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The Best Things to Say in an Interview Always Are


The immense competition present in the job market makes it tough for a candidate to show their best skills during the interview. Some candidates get confused often about what are the things to say in an interview to be able to catch the eye of the employer and impress them within the given time of an interview.

Every job interview is different, therefore, at times it’s difficult to understand as to what are the things to say in the interview to impress the prospective employer.

The interviewer looks at your body language, the things you say and how you react to have a better understanding of you. But there are certain things which can incorporate during the interview which can communicate the important points about an individual, which an interviewer might be looking at at the answers.

Other than the technical knowledge you can communicate your soft skills which are equally important as the technical skills need for the job.

best things to say in an interview

14 Best Things to Say in an Interview:

1. You are highly goal oriented:

Every employer is looking for someone who highly focuses and very clear about the job role. The candidate must be highly goal oriented and should capable to go beyond the limits to achieve those set goals. Hence, make sure to mention your skills and talents during the interview process.

Share your previous job examples where you delivered the best with the resources you had. If you are a fresher, then mention the college projects where you took initiative and solved the problem to meet the desired goals. With so much competition going on, employers do not have time for the candidates who are not focused and their energy is scattered.

2. You intend to achieve expertise in my field:

Employers are looking for specialist candidates in the respective fields because they tend to see a future manager or a leader in the candidate. When hired, they intend to hone their skills and train them well for bigger roles.

But to be able to catch the eye of the employer, share your specific knowledge in the relevant field, let them know that you specialize in your selected area of work and intend to an expert with experience and added knowledge.

Mention the latest development happening in the work field you are in and share your opinion on the same. The employer will appreciate this as it will explain your genuine interest in what you do and have an individual opinion on the matter.

3. You are a good team player:

Working in an organization is teamwork, where a lot of people of different expertise work together to achieve a single goal for the benefit of the organization. Therefore, every employer is looking for those who are great team players and do not lose easily with people.

Because in a large team where there are people from various schools of thought and different walks of life, it is difficult to expect everyone to work in a single style. Hence, it’s important to cooperative and patient to finish the work on time.

Mention your skills as a team player with examples, where maybe in your previous organizations how you managed people effectively or contributed to overcoming the difference with your colleagues. An employer will always appreciate a candidate who can maintain a healthy relationship with people.

4. You believe in clear communication:

Communication in a workplace is an essential characteristic require in a candidate. It’s not only about verbal communication but also includes written communication and body language.

The art of communication is important when resolving an issue with colleagues or giving presentations to the senior managers to convince them about your project. It also is helpful while negotiating with your clients.

During the interview ensure that you talk clearly and do not stammer or show confusion because this is the only immediate way to explain the employer about your skills in effective communication. Ensure that you are not over-enthusiastic or argumentative during the interview as this might leave a negative impression in the eyes of the employer.

5. You have a positive attitude:

The work pressure in the job is extremely high and many tend to burn out in the process to get the work done. Hence, for any employer, it is important to hire a candidate who has a positive attitude and does not give up easily. Share your examples of work where you showed a positive attitude to finish the work.

Let them know that you are capable to finish the job no matter how tedious it might be because for an employer a candidate with high energy and positivity is the one who will motivate others too and will capable to carry the team ahead with the energy they will share with them. You perform better under pressure:

6. You have a great experience from previous jobs:

To impress the employer it is best to share your previous work experience. Explain about the previous job roles you use to hold and how the set targets achieved by you. Mention with examples of how the troubles were efficiently managed, a team was built and supervised by you. If you have won an award in your previous organizations, then do mention them.

A proven track record always impresses the employer since it is the source of reliability. During the background check your words will attain power when your ex-employer will confirm the same. To mention the technical skills you learned on the job or any additional courses you enrolled in.

7. You are adaptable in every situation:

The business world has become more competitive than before and everyday changes are happening in the business world. Be it incorporating a newer technology or introducing an innovative strategy to work on, every company is looking for someone adaptable and flexible on the tasks as and when they assigned.

Mention your skills as an adaptable person and provide the relevant previous examples of where you quickly adapted the newer system of work and delivered the desired results. This shows your interest to the employer that you are ready to take additional necessary steps to get the job done; it might also mean working for longer hours.

8. Taking initiatives:

Teamwork is an essential part of any organization, but the employer also appreciates a candidate who can take initiatives from their side. They look for someone who can figure out the problem and find the relevant solution rather than being told by the manager to do the job.

A candidate who can create interesting business plans and present them to the senior management which can be a potential for business growth accordingly.

If you are the kind of person who readily takes initiatives then ensure to mention it ensuring the interview, gives the employer some example as a relevant proof that you are a self-starter and prefer to stay ahead of the curve.

9. You believe in learning:

Gone are the days when people were able to manage their jobs well only with what they learned in colleges. The world is changing rapidly and newer developments are happening faster than previous days.

Hence, keep yourself up to date as to what is happening in the relevant work. The employer wants the candidate to be the one who has all the relevant information about the job and updated on the current trends.

Explain your prospective employer about your interest in learning newer and newer things to stay ahead of others in the work field. Mention the additional courses that you might have taken to increase your knowledge or the latest book you would have read on that subject matter.

10. You are looking forward to this job:

An employer would like to hire a candidate who interested in the company and is ready to work dedicatedly for them. Therefore, ensure to communicate as to what all steps and measures you took which are relevant to be a part of their workforce. But be cautious that it should not communicate that you are desperate for the job they offer because it will leave a bad impression in the eyes of the employer.

NO one wants to hire a candidate who is just looking for a job but someone who has an interest in the company and is ready to be a part of their workforce for a very long time.

11. How you can contribute to the company:

The employer needs to know as to how the candidate will be contributing to the company. How their previous work experiences and knowledge will be beneficial to the prospective employer. As a candidate explains to them your ideas with research done as to what are the areas of work you can fit in well and if in future additional responsibility is given how you plan and intend to manage it.

It is suggested that before you share your knowledge do thorough research about the company and the job profile along with the hierarchical structure of the company.

A vision is what needed here to be shared with the prospective employer. This gives an insight to the employer about the seriousness and interest in the job and the company.

12. How do you see yourself in future roles:

Employers prefer to hire a candidate who would like to stay with the company for a longer period. Because hiring a candidate is an investment for the company, where they train the candidate so that they can perform well for the company. Hence, be clear as to how you can be an asset to the company; explain to the employer how you see yourself as an integral part of the company and with time what all you think will be the possible areas that you can work on in the future.

If in case, you are extremely keen to be the part of this organization or maybe it was a dream job you were looking forward to, then it is best to share that information with them.

13. You are a problem solver:

A job has various issues that can come up unexpectedly and employers look for a candidate who can take initiative to solve these concerns effectively. But keep in mind not to mention the flaws they see in the company and give ideas about fixing them during the interview.

The skills of a problem solver mean that the person can collect the relevant data to analyze it and then plan the necessary course of action to remove the concerns. Explain with the examples as to how a problem would have come up in your previous work experience and what the measure was you took to solve them.

14. You know about the company:

Prepare yourself with the company profile where you are going for the interview. Learn about their history, vision, products, and services they offer, ensure to read about the latest happenings in the company. While giving the interview ensure to communicate the message to the interviewer as they will understand that you have done thorough research about the company.

The information can easily obtain from the internet and do check their website for additional details. The employer would like to hire someone who genuinely interests in the company and has adequate knowledge about it.

Learn about the key people working in the company and prepare to know more about the person who will be taking your interview. Good research done reflects your seriousness towards the job and it will interest the employer in what you have to say.

With the right attitude and mindset, one can easily impress the interviewer and get the desired job. It is advisable to have a mock interview practice to be confident about the things you would like to say.

Confidence during communication is the key to success. Keep in mind it is good to speak the truth and be honest about your skills and talents. Lying or exaggerating might lead the candidate into trouble later on.