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Top 16 Pros and Cons of a Working Wife


The quick progress of our society has made the modern outlook acceptable to all. That is the reason why equality is not just preached but also practiced.

There are many women around the world who pursue their careers in spite of their hectic job schedules and married lives.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to having a working wife. Here we have listed out the merits and demerits for your knowledge and reference:

working wife pros cons

Pros and Cons of Having a Working Wife: Pros Cons
1 She may be more considerate about stressful work schedules She will have less time to attend to household chores
2 She may be able to provide valuable and helpful suggestions She may have less time to spend with family
3 She will not be Orthodox or Superstitious She may not look forward to your gifts and presents
4 She will provide monetary support to the family You may have to share many household responsibilities
5 She won’t be old fashioned It will be difficult to fool her
6 She handles situations with maturity You may have ego clashes
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Pros of Having a Working Wife:

The turn of the century has brought to us a very significant change.

As the numbers of working married women increase, there are many positive changes that take place in society.

Unlike the uneducated women who remained confined within the walls of their family household, the modern wives are working.

They have the intelligence to accept modern thoughts. Here are some of the major benefits of having an educated and working wife:

1. She may be more considerate about stressful work schedules:

Very often, housewives get lonely staying at home and managing all the household chores without the assistance of their better halves.

That is the reason why, when you plan an outing with your nonworking wife and fail to make it or get late, she is sure to get extremely fumed up.

It is difficult to convince her that there was some important meeting or office work that required your complete attention.

On the contrary, if you have a working wife, she sure will be more considerate. This is because she also has a very hectic schedule at the office.

She also works through odd hours and meets tough deadlines. Being tamed to the modern corporate lifestyle, she sure will be more considerate of your odd office hours or unexpected delays during work.

2. She may be able to provide valuable and helpful suggestions:

A working wife in the same field as you may prove to be a valuable asset to you. Even if she is not in the same field, she may possess some valuable skills that will help you achieve your career goals easily.

For instance, if your wife is a content writer, she may be able to help you understand which content is reliable and which is not.

Similarly, if you have a wife into recruitment, she may be able to find you a better opportunity when you lose a job. On the contrary, while a homemaker is maybe able to manage home perfectly, she won’t be able to provide any additional help, feedback or suggestions.

3. She will not be Orthodox or Superstitious:

One of the major problems with housewives is that they have less exposure to the real world. This makes them easily susceptible to superstitions and orthodox beliefs. This may eventually hamper your family life too.

Since your housewife spends maximum time with the kids, she may pass on some of her fears and fake beliefs to her kids. This can affect their future too.

On the contrary, a working woman has more exposure to the real world. She is educated and qualified and you can convince her of things without providing proper evidence.

Thus there are fewer chances that she will not get carried away by myths and fake beliefs. She will be sane, intelligent and will pass her wise thoughts to the little ones.

4. She will provide monetary support to the family:

The major problem with families that have just one member earning is that the risk is very high. If anything happens to the husband’s job, the whole family struggles.

On the contrary, if you have a working wife, the scenario changes drastically. A working wife provides monetary support to the family.

In families with one earning member, the money just suffices for household expenses. Buying a home or securing a child’s future is almost not possible.

That is not the scenario when there is a working wife. You may have some extra income to splurge, save or invest for the future. This will help you lead a comfortable life.

5. She won’t be old fashioned:

One major problem with typical housewives is that they strictly adhere to the age-old traditions. This makes them very old fashioned and traditional.

Women who gain proper exposure to society, on the other hand, are stylish and trendy.

If you have a working wife, you won’t have to prompt her too hard to try out new clothes and fashions.

They will always be eager to try out new styles and fashions. They will be abreast of the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Cons of Having a Working Wife:

Just like there are benefits associated with having a working wife, there are some drawbacks too.

These are often the ones, societies in developing countries highlight when they want to prevent women from working.

If you are aware of the major cons and try to find a solution to these, life with a working wife sure will be heaven. Here we have listed down these cons:

1. She will have less time to attend to household chores:

Keep your expectations related to household chores low when you have a working wife. There is every chance that she would prefer a housemaid over doing all the cleaning up and laundry.

She may not be an expert chef like your mother and won’t be able to prepare those tempting dishes that your mother used to prepare.

You must also be prepared for ready-made and instant foods that you will have to eat each time your working wife has a busy office schedule.

So if you are one of the typical homely men, be prepared to have some instant noodles, ready to cook plates of pasta and spicy instant oats. It will prevent you from going hungry when your wife is too busy.

2. She may have less time to spend with family:

The most common expectation of a man from his wife is that she spends ample time with the family, teaching kids, helping them have values as they grow up.

Housewives are able to spend sufficient time seeing the kids grow. That is not the case with working women.

A professional woman has to deal with professional pressures and this may prevent her from spending ample family time.

You will have to accept the fact that your children will have to adjust to a working mother and be a little independent.

They may not have the leisure of growing up hearing inspirational stories from their mother but they sure will learn the worldly life of independence sooner than other kids.

3. She may not look forward to your gifts and presents:

Usually, it is easy to please a woman who has less worldly exposure. She will not know much about the available options and could please with simple gifts. This is not the case with a working woman.

If you try to resolve an issue by gifting her beautiful items, you may not succeed. She may have a clear idea of what she wants and she may even be in a position to buy it herself.

4. You may have to share many household responsibilities:

This is one fact that few men will appreciate or enjoy to accept. When there is a woman who is working and earning a certain income, the husband will have to shoulder some of her household responsibilities.

These could be tasks like buying ration, sending kids to school, packing tiffin for kids or even cooking up some healthy breakfast.

If you are willing to support your wife with some of the household chores, the family will not suffer the brunt of a working mother.

On the other hand, if you sit back with traditional views like men should not enter the kitchen, finally, your family will suffer from this lack of understanding.

5. It will be difficult to fool her:

In the past when women barely left their house, it was easy for men to make fake excuses when they were away from home longer than usual or having fun with their friends. That is not possible when you have a working wife.

A working woman has a clear idea of the different places where men hang out with their friends and colleagues.

So you cannot lie and get away with it. You must either have the smartness to make the right excuse or the honesty to tell her the truth.

6. You may have ego clashes:

Especially in societies that have been predominantly male-dominated, a working woman is still not an easy thing to accept.

Many men tend to have ego problems when their wives start earning more than them or succeeding in their careers.

Then they start creating obstacles in the wife’s life making life hard for both of them.

You must have the maturity to avoid such clashes. Money should never come in between a couple. Love and understanding should form the foundation of your relationship. You must understand that the total sum should utilize effectively to ensure family growth and prosperity.