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5 Types of People Who Can Never Enjoy Life


There are some genuinely beaten down people inhabiting our world who have no shot at happiness. When floods or drought ruin their health, wealth, and homes. When man turns violent against his own kind; when lives are burnt, children tortured, food scarce, have you no shame in limiting yourself by your own ideas?

Happiness comes wrapped in all forms. Cuddling a baby, a chilled beer on Sunday, head bent in prayer, splashing in the rain, heart for a patient, sky-diving, a promotion, a music concert… endless list.

Below is my list of people who will never live a whole-hearted life:

Types of People who Don’t Enjoy Life to the Fullest:

It’s dirty, it’s filthy, yuck!

To strut around with pride on spotting a blemish on a fine white table-cloth. Or gather attention by feeling sick at a bad smell. Avoid use of public washrooms because who knows what diseases might lurk there. It’s all a little nonsense frankly.


If you are invited to a traditional wedding in South India, your meal will be served on a huge banana leaf. I once sat across from a lady at such a function and watched as she went about cleaning her ‘plate’. She first used a dry paper napkin, then took the leaf to a basin and washed it under running water, brought it back and wiped it with a wet paper napkin. Then put some sanitizer liquid on her handkerchief and rubbed it over the leaf again. All this with a disdainful looks at people around who wouldn’t follow suit! People who live in constant revulsion of things around, are only living half a life. Make all possible attempts to let your child be less finicky and just overcome any squeamishness as early on as possible.

The sun will kill me!

Yes, it is sunny. And then it will rain. It might be snowing some place too. Seasons come, seasons go. Children hardly give a thought to the weather while playing. As we grow up, the physical ‘dangers’ of seasons start dictating oufearr lives far more.

In our city, a horrific act of terrorism was carried out at a public garden. Needless to say, it’s been many years since; but for many people, any plans of going there may mean getting blown up in a similar act. Or an accident happened on a stretch of road, so avoid the road in future. A lift fell inside a building… no more lifts from now on. For god’s sake, people die due to complexities of obesity, but you don’t stop eating, do you? To live in perpetual fear of physical harm is barely living at all.

Oh no, a black cat crossed my path!      


There may be science behind say Feng Shui or Birthstones, but there are some blind faiths which take over lives and lord over them. Blind faiths and superstitions are mental illnesses which are a black spot on human-kind. From unlucky Friday the 13th to the horrid treatment meted out to widows in some cultures, superstitious people live the saddest life of all. And worse, they make the lives of people around them despicable.

They are in constant fear of the unknown and feel their destiny lies completely out of their own behavioral control.

It’s mine, you get your own

If you are stingy in mind and heart, life will return the favor by being stingy with your happiness. stingy1Large hearted people lead a far more wholesome life. They carry everyone else along. They surround themselves and their loved ones in joyful activities.

They prefer to share the fun and have no problem spending from their own pockets in the process. People who have a selfish bent of mind are weighted down by their own attitude towards material things.

Why go out when I can lie here and watch TV

Unsocial to the core, inhibited by their own shyness or problems with social phobia, people who prefer to lock themselves out of other people’s lives, don’t understand what they are missing out on. No amounting of befriending on couch potatoFacebook, or chatting on Whatsapp can compensate for real life interactions.

There may be those who argue that sitting in with a book is far more satisfying than having an inane conversation with someone silly. True. But definitely not all the time. Go find yourself better like-minded people in that case. There is a true sense of belonging and satisfaction in making yourself a part of someone’s life and accepting others in yours.

Life is about giving yourself a true shot at happiness. Have you given yourself that chance yet?