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How to Apply and become a Model for Aeropostale: Best Tips


If you are young and enthusiastic, there may be several career options that show up each day. Young people often fail to understand where they belong and make wrong choices in life.

It is not easy to make the right choice at an early age but modeling is a career where delays are really not acceptable. If you age, your demand in the fashion industry decreases.

Young models need to decide several things before they can actually start off with their career.become a model for aeropostale

1. Decide the type of fashion model you wish to become:

Yes, it is really vital to decide the type of fashion model you wish to become. The steps you need to take in each case may be different. Here are the diverse choices in the modelling career and you need to make the right choice early.

Modelling for catalogues:

This is a great opportunity if you wish to make a career in the print media. The requirement for catalogue models may be found in diverse websites and fashion related blogs.

Modelling for commercials:

It is a great idea to start modelling for commercial advertisements. The audiovisual media offers myriad possibilities for the right talent in the fashion industry to get noticed.

Modelling for newspapers and printed magazines:

Newspapers and magazines always look for fresh faces to pose for their advertisements. The reach of the print media is one reason why you should opt for this media. It opens a pool of possibilities for you. You can make use of these opportunities to move ahead in your career.

Modelling for websites and blogs:

modeling for aeropostale

The digital media and the numerous websites are now in vogue. There are many individuals who do most of their daily activities with the help of the internet. This makes websites and blogs very popular.

If you get an opportunity to model for the websites or blogs, do not neglect it. You may be lucky if you are chosen by some prominent fashion designer to represent his brand or collection.

The renowned fashion designers usually pay well and make sure that you get all the privileges for representing their brand.

Modelling for fashion designing brands:

There are several options in each of these categories making them very popular. Many young models aspire to model for popular brands or even model for popular retail stores.

Abercrombie, American Eagle, Pacsun, Forever 21 and Aeropostale are some of the popular brands for which these models wish to work.

The requirements from a model in the retail industry are pretty different from the models who do hardcore modelling.

Aeropostale is a retail store that sells various tops, jeans, sneakers and impressive accessories for men as well as women. Read to know more about Aeropostale as a brand the kind of interview you will have at Aeropostale for store models.

About Aeropostale:model at aeropostale

Aeropostale is a fashion retailer brand that is based in the USA and has a wide collection of attires, outfits and accessories for casual wear.

The brand mainly targets youngsters in their teens and in their twenties. They have countless stores all across the USA and also in several of the neighbouring nations.

The brand stands for fashion and style and is always in the look out for fresh and energetic faces to represent their brand. They look for young men as well as women models to represent their brand.

Aspiring and budding models often find Aeropostale stores to be a great place to initiate their career. The job at Aeropostale helps them to get in contact with people in the industry and seek better opportunities. Here we discussed few requirements about how to get a job at Aeropostale.

2. Essential Requirements for being an Aeropostale model:

aeropostale job interview You need to be atleast 18 years old if you wish to apply for a job as a store model at Aeropostale. They do look for young men and women who can rightly represent their brand.

They also have some basic figure requirements and if you are overweight or out of size, you may not be selected for a position with this brand.

3. Interview Questions at Aeropostale Job Interview:

You should have certain qualifications to be selected for a position of an Aeropostale model. If you fulfill these mandatory criteria, you can go ahead and apply for a job with the brand. After you apply for the position, you may be called for an interview.

Most often, the interviews for these brands are group interviews. The group size may vary from 2 members to 6 members. The group interviews make the whole process a little challenging.

When you are assessed in a group, you need to have the most interesting answers so that you draw all the attention of the recruiters. For this, you need to know what questions could be asked for the interviews. Here is a list of the most common questions asked in an interview at Aeropostale:aeropostale job interview questions

What are your weaknesses?

They ask this question to understand what you think you lack and you must make sure that you give an honest answer to the question.

Confidence is a prime quality that they look out for in candidates who aspire to be store models.

How would you handle a difficult customer?

You need to be capable of handling difficult customers with a calm composure. You should not get tense or upset while handling difficult customers.

You should be able to explain the capabilities you possess that make you great at handling tough clients with greater ease. Your answer should reveal to the interviewers that you are a good negotiator and you mean exactly what you say.

Create an outfit. Why were those the pieces selected to create the outfit? What does it say about the Aeropostale style?

This is a very tricky question asked to several of the candidates who arrive at Aeropostale for job interviews. They are asked to create an outfit after visiting the store.

Once the candidate prepares the outfit, he is asked to tell why the specific pieces were selected to create an outfit. He should also reveal how the outfit stands for Aeropostale’s fashion standards.

If you are able to answer all the questions in a manner that impress the interviewer, you can easily get a job at Aeropostale stores.

The myriad benefits of being associated with this brand are what attract youngsters to work for this brand. Here we have listed out a couple of the major advantages of being a part of Aeropostale.

4. Internal promotions exist at Aeropostale locations:

Many individuals seek to start a career at Aeropostale and opt for this fashion store because they have internal promotions too.

The brand encourages good employee relations and promotes candidates who are eligible and capable. The options for career growth make it a great choice for models in the industry.

Employees get special discounts on Aeropostale attires:aeropostale discount for employee

Employees enjoy certain special benefits on working with the fashion retailer brand. One of the most attractive things is the discount that an employee enjoys on products of the brand.

5. Employees are valued at Aeropostale:

Aeropostale is a brand that values its employees and offers a good work environment for its employees.

Modeling career has multiple options and choices and you can have a stable career in this field if you do your share. Only individuals who are devoted to their goal achieve success.

Here are some simple steps that most models make sure they take to stay in the fashion industry and remain popular.

Allocate time for exercise:

You cannot be casual about your exercise and need to allocate a few hours each day for the regular exercises.

You cannot quit exercising on alternate days to meet your better half or to chill out with friends. You need to inculcate a proper sleep schedule and you must wake up early in the morning.

Human brain needs seven to eight hours of sleep to think properly. Cutting down on sleep is never the right choice.

Have a proper diet routine:

When you join a diet plan or meet a dietician, the first thing they tell you is to eat on time. Regular eating helps the body to stay healthy.

Skipping meals harms your health. You also need to snack at regular intervals. This prevents you from eating excess. You also need to have ample amount of water.

Water helps to cleanse your body internally. It also helps you stay hydrated and prevents you from feeling exhausted. Incorporate fruit juices and vegetables in your diet.

To Wrap Up:

Aeropostale model positions are just the beginning for a true model. If you wish to ascend the ladder in the fashion industry, make this your first step. Develop contacts in the fashion industry during your job at Aeropostale.

Understand the diverse fashion trends. You must also explore the myriad opportunities that you may try out to advance your career in future.

Read fashion magazines and try to understand the reason behind the failure of certain models. Stay cautious not to follow the same path.