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How to Answer Five “Words that Describe your Personality”


Words that you make use during the interview should present your hidden skills and bring forward the required attitude you possess while you work and also the professional characteristics that are required by the company.

Your duty is to mirror the personality traits to the interviewer so that you can portray the best in you. Whatever the words you use to describe your personality and who you are should not just be the word of mouth, but also the truth so that those are trustworthy and credible enough to believe. We have listed here a few nice describing words that define your personality. Pick the ones that suit you.

five words describe personality

Words that Describe your Personality in Interview:

Here are few tips on how would you describe yourself and also the describing character words to describe yourself in an interview.

1. Articulate:

The employers need the employees who are articulate i.e possessed with both the speaking and the writing skills. You must be able to give the work in simplest form without making use of the technical jargon and any ambiguous words.

You must know the taste of breaking the complex data or information into the read worthy and understandable one during the meetings, presentations and the conferences.

2. Hard working:

Quality is required in every profession, in every work, whether it is small or big. Without hard work, nothing will be achieved and this is known very well to both the company and the employees. Remember hard work describes your personality also.

The collective effort of the company and the employees contribute to the work done with hard efforts in it. So, if you are making use of the word hard working, show it, don’t just say it.

3. Organized:

While you work, you are not just managing one work at a time, but lots of others too. You need to become the jack of all trades. You will have to manage the work of emailing, assigning the work to Co-workers, organizing various departments and handling various projects simultaneously. The best way to portray the organizing skills is to meet the deadline is provided to you.

4. Teamwork:

You are a team player and you will have to prove that being an employee. Teamwork is the collective effort of a whole lot of people working in a single company or the organization.

Teamwork can be cross-functional as well as within the department. Cross-functional will be when you will have to manage the work of different departments like that of manufacturing, marketing, accounting, etc.

You will be considered a team player only if you will have something to prove. For Example, you can put forth the collective project accomplished as a proof.

5. Adjustable:

No one is satisfied with one’s life, even if one has tons of money with him or her. Every time one has to adjust to the situation and move along with the wind. Every company cannot provide you top class work environment, neither will they be able to treat you like a king or queen, so you will have to adjust for what you don’t get and still give the best output to the company.

Adjusting your attitude will give you a sense of freedom and confidence of working even in the worst situations.

6. Computer knowledge:

You are aware of the whole technical know how of the computer and are well versed in the computer languages. Computer skills are essential for all the employees and is expected by the employers of the employees to know that.

Just say all the things that you learned while the life regarding computer like various languages, tools and software spreadsheets, etc.

7. Managing a crisis:

The most difficult test for the employees is the crisis management and if you fail to manage the crisis in a team with other employees then you might have to face the consequences.

So, if you are good at handling the issues that lead to a major crisis, then nothing is bad in that, instead, this quality will take you forward and you will be the lynchpin of the company. This kind of situation at times can describe your personality in one word.

8. Confident enough:

Sometimes the term ‘confidence’ can describe your personality in one word.

You have enough confidence, that will come forward during the interview only. The more simple, calmly you will answer, the more confident you will be portrayed and the more will be fumbling voice, the less confident you will appear.

Your confidence will help you in getting selected and also you may be consulted for the meetings, presentations and the conferences.

9. Amiable:

Friendly relations with the internal as well as the external environment, employees will help you be in the good books. Your relation with the employees in the previous company will take you ahead. If you are amiable enough, your first impression will essay everything.

The frowning face will give an impression of being a grumpy one while the smiling face with a hearty welcome will explain the amiable nature.

10. Enthusiastic:

For working in the company, one has to be very quick, alert, enthusiastic and on the toes day in day out. Working should be your priority, even when you are at home. Family issues must not hinder the work environment at office nor the domestic issues are the reason for any delayed work.

Enthusiastic means being speedy even if you have lots of work to do at one time. Completing task within the deadline with proper accuracy and without any silly mistakes will prove you enthusiastic and energetic  and can describe your personality in a better way.

11. Honest:

Honesty will take you to long run. You want a holiday as you have a domestic issue, then say exactly what your issue is. Do not cook false stories or you will be caught red-handed. Be honest in terms of work, in terms of taking a holiday and also in terms of managing the work between various departments.

Honesty will lead you ahead and lying will lag you behind. How honest, you are will be known to the interviewers when you will explain the work you did in the previous organization.

Even if you are a fresher or a recent pass out graduate, then tell the interviewer regarding no experience. Also, tell exactly the reason for leaving the previous company. Do not lie and just say the truth. Truthfulness will bring credibility to your work and also will make your work authentic and describe a character of your personality.

12. Fun loving:

Life is beautiful and not always serious. If life says not to be serious all the time, then also the same applies to the work. Every time being serious is not the demand of the situation. During the tense situations, one has to be fun loving and happy go lucky. Your happy and jolly nature will make you keep the tensed situation cool and relaxed.

Be fun loving so that the ambiance and the internal environment of the company remain relaxed and stress-free. The stress-free environment will assist in working with the flow and with full happiness, thus yielding better results.

13. Creative mind:

Show what you already did in the name of creativity. Show the projects you have made already and the goals you already accomplished. Be creative and bring creativity into what you do.

Start from the very beginning and you can bring creativity even in the answers you give during the interview. Be happy and answer smartly in a creative manner. Creative minds are always welcomed and appreciated. If you have a creative mind, then do not shy away instead show it to others to get the best output for yourself as well as for the company.

14. Positive attitude:

No matter how bad the situation is in the company during the crises, you just need to be positive and act in a positive manner. Your positive attitude will not only bring the company out of crisis but will also yield positive solutions to deal with the issue management or the crisis management.

15. Analytical:

Analyzing something critically is the best professional skill one can ever possess. If you have the skill of analyzing the business situations, bringing alternatives and also addressing the key issues, then such a skill is welcomed by the companies. Not just problem-solving qualities, one must possess but also the analyzing of competitors works critically will be helpful.

How to Describe Your Personality in Spanish:

1. Soy alegre – I’m happy
2.Yo soy bien educado – I’m well-educated.
3.Ella es seria – She is serious.
4.Ella es linda – She is sweet.
5.Él es callado – He is quiet.
6.Soy bien perseverante – I’m very perseverant.

You can Describe your Personality in the Following Words:

Describe your personality in 5 words: Sensitive, Curious, Friendly, Efficient, Thoughtful

Describe your personality in 3 Words: Bold, Innovative, Passionate

Describe your personality in 6 Words: Sometimes “AWKWARD” IS A Good Thing

Quotes that Describe Your Personality :

  • The style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality – Shawn Ashmore
  • Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it – Bruce Lee
  • I can’t change my personality. I’ll always smile, but I’ll be more focused – Katarina Johnson-Thompson
  • I believe in doing the right things; that is my character and personality – Gianluigi Buffon
  • The way you dress is an expression of your personality – Alessandro Michele
  • Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower – Charles M. Schwab
  • Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property – Norman O. Brown
  • I’m a handsome man with a charming personality – Gabe Newell
    Your personality is what makes you sexy – Mollie King

Final Words:

So, above are some of the qualities that one can answer to showcase the personality. Your personality will be reflected in what you do, not in what you say. So, it will be better if you give the proof of what you have done in the past, or even if you still are working on any current subject.

Many more qualities help make a professional, but the basic one’s that make a foundation are vital enough to speak and show out. Qualities come to the forefront with a period of time, so proving yourself will be in your hands.