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How to Write Statement of Purpose for MS and MBA


Writing a statement of purpose to continue one’s further study is one of the hardest parts of any grad student. Students who want to continue their further studies need to write a statement of purpose statistics which includes all exact information about the educational qualification, career goals and future objectives. This is a statement of, where a student writes a brief letter about his/ her aspirations for which he/she needs to follow a certain type of educational background which can help them achieve better.

Write Statement of Purpose

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for MS:

Most of the applications which a person needs to write, whether it is professional or personal statement must have some kind of particular formats. But the main issue here in this is writing a statement of purpose which is considered as one of the form of writing an application letter. And the main objective of writing a statement of purpose is to find out whether the candidate applying is worthy of proceeding further. In this matter when a person writes a statement of purpose for MS studies, then he/she should point out some particular highlights.

1. Brief introduction:

As most of the letter goes with a common introduction factor, similarly this statement of purpose crosses a similar way where a candidate needs to explain the opposite party that why studying masters in science can benefit their future and the candidate need to explain the main committee about the importance that their educational institution with that MS degree. In this portion of the introduction the candidate tries to capture all the main elements of their educational background which can benefit their further education expectation with MS degree.

2. Main body:

The candidate or the student need to cover most of the main elements such as his / her skill, objective and career goals with main body of the letter. One of the main factors that a grad student need to focus on would be his/her nature of studies and in that matter the nature of the study is master’s in science. Therefore, the candidate needs to list all the points in that main body of the letter, all the things about his/her studies in science and experiments.

3. Follow format:

When a grad student tries to get into an educational institution which can help him/ her pursue their education that is master’s in science, then the student need to clear out all the main features that helps him/her to understand educational format of masters in science. And to do that the candidate needs to follow that statement of purpose format which can favor in all its means of success. Therefore, writing a statement of purpose in a given format can benefit the candidate to continue their aspirations in MS.

4. Skills set:

If a candidate or a grad student is willing to continue their education by joining an institution which can provide him/her better environment of studying a Master’s in science, then the candidate needs to understand one thing first and that is how to project their skills in writing. Most probably the student needs to think of skill that requires to complete their master’s in science. A strong background in science can build a strong base for their future prospectives.

5. Be clear:

One of the main decision that a student need to take before writing a statement of purpose is that where they want to pursue their education by studying the masters in science. And this clears all those questions that can make one feel guilty in their future if the decision taken goes terribly wrong. Therefore, a student before choosing masters in science as their study field needs to figure out that educational institution which can favor their study field.

6. Be creative:

Most of the people follow a certain type of common approach while applying for a MS course. Therefore, in desperate situations, these types of common approach can affect the candidate’s decision. And being creative can provide them different dimensions that never been touched. Most probably those new dimensions can start a new type of thinking among the admissions committee. Eventually a candidate with a dream of pursuing a MS degree, can find a way to impress the admissions committee with a statement of purpose.

7. Be selective:

While writing a statement of purpose a grad student need to point out those points and that can be educational programs and institution that can favor them with a MS degree. Being selective in that manner can be beneficial for both the candidate and the admission committee. Most probably this can favor a candidate better than an admission committee and that is because of their selective nature. Being selective with words while writing a statement of purpose can create a positive situation for that candidate with their MS degree.

8. Focus on target audience:

Most of people think that writing an official letter is not that big deal, but it is a big deal when it comes to writing a statement of purpose. Because this one letter decides whether you are allowed to study MS degree or any other degree. Therefore, while writing a statement of purpose a grad student need to find out their target audience as in admission committee, which decides whether the student applying to study MS degree in this particular institution is capable of handling their further decisions.

9. Conclusion:

Ending with a conclusion is one of the official part of ending an official letter. Similarly, while writing a statement of purpose the candidate need to conclude it with a conclusion which can help that admission committee to make their decision easy. A conclusion is a part of the statement where the candidate explains most parts of the letter in a brief manner. If a candidate wants to study MS degree, then end a statement of purpose should favor that decision along with their decision of selecting them into their institution.

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for MBA:

Pursuing masters degree in business administration is not an easy task. And to get into an institution which provides better facilities in terms of their MBA degree is much more tougher than that. Therefore, to make that happen a grad student or a candidate need to list out those elements of writing a statement of purpose. The main element of writing a statement of purpose for MBA is as follows.

1. Brief your background:

While writing a statement of purpose for MBA admissions , a grad student need to briefly explain the background of their studies. Explaining their educational background helps the admissions committee proceed with their decisions. And while explaining the educational background the candidate need to lay out all the positive points of their educational background which can help them classify and understand the MBA programs better.

2. Demonstration of interests:

Joining educational program and choosing such institution which can help them grow with their institution is one of the crucial part of writing a statement of purpose. When a grad student decides to take up an institution which can help him/her be better while studying the MBA course, at that point of time that particular student need to understand that demonstration of interest can help the actual admission committee to make accurate decisions.

3. Explain your career goals:

Most of the educational institutions prefer those students who have strong will about their career goals. And to show them that, the candidate needs to write a statement of purpose which should explain all the main elements of their career goals an objectives. It is one of the major elements to consider while writing a statement of purpose. Therefore, it is one of the major elements while writing MBA statement of purpose

4. Revise:

After writing most parts of the statement of purpose, the candidate need to revise the statement accordingly. This is a part where the candidate revises all the educational background which need to complete their MBA course. In this part of the statement admission committee decides whether the candidate can hold the pressure of studies or not. And ultimately, after clearing out all the necessary and unnecessary changes, the candidate can proceed with their statement of purpose for their glorious future.

Additional Background of Study:

Additional background of study provides different type of statement of purpose. Every single MBA study program consists of certain types of specialization background. These specialization backgrounds help those grad students make their options clear about their future. Therefore, in this segment of MBA degree a grad student estimates the value of these specialization better with their career goals.

1. MBA with marketing specialization:

In this masters degree of business administration the candidate receives most of his/her educational factors with the marketing specialization. It is one of the highest demanded professions where the candidate need to understand all the element which helps to improve the marketing ratio of the company. A graduate with an MBA in marketing specialization can be a main part of the company, his duties are to bring in the marketing strategy that can increase the value of the product or company.

2. Common MBA:

In this master of business administration studies, a student will be exposed to a different level of education. Most parts of the masters degree in business administration include all the business related terms and factors. One of the main parts of studying a masters degree in business administration is that the students will cover all the essential details about running a successful business and organization.

3. MBA in banking and finance:

Studying a masters degree in business administration with a banking and finance specialization covers most of topics of banking and finance. A person studying masters degrees in banking and finance will be exposed to a number of subjects which can help them understand banking and financial terms better. One of the actual matter that is considerable is that a person with a banking and finance knowledge can handle banking and financial obligation better.

4. Entrepreneurship specialization:

Most of the grad students study masters degrees in business administration, but the actual subjects that can favor their business administration study would be entrepreneurship specialization. Therefore, completing a masters degree in entrepreneurship specialization can benefit the candidate better in terms of their business administration knowledge. And clearly it makes things better for the student and the institution as well.

5. Demand and supply chain management:

When a grad student chooses their educational interest in one of the particular subject then it is very much important to choose a stream of their education. In other words, specialization which can help them educate themselves better and this type of specialization classify some things better and that is their working environment and culture. Therefore, studying demand and supply chain specialization can create positive working and educational environment for grad students.

6. Financial management:

In this educational criteria of financial management, a grad student undergoes some sort of educational up and downs like a roller coaster ride. But the end result of these educational streams creates a difference of thinking among people and management authorities. In different term of explanation studying masters degrees in business administration with a specialization of financial management can create a financial environment for that particular grad student who is willing to continue his / her education in this type of educational program and course.

And the bottom line of this discussion is that whether it is studying MS, or it is an MBA, writing a statement of purpose takes a lot of effort. Most common parts of writing a statement of purpose would be their introduction part, in which the candidate explains all of those skills that can help them understand MS and MBA better. Therefore, if a candidate needs solution and want to understand the value of a statement of purpose letter, then they can read all the above mentioned information.