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15 Very Important Steps for Candidate Focused Recruitment


While you are one of the growing organizations in market who is constantly in look of workforce, it is highly important to have a candidate focused recruiting.

In the long term of the company, having a man power recruited in this way can be a greater success.

Moreover, it attracts more candidates towards the position making you choose from number of applicants. A candidate focused recruiting also builds the brand image in the market.

candidate focused recruitment15 Steps to Candidate Focused Recruitment:

1. Social media:

Informing candidates about the vacancy through a social media is helpful. Social media is spread across widely and this will directly and indirectly help gathering the tide of crowd towards your organization in the form of applicants.

2. Respecting the candidates:

Most of the times it happens that a recruiter doesn’t treats the candidates respectfully.

Arriving late, getting into personal conflicts or commenting harshly on the flaws can create a level of discomfort in the mind of the candidate. This must be avoided at any cost.

3. Avoid Being unprepared:

A recruiter has to be prepared with the set of questions and the topic of interaction that he is going to take up.

Being unprepared on the part of the company can set a bad example in the mind of any candidate.

4. Being totally unbiased:

Bias is something that happens as naturally as anything but being at a place where you are recruiting candidates, you are supposed to keep your likes and dislikes aside. The focus must be entirely on finding out the most appropriate employee for the position.

5. Delaying the interview:

delay the interview It is true that a candidate is in need or want a job however, the recruiter shouldn’t forget that they are in need of workforce as well. Respecting your candidate’s time is as important as the recruiters.

The candidate when comes for an interview, he or she comes with certain hopes and preparation and in such cases listening to delays again and again can be a huge turn off for them.

6. Not giving the follow up:

Giving a follow up to the candidates is important. This helps them to decide whether to hang up or to move in another search.

Recruiters can also tell them that they must wait for so and so days, if no reply comes from their side it means that they are not selected. Follow up is important if you want to be candidate focused.

7. The feel of importance:

Company needs a workforce that will supply best of their talent and ability in the long run. Thus, on the similar note it is essential for the candidates to feel the importance of themselves in the growth of the organization.

Recruiters has to make them understand that how working in this organization would enhance their abilities as well as an individual.

8. Being friendly:

An office organization is a structure where being formal is generally expected and accepted. However, being a little friendly can help largely.

An establishment of a friendly bond between the candidate and the employee can help the candidate to open up and also benefit the organization and its image positively.

9. Human factor:

low confidence at work An organization definitely expects the employees to work and contribute with their truest intentions and capabilities.

However, doing the same on the employers part is necessary too. There should be an understanding from the side of recruiters which would make the candidate believe that he is investing his energy at right place.

Human factors like, empathy, understanding is important since we are dealing with humans.

10. Making aware of expectations:

In the midst of nervousness, the candidate might just get jumbled in terms of responsibilities. It is always advisable on the part of recruiters to be clear about the job expectations. It is not only helpful for candidates but also for the organization.

Stating the expectations clearly would broaden the chance of getting the most deserving candidate.

11. Encouraging and positive approach:

Job interviews and even the initial conversation before the interview can be scary for some. It is the duty of the recruiter to have a positive approach.

He or she must be encouraging in their words making the candidate feel comfortable and showcase his or her skills properly.

12. Making aware of the organization:

Making the candidate aware about the organization, its structure and function is as important as it is to know about the candidate.

This provides a clear idea about the organization to the candidate who turns out to be quite helpful on both the sides that is, towards the individual and the organization.

13. Providing the job description:

job description Providing job descriptions beforehand can save lot of time of both the parties. A candidate who doesn’t fits into it won’t apply at all whereas the recruiter would be quite clear with what is to be asked and what would be the assigned work.

Without a job description, unnecessary application would come from candidate side and number of applicants would be more including the undesired candidates.

14. Giving details on time:

Details such as date, time and venue of interview, job profile, address of the office, contact no. should be provided on time without fail.

Without such details candidate might find it difficult to reach out to the position and apply for the job. In such scenery you never know, you might just give a miss to the best and ideal candidate ever for the profile.

15. Keep them updated:

If there is any change regarding the date, day or the venue, or the vacancy that is to be filled, it is important on the part of the organization to inform and update everyone about the same.

If you have put posts on social media sites, ensure that you update them about the changes there itself.

These days, while the neck to neck competition is breeding everywhere it is only the “right candidate” for a right place who can make the difference. The building, machinery, capital may remain the same but it is the man force that makes all the difference.