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11 Signs you’re spending too Much Time around Negative People


Dealing with negative people is often a challenge. Most importantly such people cannot be avoided and there are times when you will just not be able to say no to them. Whether its your boss or mother in law or nagging neighbour, negative people are everywhere and its very hard for people to deal with them. But the way you speak to those who are toxic is completely a matter of choice. And if you didn’t know, there is always a good way to deal with these guys. To know how you have been spending way too much time around negative people and how you should deal with them, check out this post!

spending time around negative people

Warning Signs you’re in Bad Company with Negative People:

1. You are not as happy as you used to be:

The first sign that you are surrounded with negative people is that you aren’t as happy as you used to be at one point. If you are a very happy and bubbly person generally and suddenly you don’t feel the same anymore then probably your company has gone wrong. So what you should do in situations like this is observe yourself and others you usually hang out with!

2. You get very angry when you are with them:

If you get really angry when you are around people, then it could be as sign that you are surrounded by negative people. In case you are a happy person who gets along with others really well and knows how to stay quiet and in peace, then surely there is nothing wrong with you. But there are some kind of people who bring out that dark and evil side of you. All they will ever do is bring you down and make you feel bad about yourself. You don’t have to get all upset and break your head over these useless troublemakers. Be happy with yourself and avoid people of this kind

3. You get very upset when you are with them:

Another sign that definitely suggests you are surrounded by a negative person is when you are upset the moment you are surrounded by them. It is natural for people to get upset and complain about it but if you get upset all the time, especially when you are surrounded with others, then you have to know that the company you are with at the point is not good at all and that you have to change your friends as soon as you can. Having such people as friends can never help you in any way. You have to get rid of them as soon as possible.

4. You tend to become a negative person:

There are some people in our lives we meet who don’t mean to hurt us and are negative. If you know someone who cannot stop complaining and have a negative outlook almost towards everything in life, you have to meet someone who can offer you some kind of help as assistance. It could happen that you are hoping some kind of positivity inside you and will take away that feeling but that surely might not happen. It will again ruin your mood as well as your mindset. So if you will take our advise, we will tell you to become much more careful.

5. Others keep telling you to stay away from them:

If others are also telling you to keep away from those you are very close to, there is a big chance you are surrounded by someone who is very negative and that you need to keep away from them as much as possible. Take these warnings seriously. If one person tells you this, then it probably does not matter. But if you are getting it from everyone, then you probably have to make changes right now.

6. You hate the idea of spending time with them:

If you also hate the idea of spending time with people who speak negative words, then maybe its time that you find better friends. It is also a great sign that you have friends who are negative and do not deserve your time. Spending time with negative people is never a fun thing to do usually. It puts you off and makes you feel miserable about yourself. So make sure you are observing these things about yourself carefully.

7. You blame them very often:

If you have fallen in a trap of someone elses falsehood and manipulation, there are chances you will be tempted to blame them for any wrong choice you make in life. You tend to blame them for what is going on in your life. Signs like this are very clear and you should definitely know that this person has all the power over you. You have to know from now on how much you should be spending with people and how much with whom.

8. You are not living a healthy lifestyle:

One of the biggest mistakes people make while having bad friends is that you will never have a healthy lifestyle. Since they are troublemakers, they will try to create trouble for you if not anything else. So if you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle, you should start thinking right now. If you are suddenly eating too much junk, being lazy, drinking alcohol or getting lethargic with time and you can see others have the same behaviour traits, then you probably have met the wrong company and that changes need to be made as quick as possible.

9. Your Relationships Are Also Suffering:

If you are yelling at your kids to feel tension free these days or if you have been arguing with your spouse now then because you just returned home with a very bad mood after having to deal with a person who is toxic could have a serious damage on you. If you are not very careful, then a bad behaviour could enter your relationships and make you suffer enough. So if you are seeing these signs yourself, act accordingly.

10. You Complain About Them All The Time:

If you have been spending a whole lot of being around those who are negative, then there are chances you will be talking and complaining about them a lot. You could be thinking that this particular person is a complainer and always says those things that are annoying, selfish and time consuming. There could be other traits about these people that you might not enjoy at all. Of course it is not bad to complain about people once in a while. But you must always remember how often you have been speaking negatively about a particular person.

11. People don’t like you anymore:

If you have a good impression and people like you a lot at work and everywhere else and suddenly you see there is this whole change, then probably its time you realize that your impression has changed and maybe there is someone who has made you this person. Often we are broken hearted because we become bitter but there are times when someone influences us so strongly that our personalities change.

How to Deal with these Negative People?

1. Surround yourself with positive people:

If you want to get rid of negative people, you have to surround yourself with more positive ones. Make a note of all those who make you feel happy and add a smile to your face. If you met someone who just improve your mood in a certain way or that you made a good connection with them, go ahead and surround yourself with more positive people. Surely your opinion about them will change sooner or later. You will feel better when you get rid of all the negativity from your life.

2. Walk away from such people:

You should always walk away from those who are negative or give you a negative feeling. Such people will never do you good to be honest. You should remember to spend time only with those who give you a good feeling. Even though it seems rude to just walk away, make sure you are subtle with your behaviour. You don’t have to avoid them directly. Just avoid them slowly. Keep away from all their gatherings and get together. The faster you do, the better it is for you!

This brings the post to an end. Having negative company is not a choice but not letting them control your life can definitely be taken care by you. If you follow all of these tips, ideas and suggestions you will surely find help. Just make sure you aren’t letting these people take control of your life. And if you have ideas and comments you would like to post, feel free to comment below. We would love to get your feedback. Apart from that, we would like to wish you good luck and the best for your future.