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How to Change the Way you Think: 13 Powerful Tips


The way you think will always determine your future. So if you want to change your life and make improvements, then you have to change the way you think. There are hundreds of people in the world who are not satisfied with the way their life is because of how they think. And if this is one of you, then we would definitely recommend you to read this post. Hopefully you will leave with a good feeling!

how to change the way you think

Simple Ways to Change the Way You Think and Feel:

1. Step outside your comfort zone:

If you want to change the way you think, you must know how to step outside your comfort zone. It is very important for you to be a little uncomfortable. You have the opportunity to explore and learn new things in the process. Plus going through the same old activities every single day never does you any good. So think of something you can do that will push you further. Try something like bungee jumping. If you think you are too conservative, then visit different religious places and explore how communities work. Plus you may also take a vacation and check out some exotic tourist spots. That will be a great start for you!

2. Socialize:

Meeting new people is the best way to change the way you think. If you want to bring new thoughts and ideas in your life, you have to learn how to make new friends. It is important to help you make the change you are looking for. You don’t have to travel to different countries for this. Just be more social the next time you step outside your place. Try to make more conversations and be more friendly to people you meet. Show that you are eager and always put a smile on your face. That should definitely be a great stepping stone.

3. Try to do things in a different manner:

Don’t do the same old thing if you want to change your mind set. Try to step out of the box and do the same thing in a different manner. You may pick up an activity you haven’t tried before. It could be sports or anything that you think would be a little challenging for you. You may change your routines, break them a little and before you know it, you will learn new things almost every day. See how that makes you feel.

4. Believe that you can change:

A great way to change the way you think is by believing that you actually can. Tell yourself that you know you are capable and that you can handle this. Believing is a stepping stone and can surely help you in the long run. So if you are trying something different like public speaking, tell yourself that it is fun and that you can surely do it because you are strong and capable and you believe that you can do it. Choosing mantras like this will not take a long time to sink into your skin. You should repeat such lines to yourself throughout the day and we are sure there will be a change felt.

5. Know that some changes are a little difficult to make:

Always remember that there will be some decisions in your life that will be too hard to make. Growth and change are painful but it is very natural to deal with them. But you should always remember that nothing will be as painful as staying in the same position for a long period of time. Plus we are sure you don’t want to stay in the same way for a long time. People are growing every day and so are you. Experiences are new and they don’t stop. This is how life is and that’s very natural. It takes a whole lot of courage to believe that change is inevitable.

6. Stop complaining:

If you want to change the way you think and adjust with the environment around you, you need to stop complaining. Always remember that complaining never helps you grow. It stops you from being who you can become. Plus people who are always complaining don’t accomplish anything in life. If you really believe in something, then we suggest that you keep trying and pushing yourself. You should spend every day to make the next day better. And no matter what, always remember that true happiness will come your way when you bid farewell to complaints.

7. Try to work a bit on your self awareness:

There are many people who ignore their emotions and feelings. This does stop them from reaching their goals. And if this is you, then we would suggest you to stop immediately. You should always focus on yourself and connect with your true needs and desires. That is always helpful. It will help you understand how you should treat people and how you should be treated by others. A smart way to adjust yourself is by simply addressing your fears and emotions and overcome addictions or personal fears. Fighting your demons is what we are talking about here!

Tips to change the way you think about yourself:

If you have self esteem issues, these tips and ideas will definitely help you!

1. Take those compliments:

There are times when we don’t want to take compliments because we feel like they are too unrealistic. If that is you, then stop right there and take a deep breath. Accept the praise that you receive from other people and don’t brush off people ever. Show that you like their remarks and don’t forget to thank them. That will surely help you!

2. Stop comparing yourself with others:

Stop comparing yourself with others if you really want to change the way you think and feel about yourself. There are thousands of people out there who have amazing talents. Some of them are better than you and some of them aren’t. And most importantly, how many people will you compare yourself with? Don’t make that mistake at all! Just be who you are and improve yourself every day.

3. Make good use of what you have:

It is also important to make good use of what you have if you want to transform your thinking process. It is always vital to make the best of what you have than keep waiting for it to happen. The worst thing you can do is complain. Don’t ever do that. And most importantly, don’t waste time stressing on the imperfections. Even the most imperfect situation in your life will have a small element of perfection in it.

4. Meditate on a regular basis:

You may also try meditation. It is a great technique and works wonderfully. People who have tried meditation before tend to be happier than people who do not. Plus it makes you stress free and relaxes your body, mind and soul. So make sure you are spending at least ten minutes every day on this!

5. Appreciate the things that you already have:

It is very important to count your blessings and appreciate those things that you already have. Enjoy whatever moment that comes your way and always be glad of the things that have helped you come so far. Never underestimate yourself and just keep working yourself. It is very normal to be heartbroken when things don’t work according to our plans. But you need to remember that there are so many other things you have achieved so far and that it is definitely not the end. You can surely do it with a bit of patience and hard work. So don’t stop and keep going!

6. Be a child when you need to:

Last but not the last, we would recommend you to stop being an adult all the time. Allow yourself to be playful like a child at times. Children forget the quarrels they have and embrace life just the way it is. You should do the same. This is the reason why so many people are happy and smiling and if you want to stay that way, be happier and be childish in places you should. A change should be felt for sure.

This brings the post to an end. Always remember that you can change your life by the way you think and feel. If your thoughts are pure, then your life will also be pure. You should believe in yourself and share your insights with people you trust and like hanging out with. And if you follow all these suggestions, you will surely find great results. Plus if you have some comments and views about this post, let us know by commenting in the box below. We would love to hear from you. On that note, good luck and take care!