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Creative Recruiting Ideas – Innovative Ways to Find Employees


Finding employees is a daunting task. When there is loads of work and there are no enough employees to accomplish the task, the company experiences a great loss. Due to poor creative recruiting techniques, the company wouldn’t find skillful workers to work for them.

To cover the loss of the lost projects, most of the companies do extend the working hours of employees and pressurize them to complete the task within deadlines.

Creative Recruiting Ideas

The companies consider this to be a cost saving process. But, they do not realise that this process is causing much harm than bringing profit. Whenever there are fewer employees in a company, it sends shivers down the spine to the employees. They become panic and assume that they won’t be able to tackle loads of work solely. This would result in losing even the current employees present. Therefore, do not use techniques that make employees to run away.

Instead, use creative ways to recruit employees. Here are few profound creative ways which help you find employees.

Creative Recruiting Ideas and Strategies:

1. Internal Recruitment:

Before going for external recruitment, consider hiring employees internally. The idea of internal recruitment is a brilliant one because the company need not bare the hiring costs and this saves a lot of time. Understand the interests of your employees and check whether they fit in any of the projects.

There would always be an employee who hates the current working position and waits for a chance to be recruited internally in another domain. Most of the recruiters do not take this step seriously and go for external recruitment. This not only increases the hiring costs but also the company is missing an employee who is really passionate of working in a particular domain.

Therefore, do not leave any stone unturned in the organisation during a search of employees. Everyone has a hidden talent but it is so well hidden that no one could find it until asked.

2. Competitors employees:

Always have an eye on the employees of the competitor’s company. Whenever competitors are losing workers, then it’s the right time to snatch workers from them. The company’s challenges might have failed in some way in satisfying its employees. Get to know the reason of their disappointment and implement ideas that can remove their dissatisfaction.

Make the employees understand in which way is this company better than the previous company. Differentiate between the others companies and current company and join them in your team.

Usage of billboards mentioning “get hired” in front of the company and using words like friendly environment, less working hours, good hikes would attract most of the employees. Just try to pave a way for the employees with attractive words, rest could be easily managed

3. Hire a full-time recruiter:

Looking for employees once in a while doesn’t serve the purpose. A recruiter of the company should be working effectively all the time in bringing skilful employees to the company. Therefore, hire a full-time recruiter so that there is an employee who recurrently strives to get proficient people to the company.

4. Say “Yes” to referrals:

Considering referrals is a good idea. The current employees of the company know what the company expects from an employee. Therefore, the employees themselves can do a lot of filtering in getting the right employee to the company.

Rewards for employees are always good news for them. Announce attractive bonus for the ones who bring the right employees. Referrals tend to be more reliable than a complete stranger. They would know the rules and regulations of the company before in advance. Therefore, never lose your neighbours; they might turn really expensive later.

5. Take help from alumni:

Do not lose contacts of previous employees. Never be bitter towards them, just because they left the company for a better offer. Alumni are always beneficial in bringing up new people to the business. They would have an efficient channel of network and a good number of contacts which could benefit the company.

Keep a record of contacts of alumni and express how much the company misses them. Tell them that the company is unable to replace the position of the employee and ask them to suggest a new employee to the company as a token of gratitude.

It might not work in all cases when the employee has a negative impression on the company. But, do not miss any approach which is going to help increase the number of employees in the company. It is also required to understand that the company’s main aim is not a number of employees, but the right employees with potential in them.

6. Add a careers page to the website:

Websites of the company is a unique way of communication with the candidates. It is natural that most of the people who are employed or unemployed would frequently go through the career page present on the website.

Do not forget to make the description of the job interesting. Keep updating the career page from time to time so that the people who are looking to be hired would understand that the company is recurrently recruiting people.

7. Social media:

The technology is evolving day to day and it’s very easy even for a person in the remote area to communicate with anyone who is in a different continent. Social media helps in providing the information of employees. Take advantage of social media as it’s the best way available to share information to a huge number of people in less amount of time.

Use simple words but appealing words to describe the job. The real magic lies in the way job is described. Do not use quite formal language while using social media for advertising. Easy going words would serve the purpose of hiring much efficiently as most people tend to skip the formal descriptions available on social media.

Share the information to a huge number of individuals so that the company doesn’t miss providing the information to the right employees.

8. Get external agency support:

There are a lot of agencies available in the market who help in finding employees. These third party agencies collect the information of employee from various sources and contact the employees. These agencies act as a medium between the company and the employees. They save a lot of time in doing the background verification and filtration of the candidate by themselves.

Taking the support of such agencies is quite advantageous as they spread the name of the company to a vast number of employees, which is again advertising the name of the company in a less cost consuming way.

9. Online job portals:

There are innumerable job portals available online. Job portals are best in updating their data time to time. Therefore, any candidate looking for a change in job would refer the job portals frequently. Advertising alone without the support of job portals is of no use.
Post the openings of the job in different job portals. Different descriptions can be used for a single job in different portals. Different descriptions are helpful as not all people like the same description. By changing the description of the job, the job opening might interest more number of people. This is one of the tricks which is used by most of the companies.

10. Welcome newbies:

Recruitment of newbies is quite profitable and easy. The company can reach out to the colleges and recruit employees. The company can select a few candidates from a huge number of people. Advertising in colleges and recruiting students is always beneficiary and less cost-consuming process.

It is quite natural that a candidate who is new to the work environment will not reject the offer provided due to the fear of getting rejected by other companies. Newbies do not demand a high pay and are likely to adapt to any technology provided. Therefore, use this opportunity to select the best employees available.

11. Conduct internships:

Internships are another process of recruiting a candidate. Most of the people show interest when a company conducts internships. Make the candidate work on sample projects and test the potential of the candidate. Increase the difficulty of the work day to day and check the output of the candidate to the increased work. If the calibre of the candidate is not sufficient to work as a full-time employee with the company, the candidate may not proceed to the next level of employment and ends the relationship with the company as an intern.

12. Go to job fairs:

Job fairs are a good source of increasing the brand name of the company. By involving in job fairs, huge people get aware about name of the company which is one kind of advertising the name of the company. It’s natural that different companies gather at a single place for recruiting employees.

Thus, getting involved in job fairs would help to increase the professional network deliberately. The company also gets a chance to interact with the other companies and understand the strategy being followed by them. The expectations of other companies from the employees and their testing patterns would also be known by going to fairs. Whenever companies reach out to employees in job fair they gain access to a lot of employees at one place. This helps them meet a huge number of employees from different backgrounds which can be interviewed for different profiles.

When an interview is conducted in a workplace, the options available are limited. There are many chances that the company has to compromise on the knowledge of the candidates. But, when the companies attend a job fair, the options available are many. The probability of getting a candidate with sound knowledge is high.

13. Conducting competitions:

Conducting competitions is another way of hiring people. A high number of applications would be flooding whenever a competition is announced. No candidate would like to sit idle in a competition. Therefore, it is clear that only the candidates with sound knowledge would attend the competition. This is the finest way of selecting the best out of the better. The candidates with outstanding knowledge can be considered and offered with employment.

14. Commercials:

Make an attractive video by describing the work environment of the company. Focus on the fun and pleasant atmosphere of the company. Few clippings about the events and employees can be added to the video to make it much more interesting. The teams and their unity in a workplace can also be included. The commercials help the company target a huge number of audiences. Thinking out of the box for advertising would always bring best results.

15. Hunt for the talent:

Finding talent is never an easy task, Lot of unworthy applications will start flooding whenever a company starts advertising about hiring. No business can rely on a single method of hiring. If companies are limited to few hiring ways, then the company also has to compromise in the abilities of candidates. Therefore, the companies should never limit themselves when coming to hiring candidates.

Explore every place possible to hire candidates. Reach out even to the remote areas to find employees. A company cannot wait for the people to come to them for employment all the time. The managers can also reach out to colleges and students at times to make them aware of the company.

The company should present itself in a more appealing way so that students give their first preference to them. Make students understand the benefits of getting recruited by the company. Inspire and motivate the students to join the company. Targeting the young minds is a great approach to hire great employees.

In a nutshell, never limit the ways of hiring people. Increase the contacts so that the message reaches to a huge number of people. Consider social media as a boon and use it as efficiently as possible. Use pamphlets, brochures so that the information reaches even to the remote areas. Target the newbies which is considered to be an easy task.

Hope all the above points have helped in understanding the different creative ways available to hire people. Thanks for reading.