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Ways to Find a Job Without Using Job Board or Internet?


In this technological age, we heavily rely on the internet for every bit of information we want or need. Whether we need to order a pizza, book a cab, purchase a new dress or even make a complaint we make use of the internet and we cannot possibly imagine a life without it. So, now even to bag a good job we are constantly making use of the internet to look through Job Board or browse through the websites of various companies, to see if there are any openings or vacancies in the company. Given here is a list on ways to find a job without using job Board or the internet.

find job without internet17 Best Ways to Find a Job:

1. Always have your CV up to date:

One of the first things that you should make sure of when you are looking for a job is that you should most certainly have your CV up to date. Remember that sending a hard copy of your CV is a whole different ball game as opposed to sending virtually as it is likely that the interviewer concerned will be going through it much more closely. In this day and age a CV is not simply a summation of your traits and educational qualifications; rather it is a marketing tool where you are the product that is being marketed in the world.

2. Keep a printed copy of your CV ready at home:

When you cannot be instantly notified about an interview via your mail or through a platform like Job Board, you have to be constantly prepared for an interview over night. You should, for this reason have at least one or two printed copies of your CV perfect and ready to be placed before any recruiter or interviewer. How you do up your CV will be a reflection of you, so ensure that it is unique which makes you stand apart from the rest and it is professional looking so that all concerned know that you mean business and you do not shy away from your responsibility.

3. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times:

When you do not have the reliable internet to fall back on, you have to ensure that you have your wits about you at all times. Unless you keep your eyes and ears open then chances are that you will miss out good opportunities that are coming your way. The business world is a cut throat one indeed and it is only the shrewd as well as smart ones that are able to get ahead. Those that are laid back and do not take their work seriously are the ones that are left behind in the rat race and are never able to remain at par with the rest. So constantly be focused.

4. Drop your CV in offices you are interested in working at:

One of the best things which you can do is drop by a copy of your CV to any company which you are interested in becoming a part of. If you can get hold of the company’s fax number then you could also fax them your resume and when they have a vacancy they are sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Things like this do take time, depending on, when a company has an opening so you ought to be prepared to wait and do not expect things to happen overnight. However if you are lucky they might call you for an interview immediately.

5. Have a chat with employees of that office:

This might be a tough thing to do, but if you get a chance, do speak to employees of the office and ask them relevant questions. If you are lucky this person might be friendly and give you all the help you might need. In addition to furnishing you with information he or she might go ahead and give you inside information of when there is likely to be an opening in the office, in the event of someone leaving or even retiring. Once you have made friends with this person you could consider going a step further and asking him or her to put in a word for you if possible.

6. Check the newspapers daily:

In this day and age many of us have forgotten what it is like to pick up a news paper and read it from cover to cover. Usually we just read pieces of information online. When you go through the newspaper you will see that there is an entire section on job vacancies that are available in various companies all over the city. If you are looking for a job you ought to go through these ads very carefully to see if there is something you are interested in. This is an age old tried and tested method still used by many across the globe to seek employment when they are unemployed.

7. Gather information from friends and family:

Trusting people has been a tough thing to do especially in today’s cut throat twenty first century business world where everyone is trying to get ahead. Yet you can rest assured that the only ones who will always be standing by your side through thick and thin will be your family members and friends. They are the ones who will always be there to celebrate your success and cry with you during tough times. So inquire with them if they are aware of any openings in any companies and chances are that they might be able to help you to find a job as soon as possible.

8. Have a pitch ready in mind:

If you do not have the veil of the internet to hide behind, you must constantly have a pitch ready in mind, in the event of suddenly getting a chance to talk to the recruiter of a company when he or she is leaving or entering the office. Many might say that this is not an effective method of trying to bag a job; however this is a method that has proved to be more than successful in the case of a lot of people. For it to work, you must ensure that you have the perfect pitch ready in mind stating your name, your credentials and why this company needs someone like you.

9. Make several rounds to the top companies:

Looking for a job is not easy task at all, you have to be prepared to work hard and spend sleepless nights trying to think of ways to get noticed by the big companies. A time consuming thing which you can do is make rounds of the office which you want to work at and you never know, one day you might just get lucky enough to run into someone who might find it funny that you are there daily and he or she might strike a conversation with you. If bagging a job is something you are really interested then doing this is something you can consider.

10. Have a reliable and broad network:

If you are constantly seeking isolation and do not take the pains to getting to know people and interact with them then you can never expect to go very far in the business world. In order to get noticed and be informed about job openings you should make it a point to have a reliable and broad network where your ‘sources’ will be able to tell you about when there is an opening or they can put in a word for you. If you have as a friend, someone who has a top position in a big company then having him or her put in a word for you could be golden.

11. Check for fliers in and around your neighborhood:

An effective method which many people use to get employees is distributing fliers outside colleges, in coffee houses or even in libraries. There is no guarantee that there will be fliers available for you daily, yet something is better than nothing and you never know what good opportunity might come your way though this medium. No matter what job it is, if at the end of the day you can make two ends meet or contribute to the family expenditure then in that case something is better than nothing!

12. Post your own news paper ad:

In addition to finding out about vacancies in the newspapers, you can also post your very own ad. This is a very good way to get people who need your services to contact you as and when required. Posting an ad in the newspaper is not expensive at all so rather than sitting at home, unemployed, this is something which you can easily consider doing and you never know, you might get quite a few calls by the end of the day. Remember that it is not for nothing that the newspaper still continues to be the most popular form of print media around us.

13. Do some internship to help you get your foot in the door:

Though this is an option which not many would like to go in for, especially since there is no payment involved but think of it this way, if you are able to do your internship well and in a satisfactory manner then the company will not think twice before hiring you when you internship term has been completed. You must show that you are someone who has leadership qualities and has the ability to work in a team as well.

14. Try and contact old colleagues or college acquaintances:

In the event of needing a job, you could consider getting in touch with your colleagues or college friends asking them if they know of any job openings where they are working. If they are helpful individuals they will certainly tell you about any information which they might be having. After all anyone would be willing to help out an old colleague or friends in his or her time of need.

15. Make a visit to your local employment office:

Dropping a visit to you local employment office is something that will not take up much of your time, so you should take the pains of inquiring if there are any openings available. You should never shy away from doing everything in your power to help you get a job even if it takes up a lot of your time and energy.

16. Fill in temporary vacancies:

Another effective way to help you get your foot through your door in a company is by filling in a temporary vacancy that there might be. If you are able to prove your worth in the company then they will have no qualms about keeping you on, even when the person concerned has returned.

17. Try to spread the word that you are seeking employment:

Lastly, in this day of expenditure everyone not merely wants but also needs a job. There is no embarrassment in telling people and spreading the word that you are unemployed and seeking employment. The more people you tell, the more chances that you might here of some walk in interviews being conducted or some vacancies available in companies.

Yes, as opposed to what you might have thought there are certainly some very old, tried and tested ways of getting a job which have proved to be just as effective. Sometimes in order to get ahead you cannot just afford to sit in front of your computer relying on the information being out up on websites, what you need to do is get up and actually try and get things done on your own. In this day and age everything is available, just a click of a button away and this is the main reason why individuals have forgotten how to communicate face to face and this is becoming a big issue indeed.