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How to Become a Mercenary – A Complete Guide


In today’s growing economy, people try to get a career with monetary security and additional benefits. But there are some other career opportunities in which people find their pride and work satisfaction more than monetary security. And such career types might rely on higher risk factor such as defense career, mercenary, private military jobs and many others.

Become a Mercenary

Mercenary Meaning or Definition:

Technically the meaning of mercenary comes with a complete description where its objective is to create a career in the foreign army. In simple words, it is a career profile, where candidates will be hired to work and deliver their duties in the foreign army.

Moreover, it is like the work profile which comes with an army or military background. Now that you have known about the profession of Mercenary, you must be keen to know why you should become one.

It is also important for you to know that a mercenary does not have any right to be a prisoner or combatant of a war. Such people have especially recruited abroad or locally to fight in the armed conflict and hence, does not play any direct contribution in the hostilities. So, you would not have any normal POW rights if you are planning to become a mercenary.

Reasons to Become a Mercenary:

Some top reasons to why you should become a mercenary are as follows:

1. Action:

You might be wondering, but this is true that most people wish to get a job as a mercenary because they love action. People who miss their time to get into the military service find this profession as an excellent option to see and practice enough action.

If you are on this job, then probably you would be able to do all the action that you have always wanted. But doing severe actions involves lots of risks and can even result in death. So, it is better to avoid doing much of it.

2. Flight:

Mercenaries are considered as important corporate professionals who are offered with all the services and facilities that a corporate employee is provided with.

There is even HR personnel who take care of their tax tabs and addresses all the paperwork on behalf of these experts. So, if you wish to look for an action-packed profession that can take you to places then this can work for you.

3. Adventure:

If you are an adventure lover and love performing different sorts of adventurous activities, such as jungle marshes, crocodiles fight, or the earth’s deserts, then the profession of mercenary would always keep you upright.

It is an adventurous profession that provides an opportunity to carry various fun-filled yet risky tasks on the role.

4. Training:

Mercenary is a certified profession that offers people with proper military training. It can help you develop your inner being to a great extent and can make you earn certificates and merits that you can showcase on your CV.

It is an awesome job where proper training and certification is provided to those who are truly interested in taking it forward.

The Modern Day PMCs, Private Military Companies:

The present day mercenary trade has evolved over the years from primarily being regulated by the Private Military Companies, PMCs. Such companies specialize in offering soldiers, logistics, military training, and other services to civil entities, government groups, and international agencies.

They are legally established firms or enterprises that are able to make money through offering such services that rely on the legal employment of the armed forces, logistics support, equipment procurement, and intelligence gathering.

The legality of this profession as per PMCs is to enable their contractors to work in foreign countries so that they can have a proactive employment of front-line combatants.

If the employees of PMCs are used in the pro-active model, then they are labeled as mercenaries and can be open to other lawsuits and sanctions depending on the nature of the work accomplished by their professionals.

But, the United Nations still continue to officially disapprove professionals from the PMCs. The primary reason for their disapproval is a question of accountability for both their employees as well as the PMC for actions in the war zone.

How to Be a Mercenary:

There are some of the basic requirements of becoming the mercenary. Being a mercenary is a matter of pride and honor, some people tend to take a lot of risks to become one.

But eventually, these risks of life get paid off with their bravery and performance on the job. Therefore, let’s list out all the basic requirements of being or becoming a mercenary, they are as follows:

1. Candidates need to be physically fit:

It is one of the basic requirements to become a mercenary. As most of the common knowledge goes, a mercenary is a person who defends the country from expected and unexpected threats.

Therefore, for that sake that person needs to be in shape. And those who are willing to be a mercenary and trying to get in as a mercenary should start getting themselves in shape.

2. Good knowledge about different foreign languages:

Being a mercenary means becoming a person who gets trained to deliver his or her duties in the foreign country. And that means the candidate need to be proficient with different types of foreign languages.

For example, if a candidate is getting posted to Germany, then he or she must know how to speak and manage in that country by speaking the German language.

3. The candidate should be a part of military background:

As it is a common basic professional need of becoming a mercenary. A person trying to be a part of mercenary duties should be served in the army first. Acquiring knowledge of military backgrounds provides that candidate a better chance of becoming a mercenary.

Moreover, basic and professional knowledge about military work ethics and duties can also benefit the candidate to handle all the mercenary duties and responsibilities.

4. Sound knowledge about law enforcement:

A candidate must have a sound knowledge of law enforcement and all the law enforcement agencies. It is required to understand the candidate’s credibility to become a mercenary who can handle and manage all the responsibilities and duties in the foreign country.

Additionally, a mercenary holds his or her place in such foreign country on the basis of their knowledge about the law enforcement in that particular foreign country.

5. Must obtain legal documents needed:

As a mercenary need to be a person hired to serve in the foreign country, then he or she must get all security documents without any issues.

If there are any documents which are going to be expired or anything, the candidate needs to apply for a new legal document as per rules. Because mercenary departments don’t allow any loopholes in their selected candidate’s documents or profile.

6. Must obtain clear proof of their military experience or certification:

As compared to the rest of the career profiles, even mercenary department also demands certain certificates to clarify their credibility in the field of work. On the basis of these certificates, a candidate might be accepted or rejected from the mercenary hiring process.

7. Create an Impressive Resume:

Focus on your qualifications, job skills, and experience that directly matches with the mercenary jobs that you are interested in practicing. If you are new to this job, then you can always ask for professional assistance as they can help you build an impressive resume that can offer you with significant benefits.

With the private security corporations of today, it is essential for a mercenary to have all essential qualifications and experience. So, it is better you build a right resume that can help you get the job that you have always desired.

Mercenary Training:

Every type of career maintains a certain kind of perspective and training sessions. These training sessions determine all the necessary objective of that particular job type.

And to become a mercenary, candidates need to survive some of the major training sessions which are not that easy and quick as compared to the rest of the career profile.

1. Armorers course:

It is nothing but understanding and learning different sets of machines and gadgets required in the field of work. A mercenary should obtain all the knowledge about handling and execution of different types of vehicles, machines and gadgets.

Hence, it matters the most for all mercenaries that they should know all sorts of techniques and tricks to handle any machine.

2. Defensive driving – on or off road:

All the candidates who are in the process of being a complete mercenary needed to understand a course of on road and off road defensive driving. First of all, in on-road defensive driving selected candidates will be trained to understand all the safety measures which are common for everyone.

Similarly, when it comes to off-road defensive driving its completely complicated form from on-road driving. As it is not easy to understand the safety measures of off road safety techniques, most of the candidates go through advanced training sessions for such defensive driving.

3. Sniper course:

One of the major training sessions for the mercenary aspirants. The sniper course is most dangerous and highly expensive course available all over the world. And these sniper courses only available for military and law enforcement departments.

In this sniper training session selected candidates undergo all sorts of rifle or gun handling tactics and methods.

4. Protection course:

In this protection course, the candidates undergo a lengthy process of training which merely takes 10–12 hours a day. And under this protection training session, selected candidate mentors and trainers explain them all sorts of basic and complicated course tactics.

Moreover, all the mercenary aspirants will be provided with advanced information about risk and threat assessment analysis.

5. High-risk security course:

Management and handling of these high-risk security courses are slightly different than military methods. The selected candidates undergo a certain level of high-security tests which makes them capable of handling any type of threat situations.

Mercenary candidates need to understand all information provided in the name of high-risk security course as a part of their duties and responsibilities.

Mercenary Salary:

Individuals working as mercenary don’t maintain a fixed range of monetary benefits for their services. It depends on their work experience and risk factors faced during the on or off duty aspects.

Moreover, commonly mercenary officers expect a salary from the range of $500-$1500 on a daily basis. Annually mercenary officers earn a fair amount of salary on the basis of their work ethics and higher risk elements.

Mercenary for Hire  And Mercenary Careers:

Just like any other job, you can find the majority of mercenary jobs in the private security companies that release online applications on a regular basis. It does not imply that you can get the employment without being getting interviewed.

Rather, you first have to apply through the online application form and once if your resume is shortlisted then you would be called for a personal interview. This form is filled to make sure that you possess the minimum requirements of a mercenary.

Just like any other profession, you must even do an intensive research regarding the industry standards, benefits, pay and other industry trends of this profession before you fill the form.


The bottom line is that every job profile comes with its own advantages and limitations. But when it comes to mercenary their job profile rely upon limitation than advantages. And being a mercenary means maintaining high risk or threats against their life, but still people choose this profession for their country and its pride.

Moreover, there are some more special task forces in the world which are more dangerous and risky when compared to the mercenary career profiles. Therefore, candidates interested in serving for the sake of their country pride and prestige can read all the details given above.