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How to Avoid Being a Boring Person: 12 Excellent Tips


Have you ever been called a boring person? Or have you come across someone who is highly dis-interesting? If the answer is yes, then you must suggest them to read this post.

Speaking the truth, nobody likes a boring person. If you don’t pique someone’s curiosity or brightens someone’s day, you probably are nobody. But that doesn’t mean your life has ended and you can’t do anything to change it.

In this post, you will learn the top interesting ways using which you can quit being a bore and create a positive and good impression when you meet people for the first time.

Keep reading to learn more about the habits or signs or traits of boring people and how can get over those things.

how avoid being boring

20 Signs of a Boring Person:

  1. Boring people always do the same!
  2. Boring people are always bored, restless, and unhappy
  3. Boring people are hanging with the wrong crowd
  4. Boring people are talking too much without adding value
  5. Boring people are too focused on their problems
  6. Boring people can’t make anyone laugh
  7. Boring people don’t have anything interesting to say
  8. Boring people don’t have balanced conversations
  9. Boring people don’t have the ability to include others into the conversation
  10. Boring people don’t have the ability to take the perspective of another
  11. Boring people don’t have their own personality
  12. Boring people don’t know how to become a good storyteller
  13. Boring people don’t understand if others are engaged in their conversation
  14. Boring people have poor improvisational skills
  15. Boring people lose their sense of wonder and imagination
  16. Boring people never put your phone down for a minute
  17. Boring people repeat themselves when starting to talk
  18. Boring people start talking in a monotone voice always
  19. Boring people stuck inside their comfort zone
  20. Boring people thoughts are constantly negative

How to Stop or Not to Be Boring Person:

1. Take Control Of The Conversation:

The key to becoming an interesting person and avoid boredom altogether is by taking control of the conversation. You should speak about things that interests people the most. However this could differ from group to group.

Speak about intelligent topics such as religion, politics, taboos, law etc. This will definitely help you make a good impression and save you from become a bore.

However, make sure you have researched carefully before speaking. You don’t want to give away false information and get caught in the end.

Use your words carefully, refrain from speaking excessively and the rest will be taken care of.

2. Don’t use phones in social gatherings:

You wouldn’t come across as a very interesting person if you are constantly checking emails and text messages on your phone.

Yes, we all want to stay updated but when you are attending a party or an event, focus on the people you are surrounded with instead of getting stuck with your phone.

This will make you look like a less disrespectful and a more approachable person.

Not just that, speaking to people around you can also help in breaking the awkwardness and allowing people to have a chance to get to know you more.

3. Don’t be shy:

Shy people are often considered boring and we are sure you want to avoid that if you want to come across as interesting and fun loving.

So remember to be more charismatic. Also remember this will be the last time you meet people around you. This will encourage you to be a more engaging and energetic person.

4. Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter:

One of the best ways in which you could stop being boring is not to waste time altogether. Don’t spend too much time on the internet or the television.

Not only does it occupy your brain but also takes over your mind. These things make you less carefree and stop you from being what you can actually become.

So in order to become less boring, stop doing any of those things that are way too time and effort consuming.

5. Don’t wait for the perfect moment:

If you are someone who is hoping to speak to people when the time is right, then you are doing it absolutely wrong. It is never too good to wait for the best moment. The smartest thing you could do is maximize the time that you already have.

6. Learn to be attractive with the words you use:

When you’re speaking to someone, you can learn to be a much more attractive person with the sort of words you are already using.

Make sure you ask questions that are important. Also when they are stating their ideas, show some interest in what they have to tell.

Not just that, you need to show that you are engaged in the conversation so don’t forget to look into their eyes.

Smile a little when they say something nice. Lean forward gently and use facial expressions to show that you care.

7. Improve Body Language:

If you didn’t know improving your body language can help you, you’ll be surprised how much people are going to be attracted to you.

Everyone is going to love you and find you less boring because of how you react to their words. Always keep your toes pointed towards them.

Don’t keep your hands crossed or akimbo. When they are saying something, tell them to keep going. This will help you get a better grasp of the conversation.

8. Work Some More On Your Fun Qualities:

When we advise you to improve on your fun qualities, we are basically hoping that you will learn to become a more confident person.

Before you try to become a fun person, you should tell yourself that you already are one. There is really nothing wrong in believing in loving and accepting yourself. Just know that you can do it and you definitely will.

  • Learn to leave the negative ideas behind and focus on the positive. Know that you aren’t perfect and that you will never be.
  • Boost your self-esteem by making a list of your successes and failures and remind yourself to maximize your time and have more fun.
  • Do not be way too confident about yourself. Know that you are not perfect and everyone is bound to make mistakes. Try to be humble and love yourself.

9. Try to be open minded:

When you stop being narrow minded, life automatically becomes far more interesting. Here are some ways in which you can work on this quality!

  • Always be willing to try new things. It could be planned from beforehand. If you have a friend who loves to attend operas and you don’t, go along with them anyway. It will help you learn something new and improve your friendship with them as well.
  • Also remember that everyone has a different opinion. You can still be best friends with people despite having disagreements or differing opinions on topics such as religion and politics. Always remember to look for the things you have in common. If you think your friend has some controversial opinions, then its best to avoid it altogether.

10. Smile, laugh and say a few jokes:

Smiling, laughing and cracking a few jokes will not just ease the tension but also stop you from being boring.

Even though you don’t feel like smiling at times, you definitely should. This will let off a positive and friendly vibe about you.

However, don’t overdo it or you will come across as an annoying person. And when it comes to cracking jokes, make sure you say something funny when the time is right.

Also don’t do something you aren’t comfortable with. Try something ridiculous like wearing a graphic tee with some silly messages on it. That should surely pull off the boring tag!

11. Always be ready to explore:

Always be ready to learn new things. Look out for new opportunities and build on new skills and techniques. Go and scour new places and tell your friends about it. Hang out together and have fun! There are some great ways in which you can improve that right away

  • Have a good idea about the area you live in. Know about the best restaurant and places here. People love to eat. So when you find a good place to dine, tell all your friends about it and be there. Look for outdoor corners and make suggestions too.
  • Always think outside the box. Learn a new skill if you can. Go read some poetry, learn some cooking, check out a couple of museums, cooking classes, yoga centre or even Zumba classes. Whenever there is an opportunity to participate at a concert, go ahead and do so. It will allow you to become a more interesting and enthusiastic person.

12. Know what’s popular:

To grab attention and be less boring, you have to know what’s popular. If you happen to have a solid base, you can definitely become the star of the group with your ability to indulge into various topics for conversation.

Also read the room carefully before you say something. Do not criticize way too much. Know your opinion and state in a decent manner. You don’t want to turn anybody off.


No matter what, make sure you are having fun in life. Because when you are enjoying, people around you will begin to enjoy as well. Always be honest and show how trustworthy and reliable you are.

Also respect people and treat them how they should be. Show some interest in them and they will definitely show some in you.

Make sure you hang out with people who are fun too. The point is to maximize your talents and make use of what you have. If you are a very reserved person, this could be a little difficult at first. But with a little effort, you can definitely improve.

The tips and ideas should definitely help you in the longer run. So here’s hoping that you learn to change yourself and transform into a fun loving and enthusiastic individual very soon.