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How to Apply and Become a Model for H&M: Career Guide


H&M is a very prominent brand and there are several aspiring models who want to have the H&M tag in their profile. If you are one of these desperate aspiring models, here are some simple facts and tips that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a Model for H&M easily.

Before trying to be the perfect model for H&M, try and understand the brand and what it represents. This is the first step any aspiring model should take if he or she is serious about the goal.

If a model understands the brand, it becomes easy for him or her to select the right style and attitude to suit the brand. The following mentioned is a career guide for how to apply to H&M model’s career.

become model for h&m

Tips to Apply and become a Model for H&M:

About The Brand:

H&M is one of the most popular fashion retailers with stores in multiple locations. These brands look for models each year and they always have openings for aspiring models. H&M stands for Hennes and Mauritz and it is a Swedish multinational firm.

The brand has created several success stories and has rewritten the fates of several aspiring models. H&M brand is spread out in 57 countries and has above 3000 stores in different locations. It was founded way back in 1947 and has been a successful brand ever since.

About the Type of Models They Seek:

Agencies play a great role in placing models with brands like H&M. You may find it difficult to get hired by H&M without the assistance of any agencies. They usually seek talented models.

Models who have prior experience with other brands stand a greater chance of getting hired into the brand. They have their specifications and criteria while selecting models. You will be shortlisted only if you fulfill their requirements.

About Modelling with the Brand:

H&M has created some of the greatest models known to the European Modelling industry. Anja Rubik, Gisele Bundchen, Chanel Iman, and Andreea Diaconu all owe their careers and fame to the H&M brand. Being such a famous brand with an unmatchable reputation, it won’t be easy to get into the brand.

You need to be qualified to be a part of this big brand. So make sure that you hone your skills to match the brand’s expectations. Modeling for the brand improves your profile greatly and increases the opportunities that land at your doorstep.

If you are a Model for H&M, you must be proud of the brand. You need to understand the ideals that the brand stands for. In your interviews, you need to express your liking for these ideals.

Challenges You May Face:

As the brand is big, there are several models who try each day to make their mark in the modeling career by being a part of any brand. You need to really work hard to get selected and companies which select models become a model for their brands.

Also, have to make sure that your size and shape matches their requirements. Sometimes it takes several months to get into the brand. Regular exercise and strict diet need to be maintained for the same.

Attitude You Must Possess:

Confidence and attitude contribute greatly to a modeling career. You need to have a positive attitude and the undying urge to work. Your never give up attitude will take you to the pinnacle of success in the modeling career.

It will help you gain success with brands like H&M. Your confidence should be evident even when you pose for photoshoots or present yourself for interviews.

Figure and Beauty:

Your figure and your beauty are your greatest assets as a model. You need to make sure that these are maintained. Schedule your routine so that you get to allocate an hour or two for exercise daily. Brisk walking is known to be the best way to burn calories. You may also try out yoga and meditation to help you increase your concentration.

Maintain your beauty by avoiding chemical cosmetics and opting for herbal alternatives. Green beauty products do not harm your features and your natural beauty stays intact for a longer duration.

Health and Emotional Stability:

If you do not stay healthy, you won’t be able to achieve your goals in modeling. You can try and incorporate healthy diet alternatives that help you stay energetic and healthy. Apart from physical health, you also need to be emotionally stable to pursue a career in modeling.

The work schedule of a model can be pretty hectic. A model has to look happy in front of the camera even at odd hours after working the entire day. Such kind of energy is possible only when you are emotionally at peace. Yoga and meditation can help you attain the same.

Contribution of Agencies:

The agencies play a great role in placing models in brands like H&M. Both male and female models are hired by H&M with the assistance of prominent modeling agencies. You need to research for agencies that have a prior history of hiring models into this brand.

Among the female models who appeared for the H&M 2015 campaign, 3 were represented by the IMG agency while the fourth was represented by Marilyn Model Agency. So you may try and approach these agencies for assistance in getting hired by H&M.

Wilhelmina, Ford Models, and Next Management are some of the better-known agencies that assist male models to get into the H&M brand. The Ford Models agency often has open casting calls and you need to pounce on such opportunities. Ford Models has its branches in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

How to get your Submissions through?

While you apply to several casting calls and modeling opportunities, there are few who respond. You may not get a proper response unless you fulfill their criteria. The brands like H&M look for the real you and when you apply to such brands, provide profiles that represent your true self free from any kind of makeup.

The brands are able to decide whether you are good for their brands only after they observe your true looks.

The agencies may have a separate list of criteria that you need to fulfill. The list of specifications for each agency could be different. You can expect a call from the brands only when you fit their requirement.

Some Essential Traits of a Good Model:

Apart from all the above-mentioned facts, there are some essential aspects that a model must possess. Here we have listed these factors for your knowledge and reference.

1. Good Communication Skills:

A model requires to have excellent communication skills. He or she will always be in front of the camera. A model needs to possess proper communication skills to maintain her reputation. Proper communication skills don’t imply just proper language skills. It also includes body language, gesture, and posture.

You need to get rid of nervousness and the gestures associated with the same. You must not stammer or fumble while speaking. Biting your nails or not looking eye to eye is also regarded as poor body language. These reflect lack of confidence and you need to take special efforts to conceal these.

2. The Willingness to Work:

The willingness to work is vital if you wish to be a model for big brands. The models who work for big brands have to work continuously for several hours without a break. The greatest challenge for models is that they cannot express their fatigue or boredom on their face.

They need to maintain a cheerful and happy expression at all times without fail. This can be a bit challenging. It is an extreme passion for work and complete devotion that help you achieve that kind of expression.

3. Awareness of Latest Fashion Trends:

A fashion model should be aware of the changing trends in the fashion industry. She should be aware of the type of outfits that suit her. She may be asked questions regarding the modern designer outfits.

A model should be able to answer questions related to dressing, outfits, and attires. You can develop knowledge regarding the same by following blogs and fashion magazines. They have all the details mentioned regarding the fashion trends and seasonal hot picks.

4. Photogenic Looks:

While people are usually born photogenic, there are some traits that can make you more camera-friendly. You can inculcate these traits in you with a little practice in front of the camera. Try out different poses in front of the camera.

Befriend a photographer and take his suggestions regarding poses and gestures in front of the camera. He will surely help you pose in many ways that are photogenic and appealing.


You may even try and create a separate album of such poses and pictures. Upload your impressive profiles on different websites, Instagram and social media websites. These are the common channels through which you may get more assignments and projects.