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26 Best Janitor Interview Questions and Answers


Janitors are individuals who take responsibility to clean and maintain a place. They are ones who may work in a team or as an individual.

In many companies, Janitors do their duty when their employees are not present and in many other companies, cleaning takes place by interacting with their employees.

Janitor Interview QuestionsThe interview session for a janitor job role holds few questions which may be regarding their previous experience, the way they handle equipment and problem-solving skills. Mentioned here are a few janitor interview questions.

Custodian and Janitor Interview Questions and Answers:

The following mentioned are few sample interview questions for housekeeping.

1. What are the job tasks for a janitor?

The key intention for a janitor position is to sustain a germ-free environment which is always neat and tidy. The main janitorial duties include dusting furniture and equipment, office cleaning, mopping the floor, sweeping, minor electricity maintenance and plumbing, cleaning toilets, lawn, and clearing up snow off pathways.

2. Why do you think you are suitable and better candidate for this position?

When such a question is asked you just need to highlight your specific skills. You can say that you have an in-depth knowledge of chemicals and cleaning procedures.

Also, you can mention that you have experience in this job role and hence you can follow cleaning practices by following few safe procedures. You can mention that you also possess the capability to work under restricted supervision.

3. Will it be ok for you to work for night shifts and how do you manage?

You can say that you are comfortable and agree to work for a night shift. Also, you can say that it is unusual timing, but you are used to be awake at night hours and hence there are no hassles in working for a night shift.

You can also assure the employer that you would sleep for eight hours in the daytime and hence you do not find yourself exhausted during work.

4. Do you have experience working with chemical cleaners?

Since I have previous experience as a janitor, I have experience working with a number of chemicals. I have also worked with chemicals that would melt snow. I also have the attitude to use the chemicals in a safe and sparing manner.

5. How often do you think that cleaning equipment must be cleaned and utilized?

Cleaning the equipment as well as tools is similar to keeping the place neat and tidy. Hence cleaning and sanitizing should be implemented each day so that the place looks neat and clean. If the cleaning brings out bad results then it intends that the cleaning process isn’t done correctly.

6. Do you possess the patience to deal with the public at times of cleaning?

With respect to the janitor or custodial position that is offered to you, you may have to clean places amidst the public during the business operation times. Your answer should be that you are comfortable working in such an environment where customers are around.

You can say that you started your career by working in customer service and hence you’re used to working in places where the public and customers are around.

Moreover, you find it to be interesting as you get a chance to interact with other people. You can also mention that you always concentrate on the job and the task you handle; you would not be interrupted by people around.

7. Do you possess any professional janitor experience?

The fact about the janitor posting is that the individual should possess a good understanding of the procedures and cleaning equipment. If you possess any previous experience in the same janitorial work, do mention it to the employer.

You can say that I have been a janitor for the past four years and possess experience in cleaning and its procedures. I also have experience handling cleaner chemicals.

8. How would you keep yourself boosted by performing repeated cleaning tasks

By posting this question the interviewer would like to know if your quality of work would be constant. You can mention that you are motivated in performing the job though there is no great difference each day, and you’re faster each day in performing janitor job as you are well-versed in the chore.

You can say that you also find new ways so that you’re more efficient and achieve work in short timings.

9. Mention your worst experience that happened in your janitor job?

The employer would like you to know if you have faced any hindrance and how you handled it. Hence, mention a bad experience and the way you handled the situation in a calm and patient manner.

10. Mention something you have done beyond your duty level?

This type of character interview questions are asked to know your efficiency and if you would be ready to do any task at times. You can mention an example where you worked in an organization that had less staff. At that moment, you were asked to do an extra shift in order to support your organization.

11. How would you handle a situation where your client uses abusive language

This question tests your patience and hence answers that you would not react and stay calm at that moment. You would definitely feel bad, but I would do my duty and wind up from that place. You can mention that you know how to control your temper and would not respond to such situations as it makes the condition worse.

12. What would you do, when you have cleaned a place and some kids or people ruin it again?

I would clean it again as cleaning and keeping the place neat is my duty. In order to avoid people ruining the place once cleaned, I place wet floorboards or cleaning in the process board.

13. What is the assurance that you would perform well in this job?

You can mention that there are a number of reasons which can be added such as skills, experience and dedication to the job role. Also, you can say that you’re a quick learner and possess the capability to perform well under pressure. You can also add that you’re a great team player and hence other workers would be motivated and add to the organization’s success.

Mention that since you already have experience in the same field, you would use the same in this job too. You are dedicated to the job and also, would like to learn new aspects of this job role. Since you have the passion and determination, you would perform the best and succeed in the job role.

14. Tell me about yourself?

This is the very first question in any interview and one needs to be prepared with an answer to this question. The answer should be casual and not work-related unless asked for. For this question mention the jobs that you have worked till now and how your skills and experience would be perfect for this job. Always start from the farthest and talk about the present.

15. May I know the reason for leaving your last job?

For this question remember to provide a positive reply. Mention reason such as relocation, better opportunity, you were not paid well; the job wasn’t challenging and more. Do not mention about issues with the management or talk ill about the workers, as it may turn towards you.

16. How do you know that you were successful in your janitorial job?

There are many ways to answer this question, you can mention that you had challenges and you met them. You can say that by monitoring your job, your boss appreciated you and hence you are successful. In another way, you can mention that you are successful as you dreamt of working for this company and nowhere. You are ready to do anything to be successful.

17. What have you done in order to enhance your knowledge associated with janitor job role?

To answer this question try to mention the improvements that has been brought about in this job. Also, mention that activity that brought in self-improvement for you. Show that you’re a continuous learner and enhance your self-sufficiency, work towards time management, and motivated often.

18. What salary do you expect?

This is somewhat a tough question and hence, you need to leave the choice to the employer. Do not ask for any specific salary, you can mention and leave the choice by saying them to mention the range for this job role.

19. Would you be able to lift heavy things and stand for a long time?

You can say that you have been working in this field and have been used to it. If not, you can mention that you are dedicated and passionate about making a place clean and hence I can lift heavy things and also stand for a long time without hassles.

20. What are your long-term career goals?

The employer is looking for employees who work for a long time and hence pose this question. They also want to find out if you possess any dream or goal. Try to mention your personal goals and associate that with the organization.

21. What was the reason for applying for this job?

You can say that you like the responsibilities mentioned in the job role and also mention that you’re a perfect match for the job role and hence applied for the job. Say that you have the skillset and expertise for the job. Another reason for applying is that the organization itself which is prestigious and you had a dream of working here.

22. Are there any questions you want to ask?

It is always advisable to ask one or two questions as it shows your interest in the company and boosted about the job role. Remember to ask some questions related to the job description, workplace environment, job role growth and more. Remember not to ask about salary, perks, leave etc

23. How would you handle yourself under pressure and stress?

I would find it good to work under pressure and interested in handling challenging situations. Say that you have the capability to diffuse stress and enjoy work. Mention that you have been working under stressful conditions and have met the strict deadline.

24. What do you know about our company?

Remember to research the company before you walk in for an interview. Run through their web pages especially the about us and careers section. Also, glimpse through the LinkedIn profile of the company, google search and find out the latest news and get updated. All these would help you know about the organization and move forward.

25. What do you think is your biggest strength?

For this question remember that you need to mention your strength that is associated with the job role. Say that you’re a good problem-solver, motivator, team player, optimist, loyal, patient, and can work under pressure. Also, contribute your answers with examples so that they are effective.

26. What do you think is rewarding in this job role?

Say that you obtain complete satisfaction in janitor or custodian jobs. You gain a sense of completion when you look at the output of your hard work at the end of the day.

Custodian Interview Questions:

A janitor also known as custodian or as cleaner are the people who make sure the environment around is clean and odourless. It is their job to maintain and manage the cleanliness of the designated area like company, institution, etc.

The working procedures, methods, and equipment used at each place differ as per the requirement. So as a janitor, one must be well versed all types of methods or should be adaptable as per the need. No job is unimportant, every job has its own dignity. The same goes with the job of a janitor.

Here are a few common interview questions while hiring a janitor or custodian.

Operational and Situational questions:

  1. How much experience do you have as custodian or janitor
  2. Explain your job responsibilities
  3. Explain the best thing that you liked most in your last job
  4. Do you feel anything while doing your work in the midst of public
  5. Brief how you manage your cleaning equipment
  6. Which types of cleaning equipment are you well versed with
  7. What is your procedure to solve major repair problem
  8. How motivates you to do your work, even though it is repetitive
  9. Have you handled any serious issue when you had to take initiative due to the absence of your supervisor? Explain
  10. You might have faced criticism at work, how do you take it
  11. Brief any unforgettable situation you faced in this job
  12. If any of your coworkers does anything unethical thing at work, how would you handle the situation
  13. Tell us about your expectation in your next manager

List of Janitorial Skills:

Administrative skills:

  1. Inventory
  2. Monetary exchange
  3. Ordering supplies
  4. Permits
  5. Planning
  6. Prioritizing
  7. Record keeping
  8. Scheduling

Advance skills:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Masonry
  3. Finishing/Refinishing floors
  4. Painting
  5. Plumbing
  6. Roofing
  7. Welding

Basic Cleaning Skills:

  1. Buffing
  2. Chemical Use
  3. Cleaning
  4. Dusting
  5. Mopping
  6. Polishing Furniture
  7. Safety
  8. Sanitation
  9. Scrubbing
  10. Sweeping
  11. Washing Floors
  12. Washing Windows
  13. Waxing

People Skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Customer Relations
  3. Following Instructions
  4. Interpersonal Skills
  5. Service
  6. Supervising
  7. Teamwork

Repair and Maintenance Skills:

  1. Building Repair
  2. Equipment Maintenance
  3. Electrical Repairs
  4. Fixing Tools
  5. Grounds Maintenance
  6. Maintenance
  7. Mechanical Aptitude
  8. Refurbishing
  9. Repair Electrical Fixtures
  10. Tools


These are a few common interview questions and answers for the janitor position. Candidates who are muddled about what would be asked in the interview for janitor jobs can read through the above questions and answers and get benefited.

Hence in order to gain a job as janitor one needs to get prepared with these questions and answers. These are very simple and the candidate just needs to be smart enough to answer them. Confidence, positive attitude, patience and passion towards job roles are few aspects that would help you fetch a job.

There are also many other sources which offer you with a number of questions about the job role. These are pretty easy ones that offer you knowledge and confidence to an interview process.