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20 Desk Gadgets or Toys that can Improve your Productivity


Everyone in a workplace is sure to come across the fact that they are losing track of their assignments once in a while. This aspect is considered normal as a human brain would definitely need a break from carrying out the chores that are pre planned day after day after day. When there is losing track of such assignments, then we can say the productivity is reduced. The efficiency of the person is to be able to converting inputs to useful outputs. It is actually combining the two, intelligently planning for it and carrying out the task with focus. Focus is really the needed aspect which can get distracted due to many factors. No matter what the distractions, every person is obliged to carry out the task diligently. It is also considered to be a challenge to stay productive.

desk toys improve productivityResearch says that activities like drawing with a pencil, fidgeting with anything that gets into your hands, whether its rubber bands or chain locket, etc. are sure to increase creativity and productivity. It is said that cognitive functioning and hand movements improve focus, boosts creative thoughts, relaxes mind. To make it easier, certain organizations do allow desk toys to be part of their work place. Some of the contributing factors are:

Cool Desk Gadgets to Improve your Productivity:

1. Playing Brain teasers:

Brain teasers are one interesting game which involves an individual’s interest and many people in an organization are found to play this at times of break. Having Rubik’s cube or other brain teasers is sure to bring in enthusiasm and removes the distraction bringing in the focus that is needed for the moment.

2. Objects that are smooth:

Smooth objects like rolling magnets, paper weights etc. are mostly found on tables and are immediately taken by the hands that work on that table. It is said to help focus on the task or the objective. This kind of act is usual by many people in the organization. By this way their mind is taught to focus and concentration is gained.

3. Pressing spring loaded pens:

There are many people who are found pressing and releasing spring loaded pens. By repeatedly pressing and releasing spring loaded objects stimulation in that part of the brain that deals with problem solving is accomplished which is beneficial skill for any organization.

4. Reshaping rubbery materials:

The act of reshaping rubbery materials is another way which enhances productivity. This is sure to help the brain get stimulated and focus as the fingers fidget with the moulding of the rubbery object. Research also proved that reshaping stimulates brain and activities are improved.

5. Toys like slinky:

Having slinky is found to relive stress to an extent and helps to focus. It is also said to be great as conversation starters. Even the Newton’s Cradles are sort of stress buster. These toys can be considered to free you from tension and concentrate on work.

6. Playing puzzles:

There are many puzzle games like puzzle balls, word puzzles, etc that helps in getting the stress out. When an employee is under complete stress, playing puzzle can definitely release him out.

7. Sand or water timers:

There are varieties of sand and water timers that are available which helps one to keep focus and relive stress. Some of them are 2 wheel platform water timer, 4 wheel colour drop liquid motion timer, spiral timer translucent inch, spiral timer pen. These sand and water timers are found in organizations which help the employees at time of pressure.

8. Hand held water fame:

You might remember your childhood days when you were given hand held water game. It’s the same. You are not too old to play this. By taking a few minutes off for break, it is stress buster and brings back the focus in work. For the same these hand held water frames are played.

9. Liquid motion toys:

There are many such varieties available like the spiral timer, liquid motion timer, volcanic eruption liquid motion toy, 2 heart drops liquid motion timer toy, ooze tube large liquid motion timer toy, colour maze liquid motion toy. All these liquid motion toys are said to enhance productivity.

10. Magnetic toys:

There are varieties of magnetic toys that can be assembled as to the shape you need. By taking a few minutes off to disassemble it and build another structure only will show the creativity. They enhance tactile simulation and make your hands busy. It helps to think about the issue in some other way and will bring in productivity.

11. Solar flower:

Most organizations have a solar flower. This is a wonderful toy that moves in the presence of sunlight. The flower sways and the leaves move up and down when in sunlight. It is gorgeous to watch, and helps to relieve stress or when you need a break from monotonous work.

12. Water fountains:

These are provided with sound of water fall and when sitting in you cubicle listening to the sound of water fall will relieve stress. The sound of nature is always a refreshing sound. For employees who are under stress can get to know this fact so that stress is discharged and concentration on work elevates.

13. Sudoku cube:

Solving puzzles is always a challenge to the brain. By taking a few minutes off to solve this puzzle will help to refresh your mind and thus productivity. Keeping a soduku cube in the table is best so when playing it the complete concentration is on it.

14. Basketball hoops:

When the fingers have nothing to play with, then using this toy will make you to go back to your childhood games. This is stress buster and for those who play regularly will allow the mind to focus on shooting the ball. It is used to bring in focus to your work as well.

15. Balance mobile toys:

These toys are mostly to display the balancing movements and with different categories it is usually a wonderful sight to watch. In this there are varieties like mini swing, dolphin, happy circle, seesaw, surfer, double swing. This is sure to make your mind relaxed for a few minutes.

16. Interlocking rings:

There would have been many people whom you would have found playing with interlocking rings. By playing with interlocking rings people are able to find solution from simple to complex solution. By this way the organization is benefitted and work productivity is also elevated.

17. Clothes pin:

When there are objects like clothes pin or an actual clothes pin. You would have watched people attaching it to some other objects and releasing it often. This kind of act averts workers from zoning out at times of bore.

18. Penguin toys:

Soft penguin toys are another category of desk toys which are found to enhance productivity. By pressing such penguin toys, it is said to avert frustration and also brings in a good mood. By this way employees concentrate on work and yield good productivity.

19. Bucky balls:

These toys are famed amongst professionals and have a number of benefits at workplace rather than for fun. The playfulness has said to enhance communication, team building, problem solving, creativity and lot more.

20. Mini tower of Hanoi game:

Getting attached to physical world apart from regular work schedule is one best way to diminish stress and elevate cognitive functions. Magnetic wooden blocks, mini tower of Hanoi are few best games which help you fidget during the day.

It is a way of engaging with physical world that reduces stress and improves our cognitive functions. It is said from researches that taking breaks improves the focus and for this desktop distractions are needed. It cannot be considered as an idle conversion but a spark of creativity and clear thinking is obtained. The cognitive functioning is enhanced by ways of hand movements whereas fresh thinking and quick learning is achieved. Research also found out that people who are restless and confined to computer work need a bit if physical stimulation and release of stress in their behaviour.

These are a few desktop toys that elevate productivity, there are many other toys also which has its own features in shaping an individual psychologically and adds to support work place productivity. People may have played with all these desk toys unaware of them and there are people who are still paying by knowing the actual fact. Organizations are now aware and more flexible as they know that these factors and games improves the mentality of the employees and thus in turn improves productivity.