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10 Best Tips on How to hire a Rockstar Employee


The most difficult part of any recruitment is to figure out the potential Rockstar employee amongst the hundreds that have applied for the position.

Like a person, who is dedicated, hard working, motivated, talented and at the same time should also share your vision as well as work .

Hard to believe that this kind of employee is there, but if you are determined, then you will surely find a Rockstar employee for your organization, who will be responsible for pulling up your team’s performance single handed.Rockstar employee

Marketing for the Vacant Position:

Most organizations get it wrong in the very beginning because they just provide an advertisement for the vacant position. They never work hard on the job description and that is the biggest drawback of many companies.

When you have a vacant position and you are looking for a Rockstar employee, then the onus lies on you to attract the right kind of candidate. It will only be possible when you project the job position well.

You have to market the position in a manner, which will attract nothing but the best candidates.

Once the best candidates start applying, you just have to pick up one of them, who have the potential to become a Rockstar employee.

There is a slight difference between filling up the vacant position with someone talented and in filling up the position with a Rockstar employee.

The hiring procedure starts from the writing down of the job description. The Rockstar employee will only come out in the open and apply, when you really have to offer something extra special that they don’t have already.

Why would they leave the current job and grab a new one?

You will have to ask yourself this question and you will realize what you are missing out in the job description.

Small Business Finding the Perfect Match:

This is one of the challenges that most companies face because you can train someone to enhance their skills or provide them with a better understanding of the subject matter.

But, how do you train someone to adapt to the new culture?

There is no such magic potion that will help you out in this situation. It’s a delicate art that the companies need to master, even though it seems to be quite time consuming and at the same time expensive too.

Small business will really find it hard to hire someone with higher payouts, even when he will take up added responsibilities and will work more than required and it is mainly due to the reason that the small businesses run short out of money.

But all these can be solved and even small businesses can get themselves a rock star employee, if they access the digital platform.

There are various other innovative ways to get the rock star employee on board in any small business. It is not only about hiring someone with a great reputation, but it is also about retaining the talent.

The small businesses know that they can never compete with the remuneration that is being received by a star employee in the current office, so they opt for innovative ways to hire them.

Sifting through the huge stack of resumes can be a tedious job, but if you do not take this much responsibility, then the rockstar candidate can slip away any time due to your negligence.

Small businesses now have various options, including online crowdsourcing to hire a perfect candidate for the job.

Hiring is important, but only after you have gone through your own talent pool of employee. You might find one potential rockstar employee right there.

What you have to do is to train him or her properly and you will be good to go. Hiring a rock star employee is a necessity as far as small business is concerned because they already have limited resources and they cannot afford to hire someone whom they have to teach everything right from the beginning.

Instead, they need someone who will be their strong backbone and pull them up from where they are at present.

It is overwhelming for a small business to hire someone with a reputation of a rock star employee mainly due to the effort that they need to put in along with the immense cost that is involved in getting them on-board.

Tips to Hire a Rockstar Employee:

It might seem tough, but if you keep some of these points in mind, then things will become easier for you as an employer to hire the perfect employee.

1. Get your job description correct:

job description You have to be sure about what you want because only then will you be able to get into the right mode of recruitment.

If you do not take enough care of the job description, then you will receive applications that are nowhere close to a rockstar employee.

You must consider the job description as your marketing option, which is solely aimed at the potential rockstar employee. They are from the elite group; therefore, you have to raise your standard as well to make them read your advertisement, otherwise, they won’t even consider your advertisement.

When you are investing your time in coming up with a well defined job description, then you will see the response from the candidates are also positive.

You will be only receiving the applications from people who have the potential to become one of the rock star employees of your organization.

2. Attractive title for the job:

If you are trying to attract the best employee, then your job title must be appealing enough even, when the job is that of an Administration Coordinator, but naming it as an Office

Manager will help you get the right kind of application. It might also happen that your future rockstar employee is currently working as a Coordinator, but is looking forward to get himself a job title, which earns more respect just by the name of it.

Allure your future employee with a job title that will be hard for him to resist.

3. Put your best foot forward:

Now that you are going to hire the best, then you will have to show that even you are nothing short of that as well.

If you cannot portray that, then even the A list players won’t get attracted to your organization as well.

4. Emphasize in the cover letter:

With the help of advanced technology, now almost anybody can get themselves a fancy resume, which is sure to impress you, but if you really want to look into the potential, then it is the cover letter that you must be exploring leaving aside the resume.

Cover letters that are well written is a dream of distant far, which can only be achieved if you are really talented. No technology will help you with your choice of words if you do not have a rich vocabulary.

If you cannot put across an engaging cover letter for the job that you are applying, then you can assume that the person himself will not be that engaging as well while communicating with the customers.

Therefore, he is not welcomed at all when communication is the key or otherwise as well.

5. Don’t just fill up the position:

mentor It is hard to keep the position vacant when you are in a crunch, but don’t give in to the temptation of hiring someone just to fill up the position.

Instead, be patient and wait for the right candidate to come by, then you will see that your wait has really paid off and you have the potential rockstar employee sitting across the table.

6. Chalk out the characteristics you are looking for in a rock star employee:

You will have to first look into the position that you are trying to fill up and then make a list of the qualities that you require in the perfect candidate.

In general a rockstar employee must possess the following qualities –

7. Offer competitive salary:

When you are trying to hire rockstar employee, then the salary that you are offering must be at par with the job position.

You must do your research about what could be the competitive salary by going through several sites and now there are even ways to calculate them as well.

8. Arrange a test to ascertain their talent:

Rather than just believing their words and going through some certificates, it is always better to have first – hand report card of what they actually know.

So, if you are hiring a sales person, then ask him to sell one of your new product that is about to launch in the market, or if you are hiring an engineer, then make sure he or she passes a test where the person needs to have the knowledge of the coding or any other requirement that is necessary for the job.

The test will help you judge them in a better light because now you know that whether they really have the talent or they are just bragging it in the cover letter.

Through talks it will be hard to get to the bottom of the reality, but when you have the fresh report card right in front of you, then both of you can talk further based on that.

9. Some other benefits that you can offer:

Salary is the catch, but in order to attract the right kind of attention it is important that you also offer these potential rock star employees with other benefits as well.

It can be anything like working from home facility or support that he is looking for, from the prospect employee. These added extras will differentiate you from the others.

10. Know your competitors well:

Know your competitors You will really have to know your competitors well in order to stay ahead of them and hire the best one from many. You will have to know what your competitors are offering and how they are planning their move.

You must also have full knowledge about the training facility that they are providing, including the quality of the manager that the potential rock star employee will be reporting.

Just go through the advertisement that your competitors have posted and you will get a fair idea about what they are up to.