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How to Answer Software Design Interview Questions?


Interviews are something which makes everyone feel nervous, anyone who tells you otherwise is doing nothing but lying. If you are a software designer who is appearing for an interview then you ought to mentally prepare yourself for any and every question that comes your way. Do not shy away from taking some time to think of a good answer to the questions placed before you. So given below are some useful tips on how you can answer software design interview questions.

software design interview questionsAnswering Software Design Interview Questions:

1. Talk about your basic design philosophy which you always work by:

If you have some designing principles as well as philosophies then you can mention them in your answers. For example if your guiding principles for design are that it should be simple, user friendly, resilient to failures etc. Unless asked an out of content question do not stray away from talking about your own field. Even if by chance the interviewer keeps deviating from the topic at hand you should try your best to steer the conversation back on point without coming across as rude at all. Talking about your philosophy will really help make a good impression.

2. Make sure you are confident in providing your answers:

Basically, in interviews it is not about what you are saying, rather it is more about the way in which you are saying it. Confidence is a quality which all interviewers are looking for in their employees, yet at the same time ensure that you do not come across as being pompous as well as over confident in your attempt to show that you believe in yourself, as something like this will certainly not work in your favor at all. If you know what you are talking about and have knowledge about the field then you are bound to come up with good ideas that will impress.

3. Show that you have your basics very strong:

More than anything else when employing individuals to their companies, interviewers are looking out for those individuals who are very well versed in their basics. As a software designer you will naturally become better over time as well as with practice but make sure you inculcate in your answers that you are well versed in the basics and you believe in constantly putting in hard work to become better with each passing day.

4. Stress on the fact that you are very technically skilled:

One of the chief things you have to ensure shines through during your interview is the fact that you are truly a skilled professional. Once you get the point across through your words as well as ideas then the interviewer will have no objection in taking you on board. Since for each job opening there are numerous applicants, therefore it is up to you to ensure that you convince the interviewer that you are special and stand apart from the rest.

5. Mention that you have the educational qualifications to back your skill:

If you have substantial educational qualifications to back your skills then you should not shy away from mentioning them even if you know that it is all mentioned in your resume. Education may not be a testimony to how well a person can perform professionally but to some extent it give a person ample technical knowledge. That is why reiterating your credentials is not a sin especially because sometimes interviewers do not get the time to go through you CV in detail and end up just skimming through it without having anything get registered at all.

6. You are able to apply all your theoretical knowledge:

Having many qualifications as well as credentials does not ensure that you will be able to thrive in a professional work environment. Often it happens that those people with ordinary degrees are able to work just as well or even better as opposed to the highly qualified individuals, by applying their theoretical knowledge and putting it in to practice. If you know that you are someone with this rare gift then you should definitely bring it to the notice of the interviewers such that they are aware that you are someone who can really fit the job.

7. Get the point across that you are a true visionary:

When you want to become a software designer at a big company you have to be a visionary who is able to think much ahead of his times. Mediocrity is something which is never an option with big companies so ensure that you get the point across that you are someone who is not afraid to dream big and you work hard in order to fulfill those dreams as well as convert them into a reality. In addition you can share a few revolutionary ideas which you have in mind for the company and say you have many more if only you are given a chance.

8. Mention projects you previously managed:

A great way to show that you are a capable software designer is by mentioning some possibly famous projects which you had successfully been able to manage in your previous place of work. When you do this not only do you convey the fact that you have technical skills to complete successful projects but you also have tremendous leadership skills. All companies are on the lookout for individuals who do not shy away from accepting challenges and taking responsibility for projects.

9. Incorporate in your answers that you have a curious bend of mind:

A key quality which will really allow you to stand apart as a good software designer is if you have a curious bend of mind. If you are blessed with this rare quality then do not forget to mention it clearly in your answers as well.

10. State in your answers that you have work experience if you do:

If you have significant work experiences do not forget to mention it. Though it may be mentioned in your resume if you think that there is something which needs to be stressed upon just go ahead and say it. Companies prefer to hire those software designers who have some work experience such that they do not find themselves completely at sea when they immediately begin to work for a big company. Do not go into great detail about previous work experience yet if asked anything do elaborate.

11. Stress on your ability to think out of the box:

A great way to give yourself an edge over the other people trying out for the same post is by mentioning that you are someone with the rare ability to think out of the box. It is well within the job description of a software designer to have abstract and unique thinking abilities. This ability is even more essential when you will need to define abstract data types out of the basic types which have been provided to you by the language. Companies are always on the lookout for people who are not afraid to approach issues from various different perspectives.

12. Talk about how well you are able to work in a team:

An important part about being a software designer in a company is having to work in a team. Mention the fact that you have no problems working in a team and even though you might be involved in a team project you still believe that everyone should pull their own weight in order to get things done is an efficient as well as proficient manner. No matter what, never proclaim loudly that you are someone who hates working in a team as this will not go down well with the interviewers.

13. State that you think that you will be an asset to the company:

If you know that as a software designer you are genuinely very talented then do not forget to include in your answers that you think that you will be an incredible asset to the company who will be able to take the company to new heights. If you have no faith in your own abilities then how will you expect others to invest in you? If you are good in something do not shy away from boldly professing this fact because if you let other people convince you that you are weak then you will start second guessing your own ability and when you do this, you only feed your insecurities.

14. Do not shy away from putting forth your own ideas:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a software designer at an interview is shying away from putting forth your own unique ideas and instead trying to agree with any and everything which the interviewer is saying. If you are someone that is willing to put forth your ideas in a clear and comprehensive manner and the interviewer finds that your ideas are truly revolutionary then you are bound to bag the job. However ensure that your disagreement does not portray you being rude and snobbish.

15. Keep your answers brief but not too brief:

As a software designer your words do not carry much weight age at all, so keeping that in mind answering questions that are too long about coming to the point or being too brief with your words will not work. Rather to assist you while answering, you should bring along a portfolio to display just how talented you really are as an individual and you prefer to let your work speak for itself rather than your words. This is something that the interviewers will appreciate.

16. Let your passion shine through your words:

When companies are looking to hire new employees, above everything else they are looking to hire individuals who have genuine passion for their work. As a software designer you have to ensure that your passion is coming forth through the ideas you are presenting and the words which you are saying. It is certainly natural to be nervous yet you should utilize this nervousness in order to help you improve your performance rather than holding you back. So answer the questions with honest not placing any inhibitions on yourself at any time.

17. Say that problem solving is something you love doing:

Do not forget to mention that with your experience in the field you have been able to acquire to select suitable data types for the means of finding solutions to problems. You are knowledgeable enough to define each of these data types, and going to put them at the peoples disposal by coming up with suitable interfaces as well as implementing them in the programming language. You must speak up for yourself and really mention all that you are capable of doing, your resume is not going to be able to convey just how good you are.

So these are some of the ways in which you ought to go about answering the question. You need not worry as these are tried and tested successful methods to go about answering your questions in an impressive manner. Just remember that when at an interview the product being advertised is yourself then it is up to you to make a good impression and really put yourself all out. If you do the interview round well, you are bound to bag the job.