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How to Answer ‘What is your secret talent’ Interview Question


We all know that an interview is not that easy to crack as it seems to be.

There are a lot of tricky questions that a recruiter asks to select a perfect candidate for the job requirement.

It takes real talent to answer those questions without a doubt and grab the job like a professional.

One of those intriguing questions is questions about your secret talent which are most frequently asked during job interviews by the recruiter.

You need good skills to answer this “what is your secret talent” interview question with ease and give the perfect answer that is required to get this job as well as interviewer’s attention without much issue.

What is your secret talent

Reasons to Ask “What is Your Secret Talent” Interview Question:

This is one of those questions that intrigue most of the candidates.

Though it may seem to be simple on the face and something which has no relation to the present job, it seems to fulfill its purpose.

Most of the candidates think that this question is quite odd, it is not at all related to the current job nor is it going to be used in job time.

But this question tends to address something which is of more importance to the manager like some secret talent within you. Some of the reason as to why an interviewer will ask you these questions are as follows:

1. To get the big picture of you:

Many of the candidates think that this question is plain and simple enough as it is not related to working life.

But the answer to this question gives an overall bigger picture of you as a person. It also tells about how effectively you get to spend your day other than your working hours.

If a person is passionate about something then it is sure that he/she must also be good and passionate about his work life.

2. To discover your passion:

Companies are not recruiting you just because you are skilled at your work. No doubt it is the main reason for you to get the job but they are also interested to know if you have got something interesting up your sleeve like a hidden talent.

It is always better to have a guy who is not only skillful but is also packed with some entertaining qualities.

3. To know about your personality:

Your preference for extra activities or hobbies depicts a lot about your personality. Someone with a talent for painting will serve good in designing work.

Others such as someone who has an appetite for music might be great at performing annual community fairs or a party. Someone good at anchoring can be an assist for the company as he can be a good presenter.

How to Identify Your Natural Talents?

Many people believe that God blesses all human beings with special talents. It means every person has some kind of unique talent with them.

In most of the cases, due to the monotonous lifestyle and profession, they do not work on that special talent. But if the person can fine-tune his talent or passion, then that would be helpful for him in the long run.

Finding your hidden talent helps in understanding the true purpose of your life. It is almost like a boon in disguise and you need to make the most of it. Moreover, if you could find work that is related to your talent or passion, then it will not only be fruitful financially but also you will be able to do wonders in your profession. Now let us look at a few simple steps which help in determining your hidden talents.

Simple Ways to Find Your Hidden Talent:

  1. Do Some Self-analysis
  2. Move out of your comfort zone
  3. Experience the Gifts of Life
  4. List Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  5. Take a Personality Test
  6. Start a Daily Journal
  7. Have a glance at your High School Report Cards

How to Find Your Hidden Talent?

Now that we know the importance or relevance of this question in an interview we will now look into the part where we will try to tackle the problem of how to find your talent.

Many people just babble anything as secret talent when the fact is they may not like it even slightest. You need to discover your talent.

It is hard to deny the fact that getting to know about your secret talent not only boosts your morale but it also gives you the reason to chase after something in your life.

Also, getting a secret talent can be exciting. Without wasting more words lets learn some of the ways that will help you to discover what is your hidden talent.

Being true to yourself:

This point has been recurrent as a tip for any interview question. The interview is all about expressing yourself and each component of it is very much about the company learning about you and whether you are the right person for them.

So the major part of it is that you first learn about yourself and discover your inner self. It is the best way to guide you to anything and everything.

What makes your time pass by:

One day you were just sitting idle and then you got hooked up to an activity so great that you went on to do it without realizing that you have just skipped your breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the process.

Only if you can recognize such activity then chances are that it may be your secret talent about which you are passionate about. So stick on to that and follow your talent.

What thrilled you as a child:

Childhood is something very special, for it is that period of life when a person is innocent and pure.

Every child is excited about something or other and it is quite probable that there must be something that kept you occupied during your childhood.

So go back to that time, try to recall your pastime activities. You can probably get to discover something that can give you the thrill of the past and at the same time add to your personality.

Score your good credit:

Remember the times you get to receive a good compliment on some activities like “Wow that’s great. It was a great act. I wish I could do such a thing.” Then it’s time to recall those things or activities.

Chances are that some of them might be your secret talent or talents. Leave no stone unturned until you get your goal.

Let the universe do it for you:

When it becomes difficult for you then let the universe do it for you. Whether you believe in your talent or not, the universe has a very positive review about you.

Maybe you will eventually get to discover your inner secret talent.

Stop procrastinating:

Sometimes it happens that you get so lost in your life that you just keep on procrastinating your interest until the time that it becomes too late. The only thing that is guaranteed is that what you have for a present.

So grab up your activity kit and jump into some rock and roll fun. Maybe you can get a chance to reconnect to your old secret talent.

What is your ideal day scenario:

Imagine that you have achieved whatever is there to achieve for you. You have got a great house, a lovely wife, great income and an ideal living condition.

Then, how do you imagine your ideal day activities?

Is it by singing or crafting on woods?

Whatever it may be, if you can get to imagine your ideal day activity then guess what, that may be your secret talent.

What urges you the most:

Many activities can tap into your interest. Maybe some of them might have been so interesting that you wished that you could spend a day or two more to learn it.

But then, there are some jobs or activities which you always carve to do every day religiously. Then it may be the case that, this activity can be your secret talent.

All you need is to find what is the thing that you are fond of and present it as your most important skill or you might say your secret talent.

Leave no stones unturned:

Given this world has so many things to do, you should dive in and try whatever this world has to offer to you. You never know what will attract your attention and may turn into your passion.

This world is a collection of various interesting and creative stuff. And as a social being, we have to discover the variety and expose ourselves to this vivid entertainment stuffs.

This will help you to not only finding your talent but also to learn something valuable. Go on playing with your talent until your interviewer is satisfied.

Open to all the experience:

Talent is all about gaining an extra edge over others in some form of knowledge or skill.

So experience different types of entertaining or intense skills that can enhance your knowledge about your potential and can help you to learn a lot about what you like or not.

So travel around, learn something and do different activities. May be during this, you can get to learn your talent.

Go back in time, and search for the tiny experience that could be a possible secret talent that you might possess and use it to the fullest to get past the interview with flying colors.

Tune in to creativity:

Creative works have always affected our minds profoundly. There is something special about them to tune in our attention.

Be it music or painting they have a profound ability to keep our attention intact.

If music, painting, dancing or anything that is closely related to creativity is what keeps you engaged, then it is very probable that you have your secret talent in the field of creativity.

Adversity is a boon in disguise:

Adversity has made a good man great. It is the only single piece of tool that has made the best out of a man. So when you are in adverse condition then see it as an opportunity.

Let your inner talent do work for you and when you come out it in shining colors than just hang on to this talent. This may be your secret talent that will only make you better as a person.

All we know that Adversity is the best teacher. So get some ideas from your Adversities.

Now that we know some of the ways that can help you in tapping your inner talent it’s time to learn methods of how to present it in front of your prospective manager so that he will not only get to know you better, but this talent will also increase your chance to land a job.

How to Present Your Secret Talent?

Having found your secret talent, it’s time to learn the answer to today’s question of how to answer the question of “What is your talent?

Be passionate about your talent:

When it comes to explaining your answer regarding your extra skills or talent you must be passionate about it.

The interviewees are interested in those candidates who are passionate about their time-pass activities. This shows that the person has the patience and talent to learn something new and take up new challenges.

Be relevant to your job requirement:

Though this question doesn’t seek to get an answer that is directly relevant to the job for which you are applying but it’s always better to state those inner talents that could aid you in your job.

The best-hidden talent example is if you are applying for a design job then mentioning painting and sketching as your inner talent can give you an advantage.

But mentioning about something irrelevant like the ability to drink lots of beer without feeling high, may not be of much help.

Be true to yourself:

No matter what skills or talent you possess or not, make sure that you always tell that is really within you. You must not speak something which you don’t like or have no idea about.

Let it be some simple talent like waking up every day early morning. But make sure that you only mention those skills and talent that you truly possess.

No need to make any false impression or pleasing your interview with false talents.

Secret Talents That Will Benefit Your Career Success:

Your talents are what make you different from others. It doesn’t matter what your nature is, that special talent would work well for you.

The only toss here is to find the hidden talent in you. The faster you can identify it, the better it is for you. The only reason most of the people become unsuccessful is that they are unable to find out their special talent.

The talents or passion which you possess also help you a lot in your career success. It will give a boost to the growth and productivity in the professional front.

Even if you are technically qualified for doing your job perfectly, some of the special talents will act as an added advantage to you and also keeps you unique and different from others.

Here is a list of few secret talents that inspire you and works in favor of your career success.

  1. Effective communication
  2. Good at technical knowledge
  3. Great at grammar
  4. Innovative thinking
  5. Organizing


Therefore it is very essential to know how to answer these types of questions without getting into a fix.

Only when you get the knowledge of how truly you can tackle the interview questions, you shall be able to handle the job for the best of the result. Follow these steps to ensure proper answers and to bag the job without much effort.