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Best Tips on How to get a Part Time Job at 14


My friend’s brother just turned fourteen last week and that’s when I realized how exciting this age is!!

The young lad was all happy and excited about his birthday. Most kids are as excited about this phase in their life as it gives them this strange happiness about being responsible for their decisions.

It gives them a sense of power that allows them to make or break decisions, understand situations when the same seemed complex two years ago.

The adolescence is a transitional stage in these kids, where changes generally are of the physical and psychological form.

This stage occurs between the childhood and the adulthood phase, where the young ones are exposed to many different cultural forms of life. This may mean, educating him or her on the psychological, biological and social fronts of life.

Parents’ prime motive is to make them erudite and prepare them for their adult roles. By doing so, parents intent to instill the thoughts of various forms of life experiences into their young ones, so that these young people can step up and race ahead of times.

Nevertheless, kids around the age of 14, obtain a sense of individualism which makes them adapt to their surroundings quickly.

Be it the social or the psychological world, they grasp the insights provided to them more quickly than expected to and begin to apply them in more ways than one.

This research article talks about the myriad job opportunities that a young one may come across or may be should look for, so as to satisfy the small little personal needs that he or she may have at fourteen years of age. So let’s start.

part time job at 14

1. Can you get a part time job at 14?

Of course you can. But what is the kind of job that one should look for?

Probably look for a work routine that is exciting and still pays for all those petty needs and expenditures.

Bottom line, you can get an ideal job for yourself, provided you go through some of the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts that would be outlined below successively.

By doing so, what we hope is, make the lad understand the difficulties that one could face and how you come over it.

Make students understand the real world difficulties and make them realize their personal strengths to start out on a wonderful journey.

2. Are you ready to face the real world?

This question definitely comes in the top of my discussion list. Why does it?

Simply because the world is a larger place filled with varieties of people, people with abundant knowledge, talent and skills.

It is a competitive atmosphere when one steps out of the house to make a difference.

To come past the competition and survive against all odds takes a great deal of confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge. So ask yourself, are you ready? When you find the right answer, then you are.

3. What would be the pros and cons?

thumbs up & down Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages. As we all have known it for years, everything in life comes with an advantage and a disadvantage.

So let’s start with the good things. Why should you work or intern at the age of 14?

  1. You earn and save that money for college.
  2. You don’t have to depend on your parents for that peppy t-shirt or that awesome sport shoe you saw the other day.
  3. You are exposed to the work ethics of the market.
  4. You realize the importance of a job or the work routine that your parents go through.
  5. You are prepared to take on challenges and responsibilities that is flooded your way with grace.

What would be the cons?

  1. You would have a difficult time finding a job for yourself.
  2. It would be quite a task for you to network with the professionals outside with very little or no experience.
  3. You could be a little volatile about going out of home to a certain destination and work with unknown members.

But since we observe the fact that this experience is going to add an accolade to your life, its best that we look forward to getting a job opportunity.

4. What are the dos and don’ts?

What you should do is,

  1. Networking with your fellow mates, family members and other friends who could help you win an internship.
  2. Secondly, create a resume for yourself that outlines your strengths, skills, passion and ability to work in a certain type of environment suitable for a job opportunity.
  3. Post this resume on most available job search portals. Make sure you tap every possible resource around you to get the internship you want.

What you should not do, is panic.

  1. Don’t panic if you don’t find the right job or find one at all. It’s not the end. It’s just a beginning and make sure you take back some valuable lessons.
  2. Do not throw yourself at any opportunity that knocks by so as to fulfill the peer pressure.
  3. Do not accept to work in an environment that you are wary of.
  4. Lastly, don’t be depressed or upset about the fact that you could not strike a goal. All that matters is you tried.

5. How do you get a part time job at 14?

Now that we have given ourselves enough background as to the difficulty levels a teenager could face. We now move on to providing successful steps for a teenager to take up so as to find a satisfactory internship.

As already outlined in the above discussion, we know that we have a long list of homework to do.

Starting from advertising about yourself to posting ads about your resume. Networking within the economy and society and tapping untouched resources to acquire a golden opportunity for you.

Here, one should realize that when young people, such as these are talking about fighting for the right choices, they are not only aware of their potentials but they are also in the position to make an effective decision for their own well being.

If the above mentioned protocols are carried out in the right manner, most of them may land up with a decent job opportunity.

By doing so, it would not only help them realize their importance in the world, but also instill a great amount of ethical values.

6. What could be the part time job a fourteen year old can get?

How do these young people behave and characterize themselves? Most of them would be starting a new school and meeting new friends.

So they are already prepared to meet new and exciting people along with opportunities. This phase determines the young adult that they are going to become. There could be a number of jobs that would be suitable .

Let’s look at a few places that you could actually work at – Restaurants, Museums, Amusement Parks, Stores, Baby Sit, Pet Sit, Online jobs, Libraries, Research Assistants, and NGOs etc.

Shall we discuss the above prospects in greater detail? May be a few words on each that would describe the nature of job.

Where can I get a Part Time Job at 14?

Mentioned here is a list of part time Jobs for 14 Year Olds

1. Restaurants:

waiter jobs You could choose a restaurant destination domiciled near your house. This would save you on your traveling distances.

What could be the jobs opportunities?

You could find yourself stationed at the front desk more like at the reception. Or serve people the food. May be at the billing desk? Or even better, sales and advertisement corner?

A wide array to choose from.

2. Museums:

Be a part of the legacy and secure the souvenirs for the world to see – Security Department.

Yet again, a part of the promotional and marketing game. Or as exciting as it gets, be that young intern who could conduct daily tours within the museum and amaze your audience with all that facts.

3. Amusement Parks:

Amusement Park Wow! What better a place? Witness life all around you. Why not be the Costume Character?

May be the Game attendant? Or even at the ticket counter?

Well, otherwise you should simply be a part of the art and décor team to make the place a colorful world to be in.

4. Stores:

There are multiple kinds of stores that you could work at and still learn from. A grocery store, a hardware store, supermarkets, electrical stores or even a textile store.

Most of these places offer us a hand in the sales department, could be the front end or the back end.

5. Baby Sit and Pet Sit:

Most busy infant parents find such less time to spend with each other when they have a baby around. Some of these parents pay young 14 year olds to baby sit their babies.

For those of you, who have a liking to babies, here’s a baby’s day out to you guys.

Similar is the kind with pet sitting. You get paid for several hours that you take care of their pet or their baby during your summer holidays. All you got to do is pet them.

6. Online Jobs:

Online Application What are the different varieties of online jobs that are available?

We could find out about content writing, content development, content management, content reviewing, technical writing, data entry and the likes.

These forms of jobs are generally generated by research institutes, magazine and newsletter orgs and website development firms etc.

Basically anybody who wants to upload information about their company online will need a content writer with good vocabulary and command over the English language.

So examples of firms who would want to advertise about themselves would be medical pharmacy websites, online shopping portals etc.

7. Libraries:

Moving on to libraries, you have to know for a fact that working at a library is so much fun for a 14 year old.

You get to gather so much information about the different books and authors that the library houses.

What is it that you could do there for a job?

You could be the library assistant, or the information assistant, or a simple librarian. What a librarian could do is, guide people through the resources that the library offers. You could also take up a simple task like being a page.

Who is a page? The one who provides service to the library in terms of putting back the used books and papers back into their shelves and racks.

They are responsible to check and validate the number of books used and keeping the same in correct order. So see? I told you it could be fun!

8. Research Assistants:

Teaching assistant Imagine the tag ‘Research assistant’ for an internship. And don’t forget how it’s going to look on your resume. So how do you become one?

You should network with your former professors from school or interact with professors from college to find out if there is someone out there who would need a young mind’s creativity.

Be a part of many literary fests and forums to keep track as to who’s doing what?

Engage with lecturers and request for an internship. An internship that would require you to assist them in many research activities for projects, thesis and many more of the kind.

9. NGO:

Non-governmental organizations are the most easy and suitable internship for a student as old as fourteen.

Many social organizations look out for young and enthusiastic youngsters to be a part of their cause. They urge you to be a part of their drive, goals and make an impact to the society.

Being a part of an NGO is a very respectable effort and something that you should be proud of. You could be a teacher for the many young ones who strive for the little education they get.

A mentor who would guide them through ethical values in life. Or a facilitator who would organize drives and gathers many more students of your kind to conduct educational tours as a part of the social service.

Part time job for a 14 year old boy:

Let me now summarize the above for you to get a clear picture of the massive information update.

So basically the jobs that one could do at fourteen years old are, work at a restaurant – food courts, lounge bars and dine inns etc. Could work at museums or at a non mechanical hardware station.

Garage or service stations, this could be just the boy thing to do. Conduct day tours at a boat ride station. Or be at the amusement park. So many myriad options for a boy.

Part time job for a 14 year old girl:

We could outline just as many options for the girls at fourteen as we did for boys. Many of us could aim at getting a job opportunity that would allow us work from home.

The online jobs that is, research and content writing or developing. You could also be an official nanny!

That is baby sit or pet sit. Why stop yourselves there, what about being the sales rep at your favorite garment store?

It could be a lingerie store or a designer studio. You could also find yourself a job at the salon! Wow!

We didn’t think of that before. Learn that entire salon thing and save yourself some money for those future times that you would want to visit a salon. You could also be a part of the NGO drive we were talking about earlier.

What else could you do?

For most of us who still can’t make a cut with what has just been outlined, then here’s a list of other things.

You could be at the flower shop and be an assistant at the flower store by learning some ikebana.

Second, you could think of being the assistant at a gift store. That would be a very exciting thing to do, assist people buy a gift for their most loved ones.

Third, you could also be the newspaper boy! Cycle around your neighborhood and provide newsletters at doorsteps.

After the delivering of newsletters, you could also be the domestic post boy who would carry and deliver petty posts for your neighbors.


Now that we have seen a gigantic list of things that one could do, I only hope that there has been enough motivation for everyone of you who has read my thoughts and inputs, to take this forward and begin a new phase of your life. It would be a lot amazing for you to opine on my thoughts and provide feedback. By doing so you would be providing me my space to better myself in all those ways you would want us to. Request you to try those things I have outlined above, as they are specially worded for all those of you who have turned fourteen. Happy fourteen!!