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How to Avoid Skin Problems at Work: 16 Best Hygiene Tips


Skin problem is one of the biggest things which most people worry about. In order to avoid getting skin problems of any kind at work it is very important to ensure that you take proper care of yourself and be aware of your environment.

If you are careless then that is going to cost you heavily in time to come. Avoiding skin problems at work may not be the easiest thing to do, but even a small effort on your part could really go a long way in keeping yourself free and away from any added stress. Given are some of the main ways on how to avoid skin problems at work.

Avoid Skin Problems at Work

Tips to Protect Yourself from Job-related Skin Problems:

1. Keep yourself informed and up to date with information:

In order to know whether you have a skin problem or not, first and foremost, you need to be able to identify a skin problem when you see it.

In order to keep yourself aware of all the symptoms and causes of skin problems at the work place, all you need to do is browse the internet for a little while. There is a lot of information that could really help you.

In addition to that, there are also a large number of books available in any local book store on how skin problems surface in the first place and ways in which they can be avoided.

2. Pay attention to your body:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring your body and not taking note of any new growth or rash that happens to appear. Checking your body before work and after work each day could really help you to nip a problem in the bud.

Neglecting personal hygiene is something which is a root cause to a lot of problems in itself. Showering regularly is an absolute must. No company wants to have employees who do not present themselves well, and come to work looking both untidy as well as dirty. If your body is well taken care of, your mind will not be able to function well also.

3. Do not ignore even the smallest of skin problems which might surface:

A mistake which all of us have made at some point of time or the other is ignoring some rash or growth on our skin and then regretting it later when the problem becomes much more complicated and even painful.

Many people are unaware of how painful skin problems can be so the moment you notice something, do not let it slide, ask your friends about what they think it is and if the problem continues, do ensure that you seek medical attention.

If your skin problem occurs regularly or during a particular season, be prepared by having your medication on standby.

4. Know the risks involved in your profession:

If you are someone who is aware of the fact that your skin is rather sensitive, then ensure that you do not enter a profession which will aggravate your skin issues. Sometimes even the smallest of things could serve as a trigger to spark of a number of skin problems at work.

When picking any career it is important that you do not merely look at things from one point of view, rather you should try your best to see things from every possible angle and even speak to those who are professionals in that line. Ask them about the pros and cons of that profession.

5. Wear long sleeves as much as possible:

One of the simplest things which you can do in order to avoid skin problems at work is simply to wear long sleeves. If your skin is not exposed to too many external agents, that in itself could save you a number of skin related issues.

Wearing long sleeves might seem like a lot of trouble for some people, but it is most certainly better than getting some skin issues.

Skin problems are not just ugly to look at but they are also a lot of trouble to deal with. The most common skin problems which occur are rashes, bumps, boils or just a lot of itching.

6. Wash your hands as much as you can:

Washing your hands is something which is so simple, yet it saves you from so many problems. In addition to keeping you safe from a number of sicknesses it also helps you to avoid skin problems which you might otherwise suffer from. The more you wash your hands the better it is going to be for you in the long run.

So do try to get into the habit of washing your hands on a regular basis as that is something which has more benefits than one. If you have the facility, you can even wash your hands with hot water as that is an even better option.

7. Always keep a hand sanitizer handy:

If it so happens that you do not have time to get up so often to wash your hands at the work place, then you should ensure that you always have a container of sanitizer handy in your desk at all points in time.

A lot of times companies do even have water supply through the day and at such a time, doing this will really be helpful. Though sanitizers can only be applied on your hands, yet that in itself will serve as a shield for you to some extent. Sanitizers are available in any departmental or medical store and they are not even expensive to buy.

8. Do not touch dirty or dusty surfaces:

Very often there are certain rooms in the office which are very dirty or certain pieces of furniture are very dusty, you should ensure that you stay far away from rooms or objects like this as they are likely to immediately cause a skin problem to you. Dust is the reason for a number of allergies and touching such dirty things is simply asking for trouble.

If you notice that many things in the office are dusty and dirty then ensure that you speak to the cleaning staff and ask them to do the needful. Even one dirty chair could be a risk to many and is sure to leave a bad impression in the mind of any client who might happen to see it.

9. Remember- looks can be deceptive:

Very often certain things might look clean but on examining closely they might actually be rather dirty. So do not just take it for granted that some place is clean, ensure that you examine things closely.

Avoid touching dusty files as you never know an insect might suddenly give you a bite which will cause an infection. Sometimes even the best of companies are very dirty indeed, so train your mind to know the difference between a dirty surrounding and a clean one.

10. Avoid shaking hands and hugging as far as possible:

Employees are expected to meet up with a number of clients on a daily basis. Shaking hands and hugging leads to the exchange of a lot of germs. To avoid skin problems because of this, it would be better that you avoid physical contact with other individuals as much as possible. As far as possible you should try and compensate for not shaking hands, by giving a welcoming smile.

Physical closeness with strangers is something that only increases your chances of getting a skin problem. Even on your way to and from work, ensure that you do not lean on any dirty walls or touch any surface in the public transport as far as possible.

11. Ensure your work station is neat and tidy:

As an employee in a company you are likely to spend the most time at your very own work station, so rather than being pre occupied with things all around the office, you should ensure that you own work station is neat and tidy.

If you do not clean your draws regularly and keep food wrappers thrown around the place, that is going to cause you skin problems for sure.

No matter how busy you are, you must ensure that you take out the time to settle your desk at regular intervals. If you serve as a good example then others are automatically going to try and improve their own work stations as well.

12. Wear protection when performing certain tasks:

If you are someone who works in the outdoors a lot, you should make it a point to wear protection of some kind. Even if you do not work outdoors you should ensure that you get the company seniors to invest in some safety gear.

Things like gloves, Jackets or even masks, go a long way in keeping people safe especially when it comes to skin problems. If you put forth your suggestion in a polite manner, then you are bound to be heard. If there is something that you believe in, be sure to speak up and be brave. Do not let people take advantage of you at the work place.

13. Avoid being under extreme temperature conditions:

Skin problems at the work place are often caused due to exposure to extreme climate conditions. Try and always be in a room where the air conditioner is set to a comfortable temperature. If the room is too hot or too cold, that is bound to give you skin problems.

In addition to that if the room is too dry or too humid that in itself is going to activate some skin issue for sure. More often, it is people who have a lighter skin that have the most sensitive kind of skin. Different people have various skin types so ensure that you know what is good for you and what isn’t.

14. Keep your skin well moisturized:

Mostly rashes and itching is made even worse when your skin is not well moisturized. It is often said that people who put a lot of lotion on their skin are less likely to be bitten by insects as insects hate the smell of lotions and creams.

In addition to them hating the smell, the cream also creates a protective layer over the skin. So far as possible do keep a little tube of moisturizer in your bag as you can apply it on your skin the moment you get an itching of some kind. Dry skin only adds to skin problems.

15. Never share hygiene products with your colleagues:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is sharing your hygiene products with your colleagues. Even if someone is your friend, you should never share your soap or your towel as you never know what kind of skin issue they have which might be transferred to you. Sharing personal products like these are a big no. If you have been sharing things so far it is advisable that you stop doing so immediately.

16. Office pets might also be a source of trouble:

There are many companies which have office pets which serve as stress busters. No matter how much you love pets, you should ensure that you do not touch these pets too much. You never know how dirty they are. It is unlikely that someone takes the time out to wash them and care for them regularly.

Doing this things are not tough at all, so be sure to take that extra mile in order to be safe. If you have a healthy lifestyle you will automatically be a happier and more content person. Keep in mind that if by chance you do happen to get a skin problem at work, then do not panic and get it checked by the doctor immediately. Most people make the mistake of trying to solve the problem on their own, but doing this might only make things worse for you. So ensure that you take precautions to avoid skin problems at work and ensure that you spread aware among family and friends as well.