchange views and reviews here so that all of us are aware of what the statistics look like.

Feedback and discussions on why masters degree is important are most welcome. Wishing all of you the very best in whatever you do.