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Why Everyone Hate Recruiters? 7 Valid Reasons


There could be myriad reasons why an individual hate recruiters. Every moment some individual despises another due to some unprecedented act.

All this is quite natural when it is between two individuals but what do you say when a whole clan belonging to a certain profession is despised by the masses?

How can you justify most individuals reveal their hatred for recruiters?

Well, one reason could be that one professional may not need to come in touch with another all their life but everyone has to come in contact with the recruiter at some point of time in life.

This clearly implies that each one has sometime or the other in life experienced the dark side of a recruiter.

hate recruitersThere are also reasons for this undying hatred that the job seekers in the professional world and even other professionals have towards the recruiters. If you wonder why everyone hates recruiters.

Why Does Everybody Hate Recruiters?

1. Calling for unsuitable job options:

We are all passionate about our professions and take pride in our skills and abilities. It often hurts our professional ego when we are called for interviews of lower designations.

The people who are into recruitment do not understand the seriousness of the matter because they daily come across umpteen number of profiles and they have to treat every profile with equal importance.

This is a clear reason why many individuals holding reputed office hate recruiters.

2. Calling during office hours:

Many recruiters do not abide by some basic work ethics. They tend to give you a ring during peak office hours when you may be in the midst of several tasks and assignments.

While you may be interested in the particular job opening, you may really be annoyed by the timing of the call.

There is every chance that you completely avoid the call or reply to the recruiter in harsh words which is not part of your nature.

Such instances make you lose your temper, lose out a good opportunity and also develop a kind of hatred towards the recruiters.

3. Misinterpreting  job designations:

job description mistakes Just as we take pride in our designations, we get hurt when someone asks you to do a typist job if you are a web content writer.

It may even appear to be an insult to some individuals who take their profession personally.

A recruiter should know the difference between a content analyst and a content writer, business developer and a business analyst and many other similar sounding designations which are distinctly different.

4. Giving false hopes:

Like in all professions, there is definitely a dark side to this profession too. Very often the recruiters need to keep certain profiles on hold and in the course they try and please the waiting candidates with statements like ‘final screening is on’, ‘you are overqualified’ and similar other statements.

These simple sounding sentences create hope and it can really affect the individual’s opinion about recruiters when they don’t call back again.

5. Making fake promises:

This is one thing that most of the recruiters are guilty of. They make fake promises during the recruitment process and give a flowery image of the whole job.

The candidates realize the true nature of the job once they get recruited and there are chances that the particular job may not really suit their work skills.

This is sure to upset the candidate and ruin his opinion about recruiters. This has remained the habit of many recruiters and there have even been some popular jokes on this fact.

6. Making demotivating comments:

Recruiters deal with a number of profiles each day. Everyone has opinions about individuals as well as certain designations.

It is really difficult for some people to hide their true opinions and they tend to reveal their thoughts too bluntly.

Making demotivating comments is never appreciated in jobs like recruitment where you have to deal with number of people each day. People tend to hate such recruiters.

7. Calling of appointments/interviews at the last moment:

calling interview candidates Recruiters often fail to understand that each individual’s time deserves to be valued. A candidate reschedules his other tasks in order to attend the interview and calling of such an appointment at the last moment is not just insulting but also unethical.

If there is a change in plan, candidates should be informed atleast a day in advance so that he can alter his plans accordingly.

All recruiters are not alike but when an individual applies for several job openings and comes across such recruiters in different organizations, he will surely lose all his faith in recruiters and at times even hate them.

Many of you may already be relating to some of the points just mentioned above and imagining how and when it happened with you. So what can the recruiters do to erase this dark image they have created of themselves?

If recruiters want to retain their reputation, they need to keep some vital facts in mind. Here is a list:

  • Always value a candidate’s time and effort
  • Understand the profile of the candidate before approaching him for a prospective position
  • Make sure you do not interrupt the candidate’s work by contacting him during office hours
  • Make sure you revert whether the response is positive or negative
  • Be polite and soft-spoken with the candidate
  • Do not express your openings to candidates

These are simple tricks that will help the recruiters retain their reputation and not be the most hated clan.


There are many good recruiters who are always liked by people due to the professionalism with which they handle their tasks. Some of these recruiters even become renowned career counselors.

If you succeed as a recruiter, it won’t be difficult for you to make money or ascend the success ladder. People who lack ambition and fail to furnish their communication skills fail pathetically. Very few maintain the reputation of the clan.