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How to Become a Kohl’s Model: 13 Awesome Tips


The career path of any model is really challenging. In many cases, girls realize their skill in modelling and their liking for fashion related jobs at an age when they are already too old to make a beginning.

Another challenge that both men and women who try and take up modelling as a profession face is lack of direction.

They do not know where to begin and what is the right approach.

If you wish to apply for Kohl’s as a store model or want to know how to become a kohl’s model, here are some simple steps and guidelines that will help you go through the process easily.

how become kohl's modelKohl’s Job Opportunities – How to Become Kohl’s model?

1. Get In Touch With Modelling Agencies:

A model should always know that contacting modelling agencies is really the first step for ensuring that he or she gets good offers.

You may start off by checking out websites by different modelling agencies. These usually have nice suggestions and guidelines on the preparation required by the model if he or she should be eligible for brands like the Kohl’s.

Some of these websites have online submissions that make the whole process very simple. In other cases, you may be asked to send pictures of your profile and also the major details to the email address given in the website.

When you reply to an e-mail address, do not neglect the corporate ethics. Always include a cover letter along with the mail you send.

2. Compile Personal Statistics:

When you approach agencies, firms and organizations, the first thing they are going to ask you is to give your personal statistics or details like height, weight, size, hair and complexion.

You should document these details and have it saved in a folder as a soft copy.

You must also have a print copy of the same for cases of emergency and in rare occasions where they do not accept soft copies.

It is the best way to speed up your application process by having all the required documents well in advance.

3. Stop By the Top Agencies:

You need to identify the best time to approach an agency in person. Usually most agencies have open calls during festivals, occasions and specific seasons.

You need to keep track of such open calls. If you live in Chicago or Milwaukee, you can visit the agencies during such calls and increase your opportunities.

These are the times when brands like the Kohl’s are looking for fresh talent and new faces. Do not miss such a golden opportunity because of your carelessness.

4. Dress Simple, Look Classy:

There are many young and aspiring models who think that they need to be overtly decked up and gaudy if they have to apply for modelling professions.

This is a very wrong belief. Brands like the Kohl’s look for models who are dressed simply. They look for models who use makeup just as much as is required.

Do not use so much makeup that the agent is unable to see your face or notice your features. This may actually reduce your chances of getting selected for the brand. Make sure you reflect your confidence and your expressions in front of the camera.

5. Have an Eye for Variety:

Kohl’s is a brand that offers a variety of products like jewellery, apparel, clothing and accessories and they require models to be cast for each of these products.

If you have an open mind and are willing to do modelling for the different products, your scope for getting an opportunity at this brand increases further.

People who restrict themselves to apparel modelling or modelling for a particular type of ware get limited options.

6. Be the Live Mannequin:

Kohl’s usually consider the models who assist manufacturers in checking the drape, size and fit by acting as a live mannequin.

These models usually have a higher chance of landing at Kohl’s as this role is very important for brands like Kohl’s. They require models who can make the customers understand how they will look and feel in the brand’s attires and outfits.

If you wish to be a part of Kohl’s or any other brand of the same class, you should practice this duty of a model too. It will increase your chances of getting selected for good modelling assignments.

7. Photo Shoots for the Kohl’s:

Kohl’s is a brand that has a lot of modelling assignments and so it has hiring process all round the year.

Usually the photo shoots that happen weekly for the brand take place in the Milwaukee studio of Kohl’s at Wisconsin.

During the peak times of the year, they are unable to accommodate the whole hiring process in just the studio and thus they spread out.

The number of models who walk in to get hired at Kohl’s during the peak season goes above 200. They shift their photo shoots to locations like Miami, New York and Southern California.

In rare occasions, Kohl’s may also shift the photo shoots to a typical locations that you may not expect.

8. Hone Your Persona to Suit the Brand:

You need to make a note of the different brands that the Kohl’s supports. It will help you get an idea of the type of models they are looking for.

It will also help you prepare better and understand what to expect during your assignments.

Here we have listed out a few of the prominent male and female brands that the Kohl’s supports.

Female Brands:

  • Simply Vera Vera Wang
  • Lauren Conrad
  • Tek Gear
  • Apt 9
  • SONOMA Life+Style
  • Dana Buchman

Male Brands:

  • Tony Hawk
  • Croft & Barrow
  • Urban Pipeline
  • Apt 9
  • Helix
  • Hang Ten
  • SONOMA Life+Style

If you are well prepared beforehand for modelling assignments by any of these brands, you may be lucky and get an opportunity to model for the best brand.

General Suggestions and Tips for Models:

Modelling is a very trendy career and there are countless people who wish to become models.

Many of these people manage to get into the career too but fail to retain their reputation in the industry because they fail to maintain themselves. Here are a few common tips for all models that will help them stay in the trade.

1. Stay Fit:

Regular exercise is a must in the modelling industry. If you wish to stay in the minds of your audiences, you need to make sure you have what it takes to be a good model.

Jogging everyday or brisk walking are habits that keep you strong and healthy. You may even consider skipping and playing games that help to exert your body.

If you think you will be unable to manage a daily exercise routine, you should either appoint a trainer or join a gym.

2. Eat Healthy:

Eating healthy will help you maintain your figure and stay in shape. If you really wish to survive in your modelling career, get rid of the red meats and switch to salads and fruit juices.

Regulate your diet with the help of a dietician and try to replace your favourite foods with healthy alternatives. You may choose to have honey instead of sugar and get rid of the junk foods.

3. Practice Your Trade:

The law for children and for audiences is the same, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. You need to make sure you stay fresh in the minds of your viewers. This means you need to get regular photo shoots done.

You must participate in modelling events that take place. You may even consider starting a blog to update your latest pictures.

There are many models who use social platforms like Instagram to update their latest pictures and you may also try this channel.

4. Maintain Your Skin and Hair Health:

Just staying fit does not keep you beautiful. You must make sure that you maintain your skin spotless and your hair silky.

A beautician or a stylist may help you maintain these but their solutions may be temporary and harmful in the long run.

You need to make sure that you use herbal options for skin and hair health.

The benefit of using natural methods is that it does not affect the health of the skin or hair in the long run. You may also try out some of the home based alternatives to keep your beauty intact.

5. Have an Eye for Latest Trends:

If you have to survive in the fashion world, you need to have a taste for the latest fashion. You must understand why a particular piece of garment is popular among the buyers.

Such information is vital if you wish to work as a store model. You must develop this taste over a period of years by observation and research.