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17 Bad Habits at Work that are keeping you Unemployed


Unemployment can turn one’s life upside down personally and professionally. Unemployment can have a deep impression on one’s future plans.

Sometimes, unemployment can turn one person so negative that the person may take his / her career for granted. A person going through unemployment should make a habit of keeping themselves busy so that they can use their time in very productive ways.

This can ultimately help them to bounce back as it never happened.

bad habits at work

Bad Habits at Work That Hold Good People Back:

Unemployment can make you understand the value of your profession and identity and to regain that respectful position in one’s profession, one needs to avoid certain habits which are keeping unemployed. These habits can make someone feel very insecure about themselves and they are

1. Laid back attitude:

During unemployment period, every person faces several problems. Instead of going hard on job search, some people show such a laid back attitude which is never going to favor them in their professional life.

To get hired, one needs to get active in the job market and don’t waste time. Those who wastes or doesn’t value time, even time doesn’t value them. Always keep in mind that out of sight, can get one out of mind.

2. Showing less interest:

A person who lost a job, should start building their confidence to get a new job as soon as possible. To start that, one need to start searching job and show some more interest in finding a new job.

One needs to try harder on job search. This will find them a new job without any waste of time. Here time is everything, once the time passes shall never return back.

3. Being active:

Some people suggest that if someone lost their job, then they should take a break and think of a holiday. And it will help them to get over their depression soon. But sometimes it happens that after taking a break from certain time, one shows in-activeness in their job search. This kind of habit can make them lose one’s opportunity to get a job.

4. Targeting limited option:

One always should apply for those options which will meet one’s criteria for an employment. This kind of attitude will never let one grow on them. This can make one be very limited with their options. There are lots of opportunities for people who really want to grab that opportunity. A person needs to focus on the bigger picture if one needs to be successful in their professional career.

5. Never postpone plans:

After being at home without any job, people tend to feel less used to of that situation and also feels annoyed if certain things come up. A person who needs to have a job desperately should never postpone their plan. It is never late for anything, so always take initiative start things now itself and never leave it for tomorrow. This kind of an attitude will always let you grow better professionally.

6. Depression:

Feeling depressed about the situation of being so useless or being worthless to help the financial situation will make one feel down. This kind of feeling can take one to the level of being isolated. Therefore, to overcome this situation, one needs to be strong enough to handle certain financial situations. By this way one can get rid of that habit of being in a depression.

7. Start taking initiative:

A person who doesn’t take any initiative to start his / her own career will be left behind in this current growing job market. After a certain time of the break, a person needs to kick start his / her engine to reach their destination and overtake everyone to be the winner. Similarly, a person needs to start taking the initiative to try for a job, before it is too late.

8. Keep working on one’s skill:

Some people start thinking that once they left the job there won’t be any necessity to work on their skills. That’s a mistake because in this fast-growing economy, things are updating themselves and even people are getting updated accordingly. And to start a fresh new career, one needs to brush up, refresh and update their skill to compete in this developing job market.

9. Start scheduling work:

Sometimes after a break from one’s unemployment vacation, a person needs to start scheduling their next action. One should start collecting all the information regarding the job market and also elements which affect the job market. By this way one can at least prepare him / herself to face a new career with an updated version without any understanding problem.

10. Spend more time on productive work:

By spending time on brushing up one’s working skills and also by applying for new jobs, one can regain their professional life as quickly as possible. Instead of wasting time by watching television or by sleeping on a bed, one can at least go out to make themselves useful to their family. By helping family in some important work, one can be an active member of the family.

11. Ignoring people:

If a person desperately in need of a job, then should start contacting those people who will really be helpful to you find a decent job. If a person who want job doesn’t contact or communicate with others, then the possibility of getting a job will be very less. This kind of isolation can turn yourself into an emotionally weak situation. So to avoid such extreme effects one should start communicating with people for his / her own future.

12. Low energy:

To start a new career a person needs to have great energy to handle such situation. Excitement about searching new job will make things better for one’s career. Bringing some energy into the job search will turn in as an advantage. By contacting those with references will inversely help one to end up with a job.

13. Being negative and angry:

If a person needs to get off one’s unemployment zone, then one should start thinking about the positive elements unless negative. Negativity can turn one into an angry person. This can ruin your personality so badly that one can never get over that image. To start a new career one needs to take things positively so that there will be a positive approach on one’s professional life. This kind of positive thinking can also help you to control anger and lets you lead a better professional life.

14. Being arrogant:

Arrogant people fail to involve others in their life. They just try doing things which will make them bigger enough. This kind of attitude will barely help you get out of one’s unemployment zone. To overcome arrogance, one should start being polite and accept everything which ever comes in their way. By settling for the job which will support one’s family will be a good decision to make everything normal.

15. Being irresponsible:

A person who has a family to support should understand his / her responsibility very well. Instead of ignoring one’s responsibility will affect their family’s future. By taking an active step against his / her employment one will be a responsible person to look after his / her family in financial terms. This will help him / her to know the importance of being responsible in a family.

16. Underestimating strengths:

The unemployed person starts taking them as a weak link, which is wrong. Once someone starts taking themselves as a weak link, then it will become very tough to convert their weakness in strengths. Even if one gets rejected, he / she should hold upon their strengths to keep going on. A person should never give up on themselves until they achieve something that they wanted very much in their life.

17. Being lazy:

To start a new career one needs to be active enough to take charge of his / her professional successful career. Being lazy and taking less initiative to search for new jobs can never result in a better way to start a whole new successful career. By being active, at least one will give a shot to try new career options without thinking about rejection.

7 Easy Ways to Break Bad Habits:

There are some ways to overcome these bad habits when you are unemployed. And they are

1. Small break and then plan about future:

After losing a job, people start nagging about their life and time. So to avoid such nagging, one needs to take a vacation to the place where he / she can relax for some time and think over some possible opportunities for one’s successful career. This will also help one to grow trust on their own skills and talents to start a successful new career.

2. Prepare a schedule for job search:

By following this schedule one will always have a certain focus on the future. This will make things sorted to find a new job. By preparing a certain schedule to find a job will make things easy. By preparing a schedule a job seeker will have ample of time to spend on his / her career options which will ultimately lead to the better career plans.

3. Updating oneself about new technologies:

By brushing up his / her own skill will end up in getting a better job. In today’s fast growing world things keeps changing its origin and it is always better to get updates about all the new technologies and skill which is helpful to make things easy and effective. By volunteering on their own to update their skill to improve his / her chance of getting a job.

4. Start career counseling:

By starting career counseling, one will receive all the details about the job requirements in this job market. Career counselors will help one to start their career and also helps to improve them in all means. There are certain sessions to improve one’s communication skills, by this new and improved communication skills a job seeker will impress the interviewer and creates a great competition to other candidates.

5. Training program:

In training programs a job seeker learns to clear all the levels of interview. In these training programs they educate candidates about the new additions, technology, and process of clearing an interview. Through these training programs a person can face the world with full confidence in themselves, which will allow them to grab all the job opportunities for successful careers.

6. Support:

To overcome unemployment, one needs to be supported by his / her family or friends. This will help one to gain the confidence back and will create a good helpful family environment to move on with it. Through this kind of support one will surely start giving a chance to search for jobs.

7. Positive activities:

An unemployed person needs positive elements to get over his / her depression over unemployment. By spending more free time with positive activities, one can start thinking about new opportunities. This will create a new positive world around them and this will result in motivating that person to start his / her career without any nervousness.

Conclusion :

To end this discussion, we would state that to get a new job one needs to have a will to overcome their fear about failure. This will only happen if a person takes up such challenges and try to face failure with great pleasure. Unemployment may hit one very badly only if that person lets unemployment to be right about it. If one has confidence in his / her talents then they will definitely end up overcoming those failures and also will help one to understand the secret of success to be in successful careers.