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How to Answer any Interview Question in a Smart Way?


Tough interview questions are quite common these days. If you want to land the job of your dreams, you have to know how to answer tricky questions but in the correct way. Always remember that your seniors are not just looking forward to what you are going to tell but also how you are going to handle the questions. Your body language and behaviour matter here the most. So when you have to answer a question in a smart way, you need to know a couple of things. The following are those things that we are going to discuss.

answer any question smartlyHow to Answer any Interview Question Smartly?

1. Start off with what you know:

When you are answering a question, make sure you state at first what you really know. Speak about what you really understand about the topic. Don’t make it too long. Make sure your language is crisp and simple enough for others to understand. This will always make you sound smarter. Also never make the mistake of stating things you don’t know at first. That is a total spoiler. You should show off your bold and confident side at first. It always helps.

2. Answering questions related to hope:

When you are about to attend an interview, there will be several times where your boss will ask you questions like what do you hope and expect to come in the future. And this one should be familiar with those who are college graduates and have just started to look for a job. And even if it is not possible to answer this question directly, go ahead and speak of what motivates you to do your job. You may also speak of your current accomplishments.

3. Talking about being unique:

Another popular question that every interviewer will definitely ask is how unique you are from the rest and what really sets you apart. The way you are able to handle this question will speak volumes about you. Here you will have to display your readiness by speaking about what you have done so far in life and what are the experiences you have as your career is progressed. You should speak about your qualities as well as achievements. That would definitely do the trick. Highlight your skills and accomplishments as well.

4. Overqualified:

One of the toughest questions you will be asked when you are in an interview is whether you are overqualified for the post or not. Nobody usually says yes and neither should you. If you do, the interviewer will have an impression that you are a dissatisfied person and will leave the job fast. Instead you should focus on the experiences and skills that you already have and how that can help the company. Only mention the good points and how capable you are. Overqualified will also make you look like an arrogant person. So don’t make the mistake of doing that.

5. Speaking about yourself:

You will obviously be asked to speak about yourself when you are attending an interview. Here again is an opportunity for you to answer questions smartly. So don’t waste it at all. You should go ahead and mention your professional work experiences. Do not speak about your hobbies and childhood experiences. That would look very immature. Stick to being as professional as possible. If possible, you should prepare a personal statement that will quickly help them understand and describe who you are and what can you do for the company.

6. Strengths and Weaknesses:

strength and weaknesses

A common question you must know how to handle at an interview is the matter of strength and weaknesses. All you have to do for this one is simply summarize all the best qualities you have after which you can move on to the weaknesses. You could say that you were not good at certain things but that you are constantly trying to improve yourself and that it is helping you so far. Also speak about the steps you have been using in order to reach the goal. When you say you are working on yourself, it makes a very good impression.

7. Talking about accomplishments:

You will also be asked about the biggest achievement and accomplishments you have had so far. Make it a point to speak about it. This will be a good opportunity for you to show that you can really do the job. You should think about the skills that are related to the task and which one of your accomplishments that you could easily relate to. The goal here is to convey to your manager not only of the successes you have had in the past but also what you are capable of accomplishing in the future.

8. Speaking about the company:

Obviously you will be asked about the company you have applied for. So before you go for the interview, make sure you have done some homework and done enough research about the company. Most of the public companies will post about the investors information, their management team and the board of directors. Make sure you have a good idea about all of them. You should also write down all the important points that will help you answer the question. Again remember to keep it short. Don’t make it too long and boring.

9. How would others speak about you?

No manager will leave out on a question like this. You will definitely be asked on what others think of you. It will show how well you work with others and how friendly you are. Communication skills are very important at any work place. Here you can give examples of situations where you have experienced a predicament and how successfully you have taken care of it and that helped others see the good in you. You should answer truthfully because the hiring manager will reach out to your old company later and speak to them about it. You don’t want to be caught lying.

10. Be bold and straightforward:

When you are answering questions, make sure you are bold and straightforward. Try not to come across as a shy person or fumble while speaking. Your words should make you look like a confident person who doesn’t mind saying whats on his/her mind. Also remember to be very honest. You don’t want to be caught lying. That would damage all your chances of nailing the job. So try to keep things smart by being alert.

11. Be audible:

be audible

You have to be audible during an interview. That will automatically make you look like a smarter individual. You cannot afford to be boring and a soft spoken person. Of course that doesn’t mean you have to be loud. The point is that you should be good enough to be heard. The way you speak and what you tell makes a good impression. Voice modulation also matters during interviews. So make sure that your voice is good enough to be put across. You should definitely be heard.

12. Have a good body language:

Always remember to have a good body language when you are at an interview. Sit straight and lean slightly. This will show you are interested in making conversation. Also maintain eye contact. Don’t shy away at all. That is a major turn off. And make sure you are wearing good attire. Having a good body language also has a lot to do with what you wear. If you aren’t feeling comfortable in your clothing, it will definitely show when you are seated during the interview. So make sure your body language is good enough.

13. Ask for a definition:

One of the smartest things you can ever do during an interview is asking for definitions. If there is trouble in understanding a question, ask them what they mean by a particular term. That will always make a solid impression. It will show you are interested and aware of what is being asked to you. For example if you are asking “why do you think hunting is manly?” you could say something like “what do you mean by manliness?” With that, you will always proceed further. If they do come up with a definition, both of you will know whether you are on the same page with them or not.

This brings us to the end of the post. We hope all of you have found a fine solution to all your problems. If you haven’t attended any interview earlier, then make sure to follow every single step and idea stated here. It will definitely help you in the long run. Not just that, knowing how to answer difficult questions in the smart way makes a very good impression. So stress less and follow the directions given. Also if you have any comments or ideas regarding this post, please feel free to express. We would love to hear from you.