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Top 12 Pros and Cons of Non Traditional Careers


Most people discourage their children from selecting non traditional careers. This is often because of the risk involved and the lack of knowledge regarding the profession in the people of the past generation. Families always tend to train their beloved ones to be safe players.

Non Traditional Careers Pros Cons

Women are refrained from pursuing a career in technology and defense by their family members. Men are often discouraged from opting for teaching, social work, and nursing. Men who opt for nontraditional careers are often teased about their sexuality.

Women who are interested in careers traditionally suited for men are questioned whether they have the stamina and brain necessary to perform such tasks. Rather than getting demotivated by these statements, you need to evaluate the pros and cons practically before making your choice.

While non traditional careers are challenging and interesting, only people who possess courage, self confidence and knowledge can pursue such careers. Men who are not used to thinking out of the box or being creative should avoid pursuing such careers.

A thorough study and research regarding such careers can help you get a better idea regarding such careers. Here are some of the pros and cons of pursuing non-traditional careers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non Traditional Careers: Advantages of Non Traditional Careers Disadvantages of Non Traditional Careers
1 Opportunity to shine in one’s chosen field Lack of recognition
2 Scope to earn a higher salary Dearth of good Mentorship
3 Positive impact on society Lack of cooperation from co-workers
4 Higher possibility of getting more attention Absence of family support
5 Possibility of quick growth Highly taxing schedule
6 Opportunity to explore one’s creativity Lack of stability
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Pros or Merits of Selecting a Non Traditional Career:

It is a great idea to select a career that is still new. You get to learn, explore, experiment and everything will be appreciated if you succeed. If you possess the skills required in the industry, you will get the appreciation you deserve for the same.

There are several benefits that people do not realize or reveal regarding a non traditional career. Here we have listed a few of these merits for your knowledge and reference.

1. Opportunity to shine in one’s chosen field:

One of the biggest plus points of opting for a non-traditional career is that you have the perfect freedom to follow your dreams and gain maximum satisfaction from doing something good in a way you always wanted to do.

For example, if you are good with words and want to get into journalism, then joining a reputed publishing house or news channel will help you prove your worth to your detractors.

2. Scope to earn a higher salary:

This is specifically true in the case of women who work in areas that have been traditionally dominated by men, such as medicine and management. By pursuing a career in these fields, women will have the opportunity to earn a higher salary than they would ever do by following traditional careers such as academics and nursing.

3. Positive impact on society:

Pursuing non-traditional careers, to a great extent, brings about a change in the perception of people towards the career choices of individuals in a positive manner. Therefore, no specific gender will have a monopoly over any occupation.

Therefore, many individuals will become the first ones of their gender within their respective families to opt for a nontraditional career.

A change in the thought process of people welcoming a modern thought process is always acceptable. It is sure the first step to progress.

4. Higher possibility of getting more attention:

This can be one of the major plus points, and also to an extent a drawback of pursuing a nontraditional career such as media, fashion or hospitality. If you do really well in your chosen field, then you will get a good attention from your co-workers who also want to be appreciated for their efforts.

However, if you are found to be struggling, then that attention is likely to increase your problems and add greater pressure on you to perform.

5. Possibility of quick growth:

This is true in the case of men who opt for unconventional careers as they will be assigned positions of responsibility sooner if they have good leadership skills. This would not be possible if they opted for a traditional career with many people already ready to take up responsibility.

6. Opportunity to explore one’s creativity:

Nontraditional careers offer a greater scope to individuals to explore their creativity which, sadly is missing in traditional professions. They can thus present their own ideas in a better manner and stand out among their peers.

Very often non traditional careers succeed only because creativity of individuals pursuing it. These are careers where your effort will be valued. A success you achieve in such careers could be a landmark for further success and glory.

Cons or Demerits of Selecting a Non Traditional Career:

Do not get carried away by the plusses. There are some drawbacks as well of non traditional careers. As the career is new, there sure is a lot of uncertainty that you may have to put up with. It maybe a new career and your parents, teachers or others you know may not be able to guide you properly.

As there could be unwarranted risks, you must have the courage, knowledge and financial backing to deal with them. Job security maybe low in such careers and so would be stability. You must thus know the probable drawbacks before you venture into a new career like this.

1. Lack of recognition:

One of the major challenges of opting for a non-traditional career is that everyone may not be able to gain the same level of recognition that may be expected from them by their peers.

This is specifically true in the case of highly competitive industries such as fashion and film & entertainment where talent alone cannot guarantee you success.

2. Dearth of good Mentorship:

This is the greatest challenge that people opting for non-traditional careers face. Mentors, who are in the higher echelons within their own fields of expertise can be critical to your success as they can show you the right way.

However, everyone doesn’t have a godfather to bank upon in order to get a proper platform to gain a foothold in the industry in which he or she is working in.

3. Lack of cooperation from co-workers:

Another problem which is predominantly felt by female workers is the lack of cooperation from their male coworkers in professions that have traditionally been male-dominated.

You may be regarded as taking the ‘’spot’’ that they would want their peer to have or a token worker who has been hired in order to appease certain members of the staff.

Under the worst circumstances, the negative feelings among co-workers can lead to sexual harassment.

4. Absence of family support:

In developing countries around the world, parents and relatives have a complete say regarding the careers of youngsters in the family. However, due to the traditional mindset of the older generation they often fail to come to terms with the career choices of the youngsters.

Consequently, they do not get the support which is essential in order to progress and grow in the careers of their choice. As a result, lack of family support becomes a major impediment to their future progress.

5. Highly taxing schedule:

This is true in the case of professions that have been regarded as a male bastion such as management, medicine, and defense where hours of work can be backbreaking for female workers.

The mental and physical challenges that a girl has to face in the career of her choice can be too overwhelming which many may fail to meet up to.

Only ladies who have a high level of determination, dedication and the ability to cope up with grueling schedules can survive in highly competitive industries. So, nontraditional careers are not a suitable option for everybody.

6. Lack of stability:

Lack of a stable source of income is a hardship which is often faced by people opting for unconventional careers such as filmmaking, photography etc. During the initial years, surviving in these professions is often an uphill task as most of these professionals survive from hand to mouth. Not everyone has the grit and willpower to deal with such adverse situations and come out successful.

Undergoing counseling sessions before embarking on such careers would be a wise decision during the initial phase, it is an uphill battle to survive in these industries and experience growth.

Things To Keep in Mind if you Take Up a Non Traditional Career:

While there are some drawbacks in taking up a non traditional career, you still do not need to give up completely. Here are some simple tips and suggestions that will help you when you plan to take up a non traditional career:

  • Make sure you have a financial backing in case of failures. Financial security and saving funds can help you in the bad times.
  • Never get carried away by what others say. Invest money only when you are sure of the returns.
  • Keep working on your skills and ensure that you are fit for multiple careers. Sharpen your skills for a secure future.
  • Do not let harsh words from your parents demotivate or discourage you.
  • Plan your finances and have your targets.
  • You must always have alternate options ready.

List of Non Traditional Careers that you May Pursue:

Here is a list of some of the non-traditional careers that are gaining significance in the recent times:

  • Interior designing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Hotel Management
  • Event Management
  • SEO Consultant