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Workplace Bathroom Etiquette: How to Poop at Work Discreetly


Some awkward moments which happen unexpectedly in life, make others feel embarrassed about it. And in the process of such awkward moments, some can be handled gracefully but some can be regretted forever. At such awkward moments, people wish that it should never happen again and regret for the rest of their life.

One awkward thing which can come anytime and anywhere which is not at all good for anyone is a feeling like pooping, especially in the workplace. Here are a few best workplace bathroom etiquettes to follow.

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

24 Rules for Pooping in the Workplace:

Imagine a situation when one starts feeling an extreme internal rush of poops and makes the environment around one completely difficult to handle. Moreover, this kind of situation and internal rush feel experiencing in the workplace can be more humiliating for anyone.

Therefore, some golden rules for such a level of the extreme internal rush of pooping and also some of the manner where one can make that feeling less embarrassing for everybody in the workplace.

1. Check for the empty stall:

When a person feels an internal rush of pooping in the workplace, then he or she is supposed to act a little professional while going to the bathroom in the workplace.

It is quite difficult to handle that kind of feeling in the workplace, but somehow that person needs to handle themselves and behave professionally and leave his or her working counter.

After entering the bathroom the person needs to check for the empty stall so that he or she can release the pressure of poop completely.

2. Try and check for privacy in the bathroom:

Using the bathroom for peeing and pooping is two different things, and that is why it is very much necessary to check for the privacy criteria before going to the bathroom for pooping purpose because while pooping if someone hears something unwanted noise, then it makes things a little awkward around that person.

Therefore, it’s a professional manner while going to a bathroom especially for pooping purposes, they should check for privacy first.

3. If the bathroom is already occupied, then wait for one’s turn patiently:

Most of the time it happens that when someone is already in the bathroom no matter of any reason, whether it is peeing or pooping, then another person needs to wait for that person to come out of the stall so that he or she can get into the stall as per the order line.

Therefore, it is a way more professional to wait for one’s turn instead of knocking and troubling the primary one. Moreover, it is the most preferred manner when it is a female bathroom.

4. Never lift the toilet seat to distract:

Most of the people think that most men lift the toilet seat while peeing purpose, but taking that habit as an advantage people lift the toilet seat while pooping so that the primary pooper can create an image that he or she was peeing in the stall.

Therefore, people need to understand one thing that even if they try to fool others with the help of toilet seats, it is unnecessary that tricking with the toilet seat trick never going to fool others, as people who pee always try to turn down that seat after peeing.

5. Always wash hands after pooping or peeing:

It matters the most to others that when a person comes out of a toilet or a bathroom need to maintain a certain level of hygiene in their life. So it is necessary to wash hands properly after using the toilets and bathrooms in the workplace.

Therefore, it is a common professional bathroom etiquette on how to poop at the office. So it is a professional habit to keep oneself clean and hygienic after pooping or peeing.

6. Avoid shaking hands after pooping or peeing:

Sometimes after coming out of toilet people just bang into their other colleagues, then all forget about washing hands after pooping or peeing, so to avoid such a situation a person needs to be attentive about personal hygiene and try to maintain a certain level of professionalism while working in the office. Therefore, all aspects of using bathrooms more professional way can provide a better scope of understanding the value of professionalism in the workplace.

7. Never sit in the stall for more than 10 minutes:

Sometimes there is a possibility that a person entered the bathroom with the intention of pooping relaxing and might take more than ten minutes for that, simultaneously another person approaches the bathroom and waits out the bathroom, then it is a kind of signal for the primary pooper that the situation is becoming more uncomfortable for both the parties. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a certain period to release pressure in the bathroom which shouldn’t cross certain time limits.

8. Avoid chattering:

It is a common thing that while working in the office whenever a person uses the bathroom for pooping purposes, then he or she should avoid chattering in the bathroom because it is the most unprofessional way of discussing professional stuff.

Therefore, it is always better to keep professional and personal things out of the bathroom so that people entering the bathroom will be more comfortable to work on their business.

9. Keep mobiles out:

Some people have a habit of carrying their mobiles everywhere and especially the toilet, so it is advisable for all those people to avoid mobiles in the bathroom or else avoid taking calls inside the bathroom while pooping or peeing because it sounds very unprofessional to everyone, whoever accompanies him or her to the bathroom.

10. Crop dusting:

The time before pooping, one cannot avoid farting. It’s hence advisable to keep walking around the office area so that the smell is not sustained in one area. In this way, everyone gets a whiff and would be unaware of the source.

It’s good for employees to be careful at such moments and they’re advised not to cease until the complete fart has ejected. It’s good to walk extra feet so that the employee can make sure that the smell has left his pants.

11. Fly by:

Before pooping, employees can monitor the bathroom and find out if there are other poopers too. In such cases get back and visit the bathroom later but make sure not be a regular flyer as other employees may suspect you.

12. Escapee:

There are times when a fart slips out during peeing time or at times of pooping a fart may slip out in the stall. This usually causes an instant embarrassment to the employee. When such things happen do not acknowledge it, pretend as if you do not know.

In the same manner, if you’re a man and you are in a urinal next to a farter then also pretend as if you do not know. This is because no one likes escapees. This situation seems to be uncomfortable because when jokes cracked or others laugh it would be uneasy for both parties.

13. Jailbreak:

It is usual that when forcing a poop, several other farts break out at the speed of a gun. This occurs usually as a result of hangover or diarrhea. It is best advised that employees do not panic at that moment. It can be a good idea to remain in the stall for some time so that no one blames you for what has occurred.

14. Flushing technique:

It is perfect to flush water once the poop hits the water because it reduces the air time poop stays in water which has more chances to stink the bathroom. In this way, one can escape from walking out with shame.

15. Turd burglar:

Other people aren’t aware that your pooping and may try to get into your stall. One of the most shocking and vulnerable moments is when someone trying to get in at the time of pooping. When such scenarios occur, stay in the stall until the third person leaves which can avoid bumpy eye contacts.

16. Space yourself:

Choose a stall which is quite far away from other poopers as there are several advantages. In this way, poppers can maintain privacy. When there is more space between the employee and other poopers then, there would be chances for less detection in terms of smell and sound.

17. To get less noise:

It is perfect to put toilet paper on the surface of the water so that when the poop falls in the water, there is less splash and noise.

18. Keep the bowl empty while leaving:

Employees must make sure to leave an empty bowl in the stall. It is not good to leave the deposit behind so that the other person comes and flushes it. Also, make sure to flush out skid marks available.

19. Safe stalls:

Employees can also look out for rarely used bathrooms in the office complex, where visitors are least in number. It would be advisable to use bathrooms on other floors with the opposite sex. In this way, poppers of your category can be avoided.

20. Cameo cough:

Employees can make a cough which alerts other visitors that you are occupying the stall. In the same manner, a toe-tapping can also be used as a beneficial alert making others a signal that you are occupying the space.

21. Watermelon:

Poops that make loud noises as they splash the water and diarrhea can also cause loud noises as they splash the water and these are considered as embarrassing incidents. In such situations, diversions can be developed, by making a cameo cough or a toe tapping.

22. Proud colleagues:

Few colleagues poop at office hours and feel proud of it. Out of the closet, poopers are ones who hand around with newspapers and magazines with them. Make sure to look out for these guys before entering the washroom.

23. Uncle ted:

The one who usually lingers around is a frequent bathroom user. There are ones who usually spend time in front of the mirror or on the pot. It would hence be difficult to relax when on the crapper. This is because one would be ready to drop the load only when the bathroom is empty. This is useful for you and other frequent bathroom entries.

24. Do not play games in the stall:

It is always advisable to complete your work as soon as possible when you are in the stall. Do not make others wait as it seems awkward. Do not do make-ups or brush your hair in the bathrooms as it makes others frustrated.

Finally, this discussion about workplace bathroom pooping etiquette at work provides more information about some of the golden rules of using the bathroom in the workplace. Therefore, those who are curious to know more about the above mentioned subject, they can read all the interesting stuff mentioned above.

These workplace bathroom etiquettes provide detailed information about the differentiation between rules of using the bathroom for pooping and peeing which is very much interesting. These tips help you learn how to poop in the office.

Employees who are unaware of the bathroom etiquette at work about pooping at work, can run through these hints and get benefited. They can hence maintain a majestic outlook even when they wanted to poop or has pooped just now. These are some basic rules which avoid embarrassment in an office environment. These tips can be followed and can be found to be successful.

Pooping cannot be avoided or postponed and hence it can be followed decently so that others are not irritated nor they look at you with an irritated look. Bathroom etiquette tips are mandatory and not many people follow them in their work nor their usual lifestyle. Hence to maintain a perfect look as an employee following this etiquette can be beneficial.