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How Can Stress Be Both Bad and Good for You


Human beings are people with intellectual thinking. These intellectual thinking can lead a person to go through the stress. A stress is part of our life which can be handled positively if a person going through stress takes it as good stress. There are certain levels of a person’s life where he/she can face good stress bad stress, but to figure out what kind of stress is a tough job. Sometimes a person can get lost during this stress phase, which can be dangerous for him/her or people around.

how stress be bad good

Symptoms of Stress:

Stress can be considered as a dangerous factor for a human life, only if it creates certain negative changes to one person. There are certain kinds of stress symptoms to point out stress and depression issues and they are as follows.

1. Emotional imbalances:

During stress, it is possible that a person can experience his / her emotional imbalances. There is a possibility of emotional outburst in public or causing embarrassment to others. This kind of behavior is considered as an outcome of stress. A person going through stress and strain is very vulnerable during their stress phrase and to avoid such vulnerability a person needs to talk to others instead of isolating oneself.

2. Physical imbalances:

Stress and anxiety can even affect a person’s body. It is not just an emotional stress factors to be measured, to figure out its result. The stress factor can affect a human body, and the stress related illness are constant headaches, low energy, insomnia, excess sweating and frequent illness. A person going through his / her rough time can be exposed to a bad stress level where he/she may end up experiencing physical stress or illness as mentioned above.

Types of Stress:

There is a possibility that a person suffering through stress can make out the nature of such stress. A stress can be measured according to its effect on a human body. Similarly, it can be classified according to its behavioral nature and the different types of stress are as follows.

1. Positive stress:

As a human nature goes, a person can experience the behavioral changes in themselves when they get exposed to the stress. The stress elements are normally created through the busy working schedule, no personal time or by thinking unnecessarily. When a person experiences a positive change in themselves, then it is possible that the person is experiencing positive stress which only creates a positive environment around people.

2. Negative stress:

When things go out of hands in a person’s life and that person may start to think about the negative elements, then there is a possibility of negative stress around. Negative stress can be handled with a positive approach. Sometimes the risk of losing is probably high in negative stress phase. Therefore, to avoid negative stress effects, a person need to share his / her issues with the people they trust the most. This can help a person to overcome negative stress elements around him/her.

Benefits of Positive Stress:

Positive stress can be considered as a healthy stress for the human body because it creates possible positive changes. These changes can encourage a person to accomplish his / her dream with all the hard work and dedication. Some of the benefits of positive stress are listed below.

1. Motivation

A person working on a project which is very ambitious for that particular person will experience a positive encouraging environment around him/her. This kind of positive environment concert themselves into a positive stress for that person wherein he/she may start feeling excited about the project. It motivates a person to fulfill his / her dream of successful career through this kind of positive stress.

2. Focused energy:

During positive stress or good stress, a person may experience positive changes around him/her. If a person is working on a very prestigious project, which can be beneficial for him/her later in their future ventures, then that person working on such project feels focused and try to convert his / her energy into that project to get the positive result. A positive stress helps to provide proper direction of focused energy in positive level.

3. Short – term:

These kind of positive stress are visible for short term basis. It’s more like an assignment which has been assigned some positive stress to a human body to improve its functionality. Short term based positive stress provides an inner force to accomplish unfinished business. These unfinished businesses can be measured in terms of their career prospects. Because of its short term nature, it builds confidence in a human mind to learn more about stress.

4. Perceivable ability:

Generally, a perceivable ability is formed during some kind of a threatening situation. These threats can be measured as per its appearance, whether it is positive or negative. During extreme stress situation a person tends to feel insecure, but as per the positive stress, it never happens in this case. Positive stress creates such a perceivable environment that a person who is facing it may end up approaching positive perspective.

5. Excitement:

For example, If a person is working on a project which can be very essential for that person’s career. And he/she may be trying to get a chance to perform on that particular project. And eventually, it happens that the same person is selected for that particular project, that state of feeling is known as excitement. This can be stated as a positive stress, which creates an exciting force to finish that project in oneself.

6. Improvement in performance:

For example, Working in a very prestigious project and creating an impression through a successful presentation can be a dream of a person. And to fulfill that dream that person starts working hard to achieve his / her dream. During this process of hard work, a person may experience positive stress, which is directly proportioned to one’s improvement in performance.

Negative Stress or Bad Stress – Main Causes:

As per recent development in overall globalization, it is very common to experience stress in this kind of situations. A negative stress is a starting point of nervous breakdown which can lead one to death. And here are some effects or causes of negative stress.

1. Anxiety:

When a person starts feeling stressed whether it is good or bad, the thing which is important is that how to handle such stress. Dealing with stress at work can be done positively or negatively as per its nature of the behavior. These nature of behavior creates an approach to handle such stress. Sometimes there is a possibility of over anxiety during stressful situation which is never good for a human body.

2. Over concern:

Sometimes because of certain awful situations, a person starts creating negative stress points which ultimately affect that person and turns him/her in an over concerned person. Expressing over concerned emotions against a certain person can bring things in a very ugly level. It can lead that person to stage of nervous breakdown. This kind of behavior is never healthy for a human mind.

3. Long – term:

A negative or bad stress stays within a person as long as possible. It depends on the person that how well he/she can get rid of such negative or bad stress. These negative stress points can deliberately bring one person to such levels of stress where he/she never ever want to reach. And negative stress stays in a person’s life for a long term basis, which is never healthy for a person.

4. Outside perceivable ability:

There may be some kind of situation when a person starts experiencing bad stress issues which can turn that person pursue certain outside negative abilities. Outside perceivable abilities are triggered by the negative or bad stress elements which are very harmful to everyone. To avoid such bad stress issues, a person needs to be strong enough during this phase.

5. Unpleasant behavior:

A person starts feeling little unpleasant during his / her stress situations. The possibilities of negative stress can be measured in terms of the nature of behavior of one person. A person going through a bad stress situation will definitely behave little unpleasant. This unpleasant behavior of negative stress can make things very difficult to handle accordingly.

6. Decrease in performance:

For example, when a person is offered an opportunity of his/her life to achieve success in their life, they start feeling stressed about his / her career which can turn it in a negative term. These negative stress can create performance decrease. And eventually, it can end up things in a very unhealthy manner.

7. Mental tension or problems:

Negative stress can lead one person to experience some kind of mental illness which is not normal for anyone. During stress, a person tends to feel very lonely about his / her thoughts which can be avoided by meeting people on a timely basis. There are people who can help a person going through negative stress, to cope up with future problems. There are counseling centers which can help those who are going through negative stress issues.

8. Physical problems:

These physical issues can be the result of negative stress issues. As mentioned earlier, a person can feel emotionally disturbed during his / her bad stress situations. There may be a possibility of getting ill unnecessarily and being a little cranky over certain things. To avoid such cranky behavior one needs to take some advice from people who really care about them and their health.

Good Stress and Bad Stress – How to Overcome?

The following mentioned are few stress tips on overcoming stress which can be either good or bad stress.

1. Meditation:

During bad stress problems, a person needs to start doing meditation to overcome such bad stress issues. Meditation brings inner peace to a human body and mind.

2. Help others:

Meeting people, instead of isolating oneself is a better option to be more sensible at times. If a person going through bad stress, he/she needs to meet people more often to avoid such bad influence of bad stress. By helping others during their tough time a person can overcome stress which delivers negative effects.

3. Avoid control:

Sometimes a person starts thinking little out of control during his / her stress situation, especially when it is a bad stress. At that point of time, a person needs to avoid controlling his / her emotions to clear mind in a better manner. This can help a person understand his / her emotional triggers to be in control.

4. Be active:

Because of inactive situations, a person starts feeling less stressed. There may be a possibility of getting ill unnecessarily and being a little cranky over certain things. At that time that person needs to be active while overcoming bad stress situations. During this process of hard work, a person may experience positive stress, which is inversely proportioned to one’s improvement in performance.

To end this discussion we would like to say that a person should handle stress very responsibly. As per the situations and circumstances of Good stress Bad stress a person loses his / her confidence over certain things. This can be a bad example for those who care about themselves. And if there are any good stress issues, a person needs to learn from its after effects to handle life better. But sometimes there is a possibility of a bad stress situation, at those points of time a person needs to be patient, conscious and try to increase confidence in themselves as more as possible. Therefore, to classify bad and good stress points, a person need to understand the level of severity. And to overcome such issues one need to be strong for him/herself.