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Common Librarian Interview Questions with Answers


When it comes to a situation where a person needs to find a job for himself/herself, but not so well prepared for such kind of interview pressure then it can create a load of anxiety in a person’s life. There are different types of criteria that need to be understood before applying for a job or an interview.

Most of the time it happens that a candidate may not understand the question and end up facing rejection. However, it would be better if a candidate prepares themselves for interviews. Same thing will happen for the candidates who are preparing for the post of librarian. So, here are a few librarian interview questions to get selected for the interview.

interview questions for librarians

19 Most Asked Librarian Interview Questions and Answers:

Getting hired for a post of a librarian requires a certain level of qualification and experience and, other than that a candidate needs to prepare themselves for the interview process.

It is not as a common interview, in this post a candidate will be interviewed on the level of knowledge about different books and their study materials.

1. Introduce yourself:

It is one of the common questions that every interviewer asks every single candidate in any type of job. Whenever an employer asks a candidate to explain about themselves or to provide a brief introduction, then a candidate should start by briefing them about the place he/she grew up from.

And also a candidate needs to explain to them briefly about the career goals and expectations that they have in their life.

2. About qualification:

As explained above, these questions asked in an interview are also very common while attending any kind of interview. It is one of the most essential elements for any job. Every employer expects a certain level of qualification for the job that they are offering.

Therefore, it is necessary that an employer inquires more about the candidate’s educational qualification for the job. It is important for the employer that while choosing a candidate for the post of a librarian, he/she must possess a minimum of degree qualification.

3. What is library management software?

Library management software is one of the software which provides logical library management systems which includes management of books. It is common to know that nowadays most of the candidates who apply for any kind of jobs are preferred to obtain some knowledge about computer skills.

Having knowledge about computer skills helps a candidate an added advantage while processing his / her job application. And the best part is that you can find a number of best library management software out in the market and you can choose the one which matches your requirement.

4. How would you promote reading, books?

For becoming a librarian, a person needs to have such quality where he/she can promote reading among all.

Most of the time the readers who visit a library may not be in a situation of reading any of the books, but a librarian needs to create a situation where he/she can draw themselves towards the sack of books where he/she can find loads of interesting books.

Promoting reading amongst everyone is a job that only a librarian or a teacher can handle very well.

5. How would you maintain discipline in the library?

One of the common things that everyone knows that a library is a place where all kinds of knowledgeable books are found, but similarly all of us even know that library stands for its disciplinary actions.

For example, most of us have come across the sign in the library which states as ‘Silence Please‘ and even the librarian preaches that statement again and again in the library to maintain discipline in the library. Maintaining discipline inside the library is one of the important duties other than maintaining the functions of book management.

6. Which is your favourite book?

It is common to know that if a person applies for the post of the librarian, isn’t it obvious that he/she may be approached with a question where they need to open the secrets about their favourite books which inspires them or interests them.

This question about one’s favourite books is not like any other simple interview questions for librarians that the employer presents in front of the candidate. Actually, the employer is trying to know the level of the intellectual qualities of the candidates, which is needed for the post of the librarian.

7. Why do you prefer this library jobs as a career?

Most of the people think and feel that working at a library is something like working for one of the boring things in the world. And especially when it comes to today’s technological world where the library is not required anymore.

At that point of the moment, many questions arise. If the candidate answers these questions honestly then there won’t be any necessity of any of extra questions.

8. What are your librarian skills for the job?

Every post of work requires a certain amount of skills that is necessary to handle such kind of job. Similarly, when it comes to the applied post of a librarian a candidate needs to possess a certain type of librarian requirements and skills that is required for the job.

For example, a candidate needs to know some computer skills which can be beneficial for the employer. And some knowledge about books and their authors will help them acquire within the zone of the library.

9. What is your opinion about the atmosphere of the library?

Commonly, people think that the atmosphere in the library is very boring as compared to others. And if the employer asks this question to the person who is a reader and very frequently in the library, then he/she must reply that they enjoy being in a library as they relate to the atmosphere of the library.

However, a candidate will be exposed to such questions because the employer wants his / her opinion about the atmosphere around the library.

10. What is the importance of the library?

When a person applies for the post of a librarian, he/she must know the value of the library and books in their life whether it is personal or professional. Most of the employers expect such kind of question to their candidate, with an intention that the candidate applied for the post must think about the importance of the library.

A candidate needs to explain an employer that why is that the library holds such an important place in his / her life.

11. Explain your strengths and weakness?

Most of the time while appearing for an interview, a candidate will be exposed to a certain number of common questions which might be obvious in any type of interview for any post.

Therefore, the candidate needs to brief the employer about the strengths and weakness that can help him/her to work hard for the position offered.

12. How do you relate the advantages of the library among teachers and their students?

Being a librarian, it is an important job that a librarian needs to understand how he/she can relate the benefits of the library among teachers and their students. A library is a place which is often visited by the people who love reading and, most commonly those must be teachers and students.

Teachers visit the library for the purpose of the advancement of their knowledge and similarly students also. And during such time the librarians need to relate their purpose of visiting the library so that can benefit from their library visit.

13. What kind of experience do you have in this field?

It is understandable that the employers need such candidates for their job who have some kind of experience and knowledge about the position offered. A candidate without any knowledge about the position might not be able to get hired for the job.

Therefore, a candidate must understand that even in the library-related fields the employees deserve such candidates who obtain certain knowledge and experience in the field.

14. What kind of challenges you are expecting in this field?

The employer presents such kind of questions in front of the candidates, just to figure out the level of hard work and dedication that a candidate holds within them to be successful in their field.

Therefore, expecting certain kind of challenges from the field, he/she is working might mean something to the candidates and to the employers as well. Maintaining challenges in the work filed will provide those candidates with a driving force to work better in their work field.

15. Do you have any unlikely experience with your previous job in the institutions?

Most of the employers might be interested in the reason that a candidate has mentioned in his / her resume about his / her previous job experience. The employers judge a candidate with the experience and the level of work he/she delivered in their previous job.

And if there are any kind of conflicts of reasons with the candidate previous job, then the employer has all the right to know the truth behind his / her resign from their previous job.

16. What do you know about us?

Every candidate before attending an interview try to do some homework about the company profile. But here it is about institutions or library centers, which a candidate needs to research about.

Every interview sessions are not just one-sided, even the candidate might have some questions about the library and its functions. And to get answers to such questions the candidate needs to collect all the information about the institutions or library centres before attending the interview with them.

17. Why do we need to hire you?

This is a tricky question where the employer expects that his / her candidate attending the interview needs to come up with a reason which can get them hired for the position offered. When the employer asks the candidates about the exact reason that can make that employer take such a decision about hiring the candidate for the position of the librarian.

The candidate should answer such a question with complete honesty that why he/she deserves that librarian position than anyone else who has applied for the post.

18. What have you learnt from your previous job experience?

From this interview questions for librarians, the employer expects to know about the opinion of the candidate which can help the employer make his / her decision easy and quick. At that point of point time, a candidate needs to project his / her opinion about the previous job experience in a positive way.

The candidate needs to present the positive sides of his / her previous job such as what he/she have learned from his / her previous job experience which made him/her grow better in this work field.

19. Librarian Salary expectation?

It is very common in every job interview where the candidate and the employer expect some questions and answers from each other regarding salary.

Most commonly when the candidate holds certain experience in this work filed and at that time the employer might ask the candidate about his / her previous gross salary, which can make him / her estimate the candidate’s current market value for the knowledge he/she obtain for the position offered.

Library Clerk Interview Questions with Answers:

Though in the above section we have covered most of the questions that can be asked in a librarian interview, here are few questions that can be asked when hiring a candidate for the position of librarian clerk.

What should be the qualities of a library clerk?

1. What experience do you have when it comes to discussing our recently posted LIBRARY CLERK position?

Sample Answer:

Ever since my first paper route at age 10 I’ve been doing something to keep myself busy and earn money. Back then, it was obviously about earning some spending money. What I didn’t realize was that I was actually starting the journey of establishing what I liked to do and how I fit into the grand scheme of things. I then worked as a junior computer tech in my last 2 summers of high school. It was here that I discovered what I was passionate about and what I wanted to do. I enrolled in college to get my degree in computer sciences, and I have been working around technology ever since.

2. Our field is always changing. As such, what have you done with regards to personal development when it comes to our posted LIBRARY CLERK POSITION in the last 12 months?

Sample Answer:

That is a really great question. While I haven’t had the opportunity to develop within this particular role per se, I have actually become very involved in my local foodbank this year. This has taught me a great deal about community, teamwork, and taking initiative.”

Source: interviewquestions247


However, the bottom line is that every interview process or session holds a format of delivery, which concludes with the acceptance and the rejection. And in this matter of discussion, the post of librarian maintains a quite different set of sessions or process which helps the candidates and their candidates as well.

Moreover, most of the common questions and answers that are expected in such librarian interview are listed above. And a person who needs to understand such questions can follow all the above-mentioned questions and answers to get themselves prepared for the librarian post of a job interview.Save