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Top 10 Social Skills required for Job Interview


Job interview is your first step to getting a job. If you do not make an impression in the job interview, there are very few chances that you will get the job you desire.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind when you appear for a job interview. You must know that at the interview, the recruiters are judging you based on the way in which you interact with them.

So there are some social skills that play a key role when you appear for a job interview.

Here we have listed down the basic good social skills required in a job interview.

social skills for job interviewsGood Social Skills Needed for a Job Interview:

1. Basic manners:

If you think no one observes you too closely, you are wrong. In a job interview, the recruiters observe you too closely.

You need to have proper manners. Make sure you give a strong shake hands as soon as you enter the cabin. You must wait to be allowed to sit down.

If you sit down without waiting for permission, you lack courtesy. You may address the person by his name if it is a modern organization.

If you are planning to work in an organization that follows all age-old rules, you must refer to your seniors as ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’.

2. Code of conduct:

They keenly view every aspect of your conduct. The recruiters evaluate you based on your behavior at the interview.

You need to be well behaved at the interview. Individuals who swear or use foul language lose their reputation easily.

You need to keep a check on your basic conduct if you wish to be hired by the firm.

3. Style of speaking:

way of speaking in interview Style of speaking also matters a lot in the interview. You must always address the people, with whom you interact, in a polite fashion.

Make sure you are not rude while speaking to people. You must lavishly use words like ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank You’ while interacting with people. If you wish to call someone, use ‘Excuse me’ to attract their attention.

4. Language skills:

You need to have good language skills if you wish to impress in an interview. You need to be thoroughly conversant with English and should be comfortable replying to all their questions in English.

People who lack fluency in English should take a special crash course to improve language skills.

Language makes a great impact on the minds of the interviewers. If you fail to understand the questions posed to you, it will be an embarrassing situation.

You can also take a special course in phonetics so that you pronounce all the words correctly.

This may be particularly useful if you are appearing for interviews in multinational firms. Language proficiency is a must in most of the big organizations.

5. Body language:

body language at interview Body language matters a lot when you appear for an interview. Candidates who are fidgety and restless find it very difficult to control their body language.

They tend to do some annoying or offensive actions that spoil their reputation in the minds of the interviewer. You need to have control over your body language.

If you have problems controlling body language, take out time and work on these. Make sure that you have complete control on your actions when you go for an interview.

Interview is an essential process for getting jobs and people who fail to make their impact during interviews, lose out on many good opportunities.

The factors mentioned above are significant if you wish to clear an interview but a job interview is a final stage.

You reach a job interview only after your resume gets screened, scrutinized and selected for the particular job opening. To reach the interview stage, there are many stages that you need to successfully complete.

Social skills for Job Interview:

Here we have listed the social skills that are required before you reach a job interview so that you qualify to the interview stage.

1. Strong Profile on Job Portals:

You cannot find a job today if you do not have your profiles in different job portals. If you wish to apply for a job, you need to have a good profile created for yourself.

You must know what features to add to make a resume attractive. You must be aware of the different job portals where you can post your resume.

You should also be able to interact with the different job consultants and should know how to deal with people of different designations. You need to speak politely and with respect when you converse on telephone.

2. Good Interaction in Professional Circles:

professional interaction in the workplace Staying in constant touch with people in diverse professional circles helps you to evolve into a better professional.

Your reputation in the industry greatly depends on the way you interact with the people in your profession. Individuals who are rude and do not interact well with the people in the industry fail to prosper or succeed.

You need to have control over your temper and maintain a cool head at all times.

3. Participation in Seminars, Presentations and Job Related Events:

To add another feather to your cap, you need to participate in events related to the industry.

Make sure you enroll in seminars and presentations as these add to your reputation in the industry.

There are many firms that organize job related events like job fairs and job counseling. Make sure you take part in such events.

If you grow in reputation, you may even start organizing such events all by yourself. You need to have the right contacts in the industry to successfully work out such events.


Knowledge is just a part of your resume and there are several other factors that significantly contribute to your chances of getting a job.

You must always be willing to work and proactively contribute so that you are regarded a respectable and reliable employee who is valued by the organization.

You should possess confidence in your skills and your abilities. You also need to have a positive attitude and the willingness to take risks if you wish to achieve success in your career.

If you have fears or doubts that prevent you from having the right attitude at work, approach counseling centers and get your problems sorted out. Social skills are vital if you wish to survive in your job.