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How to Become a Good iPhone Developer: 27 Fabulous Tips


There is no doubt about it that iPhone has turned into the people’s podium. Whilst the PC preserves a strong indie development scene, its handset, through its low barriers to access where consumer acquiring system, is the genuine money making machine. In almost a month, you can create an application which can be presented to a global market of keen downloaders.  In Apple platform, you do not require any publisher, distributors, or proficient development hardware. You can easily develop the app and then submit in Apple’s app store. You only need to pursue below provided steps to obtain triumph in iPhone app development.

become good iphone developerYou need to pursue all the steps cautiously to gain the appropriate results from the procedure.

Tips to Become an Apple iPhone Developer:

1. Learn software handiwork:

You must be well acquainted with how to construct software, how to configure it well, how to debug, how to test, as well as how to exercise the source control, at a minimum. If you are not well-to-do with these systems yet, you must learn them prior to moving on.

2. Procure a Mac:

In case you desire to develop an app for iPhone then you must obtain a Mac with Intel-based processor as well as Leopard version of MacOS X. It is not necessary to go with topmost model. For instance, the iShoot developer utilized an old Macbook containing just 1GB memory. Additionally, the wifi of the system was not reliable. In spite of utilizing such an old machine, the coder handled to produce a vastly thriving application. While operating a Mac, you can function virtually.

3. Download Software Development Kit:

Following the MAC, you will be able to carry on downloading software development kit through Apple’s site. The company has granted its SDK as perk for creation of iPhone applications. In the kit, you can get all the devices for your operation. For instance, this kit will comprise of the development setting Xcode, and interface builders, plus total documentation citation library. Furthermore, it will even consist of iPhone simulator that helps you in testing.

4. Learn Objective C:

learn objective c

It can be a difficult requirement for you to accomplish. You need to study objective C, which happens to be an extension of C. You can write object-acquainted codes by utilizing this language. There are many purposes to exercise objective C in creating iPhone app. It functions a bit similar to Java which lets you to write object related codes in an effortless way.

5. About Objective C:

The Objective C is built up and released by the software development company identified as neXT. Late Steve Jobs established this company once being forced out of Apple. Shortly, Mr. Jobs sold the company to Apple after which Objective C turned into the property of Apple.

6. Start composing codes:

There is no need to wait to expertise in objective C. All that is needed is to commence writing past comprehending the coding procedure of this language. You only require understanding the fundamentals of objective C as well as OpenGL prior to starting the creation of your iPhone app. At first, you can begin writing through a point and keep making note of your progress and the obstacles you face during coding.

7. Reverse Engineer:

In order to grasp the creation of apps, you can reverse engineer the perk project, provided in SDK. It can facilitate you in accomplishing each step cautiously. Once figuring out the intricate construction of apps, you can simply develop your own game only by generating simple apps.

8. Sign up as a registered iPhone developer:

iphone developer signup

Subsequent to producing your game app, you will be able to enroll in the IPhone Developer Program. You must pay $99 for enjoying the benefits of the membership. With examining the app in your onscreen emulator, you must check your app in iPhone that is only achievable after obtaining the membership.

9. Face sportingly the denial and resubmission:

The appreciation of an iPhone app is not as easy as submission. You require dedicating week’s even months to purify your app from numerous bugs or errors. In principle, the concerned programming language is not secure. As a result, you can encounter numerous bugs as well as errors at the time of testing procedure of your app. This way, it will facilitate you in generating a pioneering gaming app for the international viewers.

10. Submit the App:

Now you can step ahead to submit your app to Apple’s app store. The process of submission is easy. You only have to zip the file, upload along with large and small icons, description, as well as screen shots. If you go ahead in a proper manner then Apple will consider a week to sanction your app. In situations where there are any bugs or Lite apps that are stated as demos then the period of one week will stretch to a month and can cause rejection. Nevertheless, you will be able to edit and resubmit the app as per your requirement.

11. Promote your App:

Your app is not bound for getting any sales if you do not market it. You must insistently get the word out plus foster your own campaign. Submitting your app to distinct review websites for scrutiny can probably produce you some word-of-mouth exposure. Generate few videos displaying game play to advertise through YouTube. Advertising your app via social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook can even spawn curiosity in your product.

12. Read other’s code:

Examine another’s code then learn from them. You can improve in time as you tend to perceive how other developers manage troubles. Pairing programming is the finest technique to enhance you. You get to comprehend code from the other developer and observe their contemplation course in real time then vice versa. You can test your perception as well as strengthen as developer.

13. Ask someone to read your code:

As you code, you can simply fall in love with your own work. However, a piece of code is just near perfection when someone else is able to decipher it and then comprehend what you are on regarding. Get someone to decipher your code by performing code reviews regularly. You will be able to learn many things, every time. Particularly at the time you find out that method name does not signify much sense in the end.

14. Prior to writing new codes, fix bugs:

Surely you have gone through this. You locate a bug and just think that you will fix it later. Or else you discover a crash in unit test however you cannot be bothered to go detect why it is failing, so you either opt out the examination or hack it. Do yourself a help and cultivate a habit of mending issues early. These will only heap up and then you suffer more technical trouble in the future.

15. Train in a new technology:

train in new technology

We live in a rapid paced world and your abilities are fragile. Learning fresh technologies as a developer can facilitate you to remain on the cutting edge, plus in demand. Many of the people are training in how to code and it is not something new as you hold one of the top jobs on the planet now. It has never been so cool to be a geek.

16. Remain Simple:

You can everytime obtain more intricate ways to execute a task in programming. Most of the people love to see how well their code work is. It ties into the previous point concerning getting someone else to read your code. You are not helping yourself if the person does not understand the code within a few minutes. You need to maintain the code work to preserve simplicity.

17. Write a blog:

You can write a blog regarding your execution. The excellent method to turn better at anything is to teach it to others. If you can make someone else grasp a concept, then it means you have been able to understand and are not only hacking away. Write a blog post demonstrating how you performed the process of working out the problem at hand. This is even a proficient resume by the way; in case you are hunting for contracts.

18. Donate to open source:

It implies to either commence an open source accomplishment of your own or contribute to an obtainable one. This facilitates you to understand how to work together with a group of developers. This is particularly beneficial if you do many solitary projects. Learning from like-minded developers is an advantage and, it really is good to offer back to the community.

19. Don’t hack but fix it:

As developer, you may encounter often, the “one-liner” error that fails the whole work. It is tempting to install a hack without actually investigating why your code is not performing the way it should. However locate the cause and then fix it or else the hack will back bite you.

20. Become intensely familiar with Apple documentation:

When you consume some time surveying the Apple docs, and then find the explanation on your own, that learning experience has a larger impact on you than if you only find a hasty resolve on Stack Overflow or accomplished a step-by-step tutorial. It will not be the best ever way, but you can develop much more self-assurance in your skills as a programmer by consuming hours and hours filtering via the apple docs.

21. Many wonder objective C or swift:

Since Swift is a comparatively new language, most companies want to build apps exclusively in Swift. However on the contrary, as Swift is new, there exist many apps that need to be preserved in Objective-C. Thus beginning with Swift is the top preference. For beginners, Swift is simpler to learn than Objective-C; on the other hand more than that, Apple formed Swift to be a substitute for Objective-C.

22. Learn Swift:

learn swift

To become a good developer it is essential to learn Swift. As mentioned before, Swift is Apple’s programming language intended for iOS Apps. Learning the basics of programming is the key prior to commencing to build apps.

23. Learn to link with networked services:

IOS tools are communication tools, and the majorly known apps build associations with network data sources. It is significant to be acquainted with locating and utilizing new services.

24. Learn version control:

Learning to exercise a version system for code is a notable ability for any developer. In addition, an open coding profile, hosted on a platform like GitHub is a vast advantage for any resume.

25. Get acquainted with key frameworks:

Frameworks can make your life simpler as an iPhone developer. They permit you to reclaim code written via other developers in your personal apps. By AFNetworking learn how to network with data that is not hosted in the vicinity on a user’s iPhone. Through Core Data comprehend how to keep on data across app launches.

26. Always ask queries:

Do not be anxious to ask questions. The majority people in the developer community are enormously helpful. Perform a little research, endeavor things yourself, post few codes, and inquire a detailed query. This will maximize your chances of getting help.

27. Always keep coding:

Some of the reading or watching videos is going to help you become a great iPhone developer. Just learn as much as is possible, and execute what you have learned. This way you will turn into good developer.

It is anticipated that you can generate a thriving app past developing app. You only need to undergo each step appropriately. It will facilitate you in building an intelligent app for globally stretched Apple users. But, you require to be as superiority maniac as Apple testing team to develop a flourishing app. A published app on the App Store is the boosting point of any resume. It is a rapid and persuasive presentation of your skills with complex IOs frameworks, systematized data sources, and signifying user interfaces.