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What are the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boss?


Shopping for the right gift for your boss can often become a challenge. After all a bad gift can actually cost you your job! On the other hand, a good gift will make a fine impression. So make sure you have bought something that will suit their personality and be appropriate for work at the same time. And on that note, here is a list of best Christmas gift ideas for your male and female boss. Most of them are affordable so it will be easy to pick a good one!

christmas ideas for bossChristmas Gift Ideas for Your Boss – Male:

Impressing your male boss is now easy if you pick any of the following Christmas presents! The below mentioned are few Cool Christmas gift ideas for men

Luggage Locator:

If your boss loves to travel and explore, a nice luggage locator device would be idea for them. The good thing about these products is that they will always know where their luggage is. In short, they will never lose their luggage.

It will not cost you more than 70 dollars and turns off during flights exclusively. Since it is TSA friendly and has an app, you can expect it to sync up with the smartphone.

Tickets to a Game:

If your boss loves sports, then tickets to their favorite game during winter will always impress them. For this, you will have to speak to them and see which sport they like best and who their favorite teams are.

Then look up for all the best games for the season and book him some tickets. Events like this will always leave you with a long lasting impression. And who knows? When your boss thinks of a promotion next time, he might actually remember you!

Chalkboard Clipboard:

If you are into creative stuff and would like to present your boss something handmade, then this chalkboard clipboard would be ideal. This is really a creative gift idea. This is quite an easy and simple way to change a normal clipboard into a chalkboard. It would be easy for your boss from now on to note down things they need to do for the day.

It will also help them remember things they could have forgotten otherwise. The clipboard will also hold paper as if it has been designed to do a large number of functions. Since you are going to make this at home, it won’t cost you much.

Eggnog Kit:

If your boss like eggnog, a nice kit would be ideal for them this Christmas. After all, no one likes to say no to eggnog gift set. Spending on this gift set would cost you not more than 40 dollars.

You can get this online or from your local store although it is better to buy on the online since they have exciting deals during winter sales. Packaged in a small bag that is rustic, the eggnog kit comes with two jar glasses most probably Mason. There are also lids and handles along with a nutmeg grater. Paper straws are also there along with a recipe card that can help you make the perfect seasonal beverage. Your boss will be so happy after getting eggnog.

Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener:

This gift is ideal for those bosses who love art and photography. Shaped just like a vintage camera, this gift is fun and doesn’t take up any space at all. It can always adjust to fit in the size of most pencils unless it is really thick and also comes with a nice removable tray where you can empty the extra stuff and clean up quick. The cost of this pencil sharpener isn’t more than 13 dollars.

Coffee Chart Print:

This is for your boss if he enjoys drinking a lots of coffee. The coffee chart print will definitely help him get through those busy days. If you have always seen your boss with a coffee mug, don’t forget to present them this one. They will be more than thankful to you. Plus the informative coffee chart print can be added as a fine addition to the décor of the office. You won’t have to spend more than 30 dollars on something like this.

Warren Buffet Book:

If your boss loves to read about millionaires and inspirational books on business, then a Warren Buffet book would serve the purpose. Snowball is one of his most popular books and has made quite a lot of money in the past. It is 900 pages long and quite an informative read.

It talks about a guy named Ted Turner who happens to be a media tycoon, his difficult past and childhood and how he later became one of the most famous and influential people in the whole of United States. The cost of this masterpiece is 25 dollars approx.


Another fine present you could present your male boss is a big old clock. A styled pocket watch or a big clock on the wall is always a great idea. Pocket clocks usually come with an alarm and aren’t very expensive to buy.

You can always package this in some nice gift wrap and send it to your boss in an envelope. Plus male executives have always been a big fan of wrist watches and clocks so this one will be perfect!

City Tour:

This is also a great travel idea for your boss if he loves to explore the city. And if they are new in town, then this one would be perfect for them. A nice tour around the city will always help them enjoy and see what’s around them. City packages are also available for their entertainment. So pick this one carefully.

If you have a boss who is out of town, you can gift them something related to where they have gone. I am sure they will be very happy receiving this. The only thing you need to remember is the cost. It depends upon the city you are choosing.

Personalized Map Pencils:

Personalized map pencils are ideal for your male boss. They aren’t very expensive but look creative as well. Each set comes with six pencils in total and all of them have been wrapped in beautiful and exciting maps. You can also add a personalized message of your choice. The cost will not be more than 20 dollars. So if you want to present them something cool and creative, try these personalized map pencils.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boss – Female:

Christmas gift ideas for your female boss can be a bit tricky. But if you pick one of these items, you are sure to make them happy this holiday season. The below mentioned are few great Christmas gift ideas for women.

Handcrafted chocolates:

The ladies always like their presents well decorated. So these adorable handcrafted chocolates would be a perfect addition for them. The craft chocolate is handmade in Brooklyn and looks really cute and creative from the outside.

This handmade Christmas gift for a boss would be a perfect present for this occasion.They are beautifully wrapped bars that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus the cost is very little. Each bar will cost you 8 dollars. So if you are willing to spend some cash on handcrafted chocolates, go ahead and do it!

Gourmet Sugar Set:

The gourmet sugar set is perfect for all coffee drinkers. And the look of this set will surely impress your female boss. The good thing about this one is that it comes with different kinds of flavored sugars that will sweeten up your drink in so many ways.

All the sugars have been created in the same way so you can have this peace in mind that the stuff that you bought them is good. The price of this gourmet sugar set is not more than 40 dollars.

Parlor Ice Cream Making Kit:

A nice ice cream making set is a perfect gift for Christmas for your female boss, especially if she likes desserts. Using this set, she will be able to create different styles of desserts and ice cream right at home. It is like a cold stone which can be added in all mix in just to make the ice cream melt. And yes, the expenditure will be entirely worth it. Just make sure you have 70 dollars to spend on this one.

Premium Snack Gift Basket:

A nice snack gift basket is ideal for your boss this holiday. After all, everyone wants to enjoy some savoury snacks during the Christmas season. So getting them something like this will surely make them and their family happy.

If your boss is a foodie and loves to experiment with dishes, there cannot be a better present than this. You will however have to spend 80 dollars for this snack gift. You can place all the snacks in a basket and wrap it on the top with some nice transparent paper. The presentation also counts in cases like these.

Elephant Coffee Mugs:

A nice elephant coffee mug is also something you can present to your boss. If they love coffee or tea, there cannot be a better present than this one. The good part about coffee mugs is that they don’t cost all that much and are impressive always. So if you are looking for something affordable and neat, try a nice elephant coffee mug.

Wine scented candles:

Wine scented candles always bring in this sense of relaxation. It lights up a dull room and fills it with aroma. If you have an angry boss, then try these wine scented candles. All of them are handmade and have wonderful scents from champagne, merlot, mimosa and spiked cider. Imagine how wonderful it would be to present your boss something like this. They will surely never forget you after receiving this one.

Wireless Eye Massager:

Wireless eye massagers tend to be a little expensive but surely are worth the money. It promises to relax your eyes and improves sleeping patterns as well. If your boss is very hard working and often works late at night, this product will surely change their lives. And not only that, your impression will be made as well. So don’t waste your time and pick this up right away.

Office Essentials Calendar:

The office essentials calendar is a fun, quirky and easy way to impress your way. It will help her keep a track of the day and will also decorate their desk at the same time. If her desk is already too crowded, the calendar is very small. Not more than 6 inches. It doesn’t take space and promises to make life much simple for your boss. She is so going to be thankful to you for this one.

Travel Cases:

Travel cases are also ideal for your female boss. This will help her keep all her travel essentials in one pouch so that it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s. It can hold typical things that are kept in a travel case.

DIY Two tone clock:

Giving DIY Christmas gifts for the boss is also a great gift idea. A DIY two tone clock looks simple but is so elegant. It can be made quickly and doesn’t involve any kind of professional experience. If you are an artistic person, this one should definitely make your boss happy. You can use your existing clock to recreate this one. Use some of your favorite designs to highlight the appearance.

Final Words:

Gifting your boss good Christmas gifts on the occasion of Christmas is surely not going to be all that difficult after this. With so many ideas enlisted, I am sure you have picked the right one.

Also remember that if you are doing this for a promotion, you will have to show a lot more effort than gifts. But if you have been working hard and do share a good relationship with your colleagues, then getting a unique Christmas gift for your boss will an icing on the cake.