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13 Best Jobs for Women to do: Find out if you have one


Women can pursue any career and achieve complete success in it.

The best jobs for women to do is decided not based on their abilities but based on the general expectations of the society from them.

There are other factors as well that you may need to consider while picking out careers for a woman.

Read to know the different careers where women are known to be better than their male counterparts.

best jobs for womenBest jobs for women where they have an edge over others:

Being a woman simply implies that you possess certain skills and abilities that no man can possess. It is something any woman should be proud of.

More women should take up careers where their skills, abilities and finesse contribute to the perfection in the particular task.

Here are some of the best jobs where a woman truly is inevitable.

1. Make-up artist: Because a woman knows best how to look beautiful

History has always shown that women have always known best how to look beautiful.

The beauty queen Cleopatra is said to have known many natural beauty therapies and treatments that kept her young and attractive.

Her young looks and eternal beauty is what attracted powerful men like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Women can easily excel as a make-up artist as they now well what makes them look attractive.

If you know the type of make-up that suits a particular complexion and skin-type or the type of hairstyle that suits a face shape, you can win the hearts of your clients and achieve true success.

2. Interior decorator: Because a woman can beautify the humblest abode

interior decorator career pathWomen have always known to be best at decorating a house and turning it into a home.

They know how to arrange all the furniture and household commodities in a proper fashion so that the abode looks homely and liveable.

Go out for shopping with a woman and she will surely know what piece of art looks best on the living room wall in different lighting conditions.

If a woman chooses to be an interior decorator, she will surely use these skills and abilities to arrange the house in a splendid fashion. This is one career where a woman will do complete justice to the salary she gets.

3. Chef: She has always known how to entice with flavours

Women belonging to different races, castes and creeds have had one thing in common, they were expert chefs.

They were always great at understanding the perfect flavour combinations that made food taste awesome.

People from around the world miss food cooked by their mothers because women are truly best at casting the spell of taste when they prepare foods.

Their role as the caretaker, homemaker and mother in the family makes them wise in selecting the right ingredients that cater to the consumers’ health and wellness.

Women can easily succeed in a career where her food making skills are tested.

4. Teaching: Because she is always the first teacher to a child

teaching profession as careerLook back and you will know that it is always been a woman who taught you your first steps, taught you to speak, taught you to read and remained patient trying to clear all your doubts.

A woman is great as a teacher because she has the heart to patiently wait as her student learns every skill or science step by step.

This could be the reason why you see many women who pursue a profession in teaching.

It is a great career for a woman because she is a natural teacher. It is also a career that enables her to balance work life and family life.

5. Medical Professional: Because her touch heals

There are many women who have become successful medical professionals. Women have succeeded in the nursing and medicine careers. Their touch has always known to cure ailments.

They are great in professions where they have to nurse and care for people.

They are an intelligent sex that knows where to balance intellect and emotions. This makes the ideal for this profession.

Careers where women can perfectly fulfill all expectations:

The different societies in the world have different expectations from the womankind. Many of the conservative societies even today require women to take care of the household.

There are professions that help women cater to these expectations while still staying economically independent. Check them out.

1. Running summer camps:

Women who have kids and parents at home find it difficult to manage an outdoor job or business.

Running a summer camp is a great option for all the mothers of the modern era. A summer camp means that there will be many more kids of the same age as your child.

You can teach your child origami, art and craft while many other kids learn the same. Organizing a summer camp can help you earn money while you still have all the time to take care of your little one.

It is not a job that requires much physical effort and interacting with children is always a matter of pleasure for mothers.

2. Event management:

career in event managementWomen who have to manage their household chores cannot afford to dedicate 8 hours of their day to work.

For such individuals, managing and organizing events could be a great way to earn money.

During the events, you may have to dedicate all of your time but the planning and organizing part may allow you flexibility. You will be in a position to allot sufficient time to your child and family.

3. Freelance web content writing:

Many mothers around the world take up freelance writing assignments which they complete during their free time.

It helps women to make money as well as stay active in different social circles.

Writing jobs do not require you to run about and even pregnant women can consider spending their time writing and supporting their family.

4. Bank jobs:

Women opt for bank jobs because of the nature of this job. There are fixed daily hours of work and very little work related stress.

Women are good at accounts and work well in banks and financial organizations. These jobs are relatively secure and stable.

Once the children grow up a little, women may even get extra time to allocate to some side business if they are working in a bank.

5. Boutiques:

starting a boutique storeThe modern generation prefers making their purchases from huge city malls and shopping centres.

Women can even consider opening small boutiques within these malls if they have an eye for fashion and the latest trends. This job requires you to understand the choices of people and the most recent trends in the clothing industry.

Opening a boutique permits you flexibility of work timings and a good scope for profit too.

Careers women should avoid taking up:

difficult jobs to doWhile men and women are equal, there are some differences in genders and their capabilities that should not be undermined or neglected.

There are some jobs that women should avoid as they may not be comfortable taking up such tasks.

1. Call centre jobs with irregular work schedules:

While the nature of call centre jobs is too odd and is not ideal for men as well as women, it is best that women avoid such jobs.

Odd work schedules and lack of sleep can affect a woman’s health. It is better that women opt for jobs where the level of stress is also less.

2. Sales jobs with stressful daily targets and tough clients:

Women are very commonly seen in different kinds of sales jobs. They are great at selling commodities related to beauty and fashion.

They must avoid sales jobs where they may be expected to handle rash clients who are uncouth and irate.

Sales jobs often tend to have very high daily targets. Women who get stressed or worked up easily should avoid such jobs as it may affect their health adversely.

3. Factory or site jobs where lot of physical effort is required:

Women are physically weaker than men and their body is designed to perform lighter tasks.

The evolution of sexes and the division of labour has also been responsible for this clear distinction in the physical abilities of a man and a woman.

Women should thus avoid working in factories and sites where they may be expected to put in physical effort. Lighter and safer jobs should be chosen by women to ensure their health and happiness.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

Today, women are present in all the diverse professions and are making their mark in each of the fields.

Women should be encouraged to be a part of different trades and contribute to the world. In a world where individuals travel across the globe to earn wealth and fame, it is the women who take care of the household and responsibly contribute to household chores that keep families well knit.

While women achieve laurels in their professions, they never neglect their families. This article is a big salute and assistance to all the women of the world who seek careers where they can balance family and profession.

Belated Happy Woman’s Day!