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How to Keep Track of your Accomplishments at Work?


Diogenes of Sinope the great Greece philosopher, in his legendary quote, had mentioned that “Modesty is the color of Virtue.” But if you are currently looking for a job, you would understand that more and more recruiters are using social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook to look for their new job hires. In fact, 94% recruiters are active in LinkedIn, while in Facebook 65% are active. Thus it is essential that you follow today’s trend and highlight your work accomplishments in these accounts so that the recruiters can view them and you can finally be offered your dream job. If you are still a little unconvinced, then read the article below and find out how you can keep a track of your accomplishments at work.

Track Accomplishments at Work1. Writing down all your small and big achievements:

A simple easy method to note your accomplishments at work is writing it down in a special notebook. Most of us make a mistake when we think that we would remember everything we have done when we attend an interview. This overconfidence might eventually make you lose your dream job, as you fail to mention an accomplishment which would have clinched the deal. Thus cultivate a habit where you can write any major accomplishments you have had on a single day, in your special notebook. Every weekend you can read this book in your leisure time and then add the important accomplishments on a resume or update it in any of your social media account. This habit would be very fruitful for you during your KRA reviews and all that you would need to do now is just explain your accomplishments to your superiors and ask for a promotion.

2. Take time to review your accomplishments:

You might write down all your key accomplishments at work daily. But how often do you review it? If you do not review the list of accomplishments, you would be unable to differentiate the great ones from the ordinary. Thus when you have some time in hand review your accomplishments and highlight the best ones in your resume. This accomplishment could be simple as a thank you note given to you by a team member or to be praised in the annual review meeting in front of 50 top company officials, by your CEO.

3. Actively use LinkedIn:

Most employees do not pay much attention to your Linked In accounts. But surveys undertaken by Herd Wisdom indicates that LinkedIn is used by recruiters and hiring managers to undertake 89% of their online search for a quality candidate. Thus it is essential that you update LinkedIn profile and make it your online accomplishment journal.

4. Easy accessibility of all your projects:

Opportunity knocks at your door when you are least prepared for it. For example, your best friend has just joined a new cloud services company who are looking for good sales people. If you have your last sales meeting project near you, you can share a few slides (that do not have confidential company data) with your friend to indicate your proficiency at work. This simple tactful strategy might help you to get the coveted sales consultant job which you had dreamt off in no time.

5. Using social media account wisely:

One of the most effective ways to document your accomplishments at work is by publishing them in various social media account tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps to create an image of a winner in the eyes of people who review these accounts. For example, you can tweet in your Twitter account regarding a major accomplishment that you had enjoyed on a specific day. In your Facebook account you can upload the photographs of your various training programs you had undertaken recently and this would help both family and friends understand your success level at work.

6. Run your online blog:

One of the innovative ways to document your accomplishments at work is to have your own dedicated website, and regularly write your online blogs regarding your various accomplishments at works. The blog links can also be inserted in facebook, twitter and LinkedIn account so that large online visibility can be created.

Accomplishments at Work- Important Rules:

1. Where do you store your work accomplishments:

If the idea of making notes every day does not much appeal to you, you can use various other options which would help you to store facts online. The first such option is using the Microsoft’s Cloud Services. If you do not want to pay for a service, then you can use the Google Drive or even the DropBox. The benefit of online storage is the fact that this data is easily accessible and can be stored in a secure manner.

2. Store accomplishments in an organised manner:

While storing data it would be best to store the details of the first company first and then slowly move towards the accomplishments that you have enjoyed in your current company. This simple trick would help potential employers gage the fact regarding how you have grown over the years and how the nature of your accomplishments has changed also. Otherwise, most people would just read your current company’s accomplishments and fail to understand how you have grown over the years.

3. Get your facts accurate:

When documenting your accomplishments at work remember that you have to document them accurately. Here you should make a list of things that you have accomplished over the years and never cook up a story. Anne Fischer from is of the opinion that young people nowadays tend to stretch their accomplishments at work a little more, than their superiors. Thus be careful regarding what you state. Otherwise, things might boomerang for you.

4. How many accomplishments at work can you highlight in your CV?

Dr John Sullivan a recruitment expert is of the opinion that when a potential employer views your resume, you would want him to see that you have produced good results at work. Therefore it is essential that your resume should be filled with facts and accomplishments. However, these facts and figures should be blended in well.

5. Use professional help:

If you do not have the time to document your accomplishments at work, you could use professional help. Nowadays there are numerous professional resume writers who would write your resume well and fill them with accomplishments which would make you a sure winner in no time.

Remember the key to success lies in doing the correct thing at the right time. Documenting your accomplishment is one such activity. Thus if you do it regularly, it would not be long before Mr. Opportunity gently knocks at your door, and you can thus use your hard work easily, to achieve your career goals.