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22 Best Recruitment Videos You Must See to Attract Top Talent


Recruiting extraordinary individuals at your organization has been vital since the beginning. However, the process of attracting great talent has evolved over time.

Candidates can meet existing employees and they also can search for sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to know the details like company’s performance, salaries, work culture, etc. But still, you may nor be able to get complete information unless you actually work there.

It is helpful for the people who have an urge to join the best company if you create a best and short recruiting video of your organization. The visuals and information you provide in the video will represent your companies culture and environment.

Best Recruitment Videos:

That is the reason we’ve summed up the top 22 best enlisting recruitment videos of top companies. After looking at these videos, you may even get the desire to begin cleaning your resume.

Working at Dropbox Video:

This video has given a clear vision of the in-office environment and employees. Employees and their expressions will give you some idea about the company’s culture.

BambooHR Recruitment Video:

This video shows that bambooHR is very employee-friendly and it gives priority to healthy work-life balance.

Starbucks Recruitment Video:

It explains about their internships and works culture.

Twitter Recruitment Video:

Twitter employees are saying that fun is the reason for their success.

ZenDesk Recruiting Video:

This video shows about ZenDesk’s Different teams, work desks and work culture.

Rackspace Recruitment Video:

This video showed work culture and entertainment at Rackspace by sharing a video of their outing named as ‘a day in the life of Rackspace’

Vimeo Recruitment Video:

This video tells about some coolest things to work at Vimeo

Hillsboro Police Recruitment Video:

In this video Hillsboro police chief saying that they are recruiting the candidates who are best in situational handling.

Hubspot Recruitment Video:

This video tells you about different department employees of Hubspot and their freedom

Deloitte Recruitment Video:

To view the complete video please click on here Deloitte Recruitment:

This video clearly explains the type of people who will fit the work culture in Deloitte. Honesty, skills and leadership kind of somethings are must to work for Deloitte.

Shopify Recruitment Video:

This video explains about Shopify’s unique culture.

Google Recruitment Video:

This video explained how to google recruits and treats its best employees.

Microsoft Recruitment Video:

In this video employees of Microsoft are saying that ‘Can do’ attitude and freedom have inspired them most.

Apple Recruitment Video:

This video tells you how different is Apple from others and he is saying that High quality is their main criteria.

Humana Recruitment Video:

In this video, Humana explained that the secret of growth is knowing about customer needs and said that all their employees are having a unique state of mind.

The Shoe Company Recruitment:

This video explained about the shoe company’s funny work environment and gulf opportunities.

Gorilla Recruitment:

In this video, Gorilla employees are saying that Working collaboration and relationship with clients are amazing and these factors are helping them a lot to grow.

Cake Marketing Recruitment:

This video explained about cake marketing and it’s advertising solutions. And also explains their employees and strategies.