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How to Deal or Cope with Rejection in Job Search: Best Tips


Each year, numerous candidates apply for multiple jobs with multiple companies.

Few of them hit the jackpot in their very first go, while many of them face constant rejection in the job search.

These things are tough to deal with, since they not only exhaust you physically but also mentally. Thus, below are the tips given to deal with regular rejections in the job search.rejection in job search

30 Best Tips to Deal with Rejection in the Job Search:

1. Calm and patience:

You have to keep calm and be patient. It is understandable that the situation is enough to break you, especially if it is consistent; however, being calm and patient is the key.

The more calm you keep, the better and logically you can think and take steps accordingly and hence keeping calm and being patient is the first and foremost thing to do.

2. Positive:

Positive attitude can take you long in life. You must take your rejections positive with a hope that best is yet to come. Do not hold any grudge against any recruiter or organization.

Keep your attitude positive and get over it. The more positively you deal with the situation, the better it would be for you to walk ahead.

If you hold grudges with a negative attitude, it will harm your self esteem. A positive attitude also refines your confidence level.

3. Find out the reason:

After facing rejection, instead of simply sitting and cribbing and feeling horrible about yourself, you got to stand tall and try finding out the reason.

There could be any reason and that you have to find. If your findings tell that, there is a sphere where you are lagging behind them, you must work towards improving .

You can ask for a feedback or talk to others about it. You can take their views into consideration as well.

4. Develop a social presence:

promote yourself on social media Once you are rejected repeatedly, take a step back and try increasing your social presence.

Google yourself and you will see what all comes about you or do you come or not? Facebook merely is not social media.

Open multiple accounts on the social platform. You should renovate your LinkedIn profile.

There are so many instances in the job field when recruiters merely got impressed by the LinkedIn profile and job opportunities came knocking the door. You must not take the power of social media for granted.

5. Improve personality:

There might be instances when you are qualified enough for the job but somehow you are rejected.

The cause is not that you are not efficient enough or qualified enough. Sometimes the problem is your personality, may be they perceived you as a negative person, or may be you portrayed as not so confident, may be you failed to showcase yourself properly.

Whatever be the reason, try improving your personality. You should begin to work on your soft as well as hard skills. Try to gel with people more and interact with them. Observe yourself and try to find out what do you lack.

6. Analysis:

Do not let the rejection of job become a barrier, what you are supposed to do after constant rejection is beginning to analyze. You should introspect yourself.

Try to figure out your strengths, weaknesses. Once you figure out your strength, try to bring down your weakness. You can analyze the opportunities that are in front of you and the threats that you can sense.

Instead of crying and cribbing over a lost opportunity, take this rejection as an opportunity to figure out the difficulties and improve yourself.

7. Talk to friends:

This can work wondrously at times. If you are quite depressed regarding the rejection, then talking to a friend or any closed one can help you in getting over the depression. The more you will let it stay inside, the more problematic it will turn out to be for you.

Therefore, release your stress by talking to someone, who would listen to you, understand you and encourage you further.

8. Be optimistic:

positive quotes Being optimistic is the most important thing while you face the rejection. It is understandable that dealing with rejection is quite tough, however, if you take it in a right spirit you can actually take all your rejections as a lesson and try to improve yourself accordingly.

Being optimistic is the best way to deal with the depression. You should try to take those vents on a positive note and ensure that it doesn’t stress you much

9. Persisting efforts:

Just because your past experience was bad, doesn’t mean that your forthcoming opportunities are going to go in vain. Even after getting rejected for numerous times, you got to keep trying and putting efforts.

You have to put an endless effort in improving your skills and applying through every possible way.

Keeping everything aside, your prime focus of achieving a job shouldn’t be left out. No matter how many times you fail, you must ensure that your persisting efforts are perpetuating.

10. Think practical:

There are some people who take it personally and become emotional. They start feeling worthless and low on their confidence level. This can cause even more stress in your mind which will block you from thinking practically.

You must remind yourself that, the world is practical and it waits for no one. There is no point in feeling sad about it rather you must take it more practically and work towards the same.

11. Don’t sit, start searching:

Many of us, take rejection as an end to the world. This is just a beginning and you will face a lot more obstacles and rejections.

Do not begin to underestimate yourself because of rejections on the job search. The more you face rejections the more active you must become in search of jobs.

Sitting, worrying would only end up in wasting your time making you unseen the opportunity waiting ahead.

12. Encourage yourself:

Nobody can raise your morale, if you decide not to raise it. The true encouragement lies in the encouragement given to you by yourself.

Instead of taking the rejections as an insult or something depressing you must make yourself understood that this is an inseparable part of the life.

You got to motivate yourself to search for more jobs and work more on your own skills. This is certainly the best way of coming out of the depression mode.

13. Be confident:

confidence level Confidence is probably the easiest thing to lose and hardest thing to gain. There are lots of chances that you might begin feeling low on the level of your confidence, but, what is important is that you must retain the level of confidence and enthusiasm even after facing thousands of rejection.

This attitude, if properly enacted can make you stand out of the general crowd.

14. Don’t lose hope:

It is easier to lose hope once you start facing consistent rejections, but mind you, the more hopeful you stay the more opportunities you would come across.

If you lose hope all of a sudden then there are chances that you might miss out on the opportunity that was made for you.

You never know what the next job, next moment or the next turn would bring and therefore you must not lose hope just because your past experience wasn’t good enough.

15. Keep another plan ready:

The most heartbreaking things is when your sole hope rejects you. In order to avoid this more often, you must keep a backup plan ready. This will ensure that your efforts aren’t going in vain.

Having a backup plan would ensure the stability of mental and would keep the level of confidence up. It will also save you from the depression that you might go through.

It is best to have a backup plan ready with you so that you can switch anytime and get saved.

16. Ask for feedback:

Always ask for a feedback politely. There might be chances when you may or may not get the feedback.

In cases where you don’t get the feedback that is probably the reason of rejecting you, then you must constructively and politely ask them for a feedback.

This feedback would let you understand the loop hole in your overall presentational skills and would help you in developing for better.

17. Concentrate on strengths and weaknesses:

Since you might have got rejected more than once, it is high time to spend more on introspecting than crying over the spilled milk.

In the spare time you can just try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and put efforts in emphasis your presentation on the interview as well your resume towards your strengths.

You should keep weaknesses in the corners well and work towards improving that area also.

18. Keep aside past experience:

experience We understand that it is a human nature to carry past along with you or to do and think about things from past experience but, however if you keep on carrying this attitude ahead then certainly you will never be able to go ahead.

You must keep it as your experience, that goes without saying but you should also ensure the fact that, those experience would encourage you and not discourage.

19. You are not alone:

We tend to forget the fact that we are not alone. There are lot many candidates in the world who might be sailing in the same boat as yours or may be suffering from worst conditions so, try to train your mind that you are not the only one who is suffering from this kind of situation.

You must instead take a stand, fight your fears and nervousness and begin to toil up without looking back. Once you keep this in mind, things won’t break you easily.

20. Hope the best but be prepared for the worst:

Often nothing hurts us more than expecting something from someone. Candidates generally form a predetermined notion about the interview, and this is where we make mistakes. You must go with minimum expectation.

It is good to keep hoping for the best but at the same time you must be prepared for the worst. If we stay prepared at the back of our mind then the chances of dealing better increases.

You must hope for the best but at the same time prepare yourself for the worst kind of situation too, this will reduce the impact of rejection.

21. Take it professionally:

There are many candidates who take the rejection personally. You must understand the functioning of the professional world.

The organizations are constantly in neck to neck competition with one another and in such cases workforce plays an important role. The reason why you didn’t get selected was probably not because they didn’t liked you but because some other candidate was proficient than you.

This very fact has to be taken in a practical and professional manner. Instead of taking things personally and like a grudge you must try to take it as a learning experience and move ahead.

22. Count it as an experience:

Sometimes the problem with us is that we think, and over think about an issue especially the things that stress us out, we are more likely to think more about it.

You must take all these rejections in job searches as a learning experience and as an experience that stands like an opportunity to grow.

The more you perceive it as a burden or as your failure, the more you are going to feel depressed about it. Start counting those events as your experience too.

23. Accept the truth:

truth What makes us more disappointing is that we don’t accept the truth; we do not face the reality.

The more we try to run away from it, the more it haunts us. Instead, if you accept the fact of rejection, you will be able to start the process of introspection.

You can act towards it. You can take necessary steps needed to have an upper hand but, on the other hand if you do not accept the reality, the time will become quite tough to deal with, for sure.

24. Try understanding their side:

This is what we generally fail to do. We crib and cry thinking of our efforts but never try to fit in their shoes.

There might the case where you are qualified enough but may be some other reason made them choose another person over you.

There are thousands of resumes and applications that they are supposed to go through and thus, you must also try to think keeping their perceptive in mind.

25. Ask for senior guidance:

If you feel a tinge of confusion or if you do not know how to deal with the rejection or how to get over it and start all over again then taking an advice from a senior might be real time fruitful.

You can ask them how should you broaden your chances of getting selected, what ways should be preferred in searching for job and so on.

In such ways you can actually deal with your depression and increase your chances.

26. Increase your abilities:

Limited set of abilities can also become a barrier in your selection process making you get easily rejected.

Once you feel that you are getting rejected quite frequently, instead of complaining you must try to increase the scope of your selection.

This scope can be increased by increasing your skills like – learning more languages, learning more software and so on.

27. Channelize your search:

channelize There might be the case that you are searching in wrong direction or may be since you are searching via multiple platform, you are unable to concentrate on one source.

In such cases you must either experiment through different ways if so far you were searching through only one or, if you were using multiple ones then you should try concentrating on one. A strategic search might help more than an aimless one.

28. Be like a grownup:

There is a reason why you are called a grownup and that is because you are expected to act as a matured person.

If rejections are something that you are facing constantly then you must not break yourself down with it. Instead like a matured adult you must work towards polishing yourself more.

29. This is not the end:

Yes! The most important thing to remember and understand. Your job rejections are not end of the world.

Make yourself believe that there is still a long way to go and this is just not the end. Keep encouraging yourself instead of stopping in midway as if it’s an end to the world.

30. Make changes:

Change is the nature of nature and so should be yours. Try changing your attitude, improving your resume, upgrading your skills often.

This will not only boost your morale but also increase your scalability. Change would keep you up and moving, making a room for improvement every now and then.

The crux of the matter is simple, rejections are common and instead of over thinking about it or make our self feel down, you must take it in a positive way and try to make the necessary amendment. The opportunity will surely come; all you must do is to sail towards it, if it doesn’t come to your shore.