Biology is the major choice for the students who choose science and are fascinated by the living things. The biology is the study of life. The student tends to explore, develop and study the changes of the human body as per the climate change.

Also, their chief aim is to understand the genetic process, its evolution and the acts of the working of the building blocks of cells and many more minute things are studied in the subject of biology. Choosing biology as a career is a great choice as it offers a number of courses in which one can enroll in:

careers who love biology

Best Careers for those who Love Biology:

1. Entry level jobs:

The entry level jobs are well suited for the biology major students. When you are working as a biology technician, it will allow you to apply all the technical and computing skills that you learned during your graduation and post-graduation.

Conducting the major experiments and analyzing the data is the main responsibility of the biology technician. They work along with the technical team of the department.

A biology technician can work in research and development department of the institution, health care providers and also in the pharmaceutical industry. Finding a job as a biology technician is not bad as the pay scale starts with the $62000.

2. Nutritionist:

The job as a nutritionist is a great choice for the biology specialist. The main task of nutritionist is to guide people about the food they should eat, to educate people about the benefits and drawbacks of eating any particular food. Also, it is the duty of the nutritionist to tell the people about the impact of food they consume.

The nutritionist can either be self employed, but many positions as nutritionist also require some certifications and post graduate degree.

3. Researcher:

You can also pursue a career as a researcher. The researcher is the one who reaches out to the knowledge, gathers facts, investigates them. In order to accomplish that work, the researchers have to prepare detailed observation, analyze the research data and then finalize the results.

Researchers can work in any department be it academic, government, industrial or even in the private institutes. The researcher has to work with the team of other researchers, giving them lectures, granting them writings, proposals, declaring the results and finalizing the work. The average salary of the researcher can be $23000 per year. The salary varies as per the kind of research.

4. Conservation scientist:

This is one of the most interesting career in the field of biology as being a conservation scientist, you need to discover ways to make use of the natural resources more efficiently.

The conservation scientist plays a vital role in the life of whole mankind as they are the ones who inform the common public about the natural resources and the extent of their use.

When the conservation scientist work with the government agencies, they primarily spend more time in gathering samples to get the fair result. They have to work in the locations of national parks or any other remote locations.

If you have really enjoyed doing experiments as a biology student then you will surely enjoy working as a conservation scientist.

5. Medical and health service managers:

The medical and health service managers spend most of their time interacting to the health officers and the professionals. So, they need to know all the technical words, scientific policies and the procedures involved in the whole process of research and study.

The medical and health service managers must be able to interpret the government orientated regulations which could impact the health services and also modify the programs as per the need. They must be able to understand the credentials of the performances of the employees and the candidates.

6. Financial analyst:

The financial analyst basically has to evaluate the mutual funds, stocks and bonds for their clients and the investors. The financial analyst has to have the knowledge about the advanced mathematical skills.

Most of the biology majors and the analyst focus on the analysis of the pharmaceuticals, health services and medical products. The biology professionals can evaluate a new product, analyze its potential and the viability of the existing products.

7. Genetic counselors:

The genetic counselors must possess an advance study in the biology. They must have the knack to access the genetic makeup of the clients and also must be able to make them understand the major implications for any particular disease or disability. They must be able to express themselves to the clients in the simplest language as the layman is not able to understand the technical terms of biology.

The genetic counselors must be able to think quantitatively so as to make the couple understand, whom you are counselling. The genetic counselors must possess advanced knowledge so as to evaluate the usefulness of growing research.

8. Assistant of physician and the practitioner as nurse:

The career as an assistant of the physician and the nurse practitioner is in high demand as the front line service provider for the health care delivery is important. The physician’s assistants and the nurse practitioners must possess a good understanding of the anatomy, physiology, biological systems in order to diagnose the major medical problems. Not just this, they must also have advanced knowledge of the different scientific methods used to treat, research and medications. The physicians and the nurse practitioners must have the knack and the interest towards learning and remembering the technical terminology and the changes in it.

9. Health educator:

The health educator means the one who guides others in the context of health. They have all the health information which is further used to address the health concerns of the public. They make use of the scientific techniques to access the needs and requirements so that the relevant information is gathered.

The health educators also have to write about the health care topic like the substance abuse, nutrition, safe sex and so on. The health educator has to work on his or her communication skills and also must have an understanding of the human biology.

10. Biochemists:

Biochemist plays an important role in the fast increasing field of biotechnology, biomedical research. The in depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology through the major study of biology helps in understanding the major impact of drugs, when to use and when not, their solutions on the human body.

For being a successful biochemist, both the knowledge of the subject and the writing skills is needed. The biochemical and the biophysicist study the physical and the chemical principles and the properties of the living beings and also tries to understand the various biological processes. The median yearly pay of the biochemist can be near about $50,000.

11. Forensic science:

The field of forensic science involves proper investigation of the crime by the help of the new and old scientific principles. The study in forensic science you will need to have a diploma after plus two.

It is a great career option in case you wish to have a career in the major biology. For this, either one can have a diploma or can enroll in Bsc in forensic science, diploma in cyber crimes, computer forensics, finger prints.

12. Zoology:

Zoology deals with the study of animals, their behavior, their extinction, evolutions, habitat, functions and interaction with the environment they live in. Zoology is a diverse field which deals with the study of various studies, like mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, fishes and a lot many others. One can also become a zoologist, ornithologists and even one has to choose to be a wildlife expert. This is because when a student studies, biology in lower classes and even in their specialization, they go through the various subjects which somehow deals with the study of human behavior, animal behavior, plantation, nature and its resources. One can opt for zoology and enroll himself in the following:

Bsc in zoology, Bsc in advance zoology, biotechnology and aquaculture etc.

13. The medical fields:

The medical field deals without the human body, its study, background. In this, one can choose to be the chiropractor, podiatrist, exercise physiologist, lab technician, coroner and even pharmacist. One or the other, each of these degrees require immense in depth knowledge.

The one’s who are working in the field of medicine must be expert in dealing with the patients, the clients, their illness, injuries and also they must know the ways to diagnose, prevent and treat those injuries with the help of advance medical sciences.

14. Animal Science:

Just like biology, the career in animal science requires a bio student to have deep interest in the animal kingdom. When you chose to study the animal kingdom, then you need to know whether you want to focus on the broader view of the animals like mammals or just want to do specialization in any one species like cats, large cats and dogs. Some of the possible careers in animal science are vet assistant, wildlife biologist, animal trainer, marine biologist, veterinarian and so on.

So, above are some of the career field which a student of biology can choose to make his future bright and secure. Whatever the career you choose must be of your own choice. Do not ever be influenced by any peer pressure or do not run before what you have not dreamt of. Let your dream get wings through the career you choose for yourself.